The Last Moment

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2015
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Something which will really ask you all to again rethink about your love......


1. The Last Moments


“Love lives forever. Even the death of the person doesn't mean that the love they both shared has ended........"



It was the time of summer in India. I came to India on 15 May 2040 to make a documentary on one of the scariest stories of a mental patient or should I say I came to explore that one story that tells the world that true love can even devastate a person completely and to find this type of story, no other place was as good as India. India is always considered a place where love is forever given a new definition, where lovers can go to any extent to get the person they love in their life. My aim was to make this documentary the winner of the 'Best Documentary" category at the Academy Awards, also famous as The Oscars and after I that planned to give up my passion of making documentaries and get my big ticket to the Hollywood and start making movies of genres such as action, sci-fi, horror etc. and earn a lot of money because if once I am an Oscar winner I will automatically get calls from the big production houses of Hollywood. But as soon as I completed this documentary I realized that using this story for the benefit of money will be my biggest mistake. The story about which I am talking is of a person who has been on the bed from the last 15 years. The person neither speaks nor does any other work except lying on bed because he has been in coma from the last 15 years. I would like to thank Shankar, the taxi driver because of whom I met this person.

When my plane landed at the Mumbai International Airport at 3:57 PM and I came out of airport, tons of taxi drivers came running towards me asking me to hire their taxis to reach my destination, Hotel Renaissance, which was around 10 km from the airport, almost half an hour drive. As they did not know that it was my sixth visit in the city, they were demanding a high price of around 700-800 and the actual cost to the hotel is just 350, even if it's a private taxi. Slowly slowly I started to move on. Then suddenly my eyes rested on a taxi driver who was standing near his taxi and was not at all looking interested to run to the public and ask them to take his taxi to reach  their location. I found it weird. I reached to him and directly asked him to take me to my hotel. He agreed but his faces was not having that happiness that other drivers get on their face after getting a passenger.  When I asked him about the fare, he replied 300. I entered his taxi. On asking his name, he told that his name is Shankar. After trying to control my feelings for almost 10 minutes to ask him the reason about his aloof type of behavior, I decided to ask. On asking, he told me that his wife who was just 27 was admitted to Seven hills Hospital as she was suffering from coronary artery disease (narrowing of arteries). For its treatment the hospital was demanding a huge amount of 6.5 lakhs. He told me that he had arranged 5.5 lakhs somehow but hospital authorities were not ready to do the operation till the time complete payment of 6.5 lakhs was deposited. As we were halfway, Shankar got a call. As soon as the call ended, he stopped his taxi at left side and requested me to take another taxi  as he needed to rush to the hospital because his wife's condition had got bad suddenly so he would not be able to drop me to my hotel. I told him that I will also come with him to the hospital because I got worried that maybe due to tension if he crashed his taxi into some other vehicle or anywhere else then even his life will get into danger. After refusing for 2-3 times, he at last agreed to take me along with him. From the point he received the call, hospital was just 7 km away but due to heavy traffic it took us 45 minutes to reach there. When we reached to his wife, a doctor was standing there. He told Shankar that if immediately his wife will not be operated, she will not be able to live any longer. Shankar started to beg to the doctor for taking 5.5 lakh and operating his wife. Doctor was not at all ready to agree and went out of that ward. After seeing the position of Shankar and his wife, I decided to help him out but I was having just 50000 at that moment. I gave the whole 50000 to him. He was not ready to take it but after a while he agreed to take it. I told him that I can give the remaining 50000 also but it will take one day time as I will have to ask my partner Christian Steyn in Chicago to transfer the money into my account but as it is Sunday today, I will receive the money tomorrow only.  Shankar started to cry very hard. I started to stop him from crying but at the same time I realized that however strong a person may be but family is the only relation which can make the person weak. Family is the biggest strength of any person but at the same moment family itself is the biggest weakness of that person. As I was lost in my thoughts, suddenly I heard a female voice coming from behind saying that the remaining 50000 she would give. From the voice it seemed that the voice is of a person who must be 80-85 yrs. old. When I turned back, I saw an old lady wearing red colored saree, round glasses, having wrinkles on her face, having just one bangle on her right hand wrist, and a Nokia 1100 phone in her left hand. The lady slowly started to come toward us. As she reached near us, she kept her right hand on Shankar's head and started to slowly-slowly move her hand on his head. She said that child you don't need to worry. Your wife will live a long life. The remaining 50000 she will give. A hope again revived in Shankar's heart that his wife will not leave him like this. Shankar immediately ran to the accounts department of the hospital and submitted the whopping amount of 6.50 lakhs. Doctors immediately took his wife to the operation theatre. It was around 5:45 PM when her operation started. I was waiting outside the operating theatre when I suddenly realized that I had left my bag in the ward where Shankar's wife was admitted. I went back to the ward. When I entered the ward, I saw the same old lady sitting by the side of a male who appeared to be 43-44 yrs. old. I observed from the distance that the lady was continuously talking to the male but in reply she was getting nothing. I went to the lady and sat on the chair kept at her side. I asked to her about her name and what is her relation with the man lying on the bed and the reason that why he is admitted in the hospital. The old lady told that her name is Shivani Saxena. The man lying on the bed was her son, Shubham Saxena. After saying this she became quiet. I again asked her the reason that Shubham had been admitted to the hospital. The old lady held my hand and started crying. From each tear drop coming out of her eyes I got an idea that the story behind her son's condition must be very heart breaking. Yes, it’s true that when a child gets even a small scratch in any part of  the body the mother takes a lot of tension but the tears coming out from Ms.Shivani's eyes were speaking of a very painful past.    

