The Holy Book of Barbecue

B A R B E C U E ~ E M R E S S


11. Doll face

She looked at the screen

The girls on the screen were beautiful

She wanted to be just like them

She wanted to have fair skin

She wanted to be skinny

But oh dear child didn't know

She was beautiful

But dollface wanted more

She wanted to be the prettiest

But it wasn't possible

She did everything in the book

Yet she still looked the same

In her eyes but not ours

She was bitter now

Didn't like people around her

Her skin was darker

Her eyes were pitch black

She only wore black now

People say she mourns for her lost beauty

She now walks the streets leaving bitterness on the trail

Her tears are like the dead sea

Her skin was wrinkled

In the end she realized

You can't be prettier than what you already are



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