[SXUAL] Interactions (Lyrics)

(Unofficial Album) #1 ~ Stood-Up-Raccoon.
[1] Stood-Up-Raccoon


1. [1] Stood-Up-Raccoon


Girl, you've got those black lines, striped tied shirts

Ooh, you've got it now, you have it up

You have it down. It stands right up

You see he comes in driving, like he owns the skylight. Night Light.

Fucking up all those people, and watching them die (Every night)

Sweetness dies, and beauty lies- your heart is mended

But your mind descended… left alone- left alone

Mist, darkness. You have it all in front of you (On your own)

Mist, darkness. It’s always there standing for you (Looking out for you)

Try to keep your mind less dirty ~ Dirty.

Stood-up-Raccoon, stare that danger in the face.

Arms shook up, your body melting into Space.

And-And bloody you, oh poor you, fuck off bitch

Got your safety on, hold it tight, let it loose

Got your arms around me again

Wrapping it around like a ring. The Noose.

Screaming into darkness shouting for you

Supportive hands holding it to help you

And everyone that stands is asking for your point of view

All wanting to join hands, but the window’s open for you

And everyone wants to bring up the roof to save you

Left or right, it really doesn't matter

Tonight. You will see a Stood-Up-Raccoon staring at me


[Hook x2]

Driving tight to the end of the lane, waiting for you

Everyone wants you. To take a fall

Out of view. Out of view. Out of view.

Nobody is going to miss you at all


Wait-Wait-Wait, you telling me that

I’m lying here to myself about this Year

Got it held up like a root beer

Got to stand right up, and balance it on here

She feels comfortable, steps forward and sits

Where the fuck is it?!

She screams into my veins,

they rattle just like the chains

The ones she held me by-

And now here I stand with my head in the Abyss


L-Let me tell you a story about my name

How it was meant to rise to fame

And all they say to me.

Is ‘I’m insane’



Plain and simple. What a laugh

Your bloody hands all over my staff

I feel it now, all on the rod and shouting my name

I know the gain, I own the game, and I bring my name forwards

Sick of your shit. Sick of your lies, and holding onto the edge of those knives

Stagger them down, fold’en them- Nothing changes to make me train

Fuck you and fuck them is all I say, I don’t need another number, HEY

‘Come over here roll on up- got your rod right up here’

Below you it sits, and above you it drips

Damn is this insane- the plain, oh, simple gain

Should we aboard this train- That’s… insane!


[Final Verse]



R-R-Ra-Ra R-R-R-Ra-Raccoon


Got it all over you

Never going to let it drown

Your car is upside down


Sirens in the distance – - Waking up to what you thought was a Day Dream – Girl, you made yourself comfy. On this fine rod, No longer are you needing the brain - You just need to train, hold onto gain - Don’t leave me again! You need me! You need me! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

~ End ~

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