The Holy Book of Barbecue

~ E M R E S S


15. Ocean

 You know the feeling of the wind caressing your face? You just want it to keep going and to not stop. It helps forget what the real problems are like drowning in the middle of a beach. You struggle yet you come out. All faith you had of coming out is gone and all you start to see is the pitch black bottom of the ocean. You see the light yet can’t reach it, it’s as if you couldn’t die.

    All of a sudden you start thinking what would life be like without you and  you start having these weird dark thoughts that would make you wish to never think of. Thoughts that will make you run and hide in a corner, thoughts that would make you sick in the gut. You continue to have these thoughts as the water envelopes you and pushes you further and further in. You try to scream but the salty water keeps getting in your mouth and lungs, you can’t getting a single sound out.

   The waves keep pushing you and you start to regret ever coming in. You start to regret everything you ever did and want forgiveness. When you finally get a scream out it falls into deaf ears. You yell for help again and again but still nothing. The water starts turning into a blender, it starts to spin and push you deeper. It doesn’t stop it keeps going. Soon all you can do is let your body float, all your strength is gone and you simply just want to sleep. Yo let the water envelope you and go with it.

  You finally reach the light. You can feel the warmth of it, you finally understand what the meaning of reaching into the light is. All out of nowhere the light fades and you start having a cold feeling up your spine, the warmth is gone. You start your lungs fill up with air. You open your eyes, everyone you ever loved stood there with tears in their eyes. They hug you and squeeze you. All thoughts are gone and all you want to think about is just simply living and letting the wind caress you and be with the one you love.

          Not a poem but a short by Native
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