She told that Shubham was a very active child from his birth. He was very mischievous too. Whatever they asked him not to do; it was his habit that he will do that only. When Shubham was 3 yrs. old, he came to me running. His left hand was on his heart. He came to me and said that Mom I am feeling very tired and as soon as he completed his sentence he fainted. We immediately rushed to the nearby hospital named Shikhsha Nursing Home. There we met Dr. Neeraj Garola. He after examining Shubham took me to his cabin. There he told me that Shubham’s heart is weak as compared to a normal heart and any type of emotional stress or anything which will make his heart affected can lead his life to death. I felt at that moment that there was no ground beneath my feet. On asking Dr. Garola whether it was possible in any manner that his heart behaves and became like a normal heart, Dr. Garola told that there can be no hope for this. If you really want some miracle to happen you will have to take your child to Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore. If anything is possible, only those doctors can do. I immediately took Shubham to Bangalore. In Bangalore also we were told the same thing that there was no way possible to heal it. There we were also told that his life span will be 20-25 years less as compared to a normal human. I was totally broken at that moment. I hid all these things from Shubham. As soon as we came back to Mumbai, after three days we got news from BSF camp, Aksai Chin, Jammu that Mr. Shekhar Saxena, my husband is no more. He was a Lieutenant in Indian army posted in Sino-Indian border, Aksai Chin, Jammu   .A border between India and China. I was told that in a gun war with the Chinese army, a Chinese soldier's bullet hit an oil barrack and the whole safe house bursted and in that Mr. Shekhar lost his life. I was half dead at that moment. I was also told that his body had turned into ashes at the same moment. I wanted to end my life at that moment. I was not at all interested in living anymore. I ran towards the kitchen of our house and as soon as I was about to eat the rat poison, Shubham came to the kitchen. He got very frightened after seeing me and started crying. I threw the poison bottle and ran towards Shubham and hugged him. We both were crying like hell but the reasons for our cries were different. After watching Shubham's face, I decided that I will live. I will live for Shubham. I decided to change our home. I even decided to not tell Shubham about his father's death. I along with Shubham moved to Delhi from Mumbai.  In Delhi we started our new life. I started to work in a HDFC bank as a receptionist. Everything with time started to come back on track. Our life started to be normal. Shubham started his schooling. When Shubham reached to class 9th, my company, after observing my dedication and hard work towards the company, allotted us a house in the campus. There next to us lived a Punjabi family. They had a daughter whose name was Ms. Shikha Singh. She was also a student of class 9th. Slowly slowly Shubham, who never even loved to talk to a girl, started spending time with Shikha. He started to find reasons to meet her. As soon as Shubham completed his tenth, he started me to force me to admit him in St.Judes School, the school where Shikha used to study. At that moment I didn't have enough money to make his admission in that school. I asked him to continue his studies in his old school only. He told me that he will arrange for the money by himself and by the end of that day he was standing in front of me with 3 lakh rupees. I was shocked that from where did he get such a huge amount of money. When I asked him he said that he had sold his car and arranged the money. I was completed shocked and angry too.  I gave him a tight slap and asked him to return the money and bring back the car and I will try myself to arrange for the money for his admission. He agreed. I decided to sell my pair of pure gold earrings and heavy bangles. From them I was able to arrange 5 lakh rupees. When Shubham asked me that from where I arranged the money, I told to him that I took the advance salary from the bank. I made his admission in St.Judes School but now I felt that that was the biggest mistake of my life. Slowly he started to come late to home after school, even when Shikha would come at time. On asking him the reason of this, he told me that he had to stop at school for extra classes of Physics and Chemistry.  I was really worried about Shubham as he was my only child and I didn’t want him to go on a wrong path. I asked him after a week time again what the reason was for coming so late from school is. I was completely unable to understand what a child, who was studying in 11th, needs to do that he would be coming so late after all others, including his friends who were coming back in time from school. He told me that after the school he goes to his Physics teacher to study. When I asked him to provide me the contact number of his teacher, he gave it to me. I called at that number and on the other end there was someone named Mr. Ravi Singh. He told me that yes Shubham visits him daily after school to study physics. I felt really bad that for the first time I doubted on my child who never speaks lies. On that day we both went to watch a movie as we both were very upset after all the mishap. We both really enjoyed a lot on that day. When we both came back home it was around 10:30 at night. As I was about to go to sleep I received a call from my sister that mom is very ill and we have admitted her in a hospital. I was asked to come as soon as possible. From the next day, Shubham’s unit test were about to start so I was unable to understand that how could I go without Shubham as I had never left him alone at the house in past. I asked Shubham that whether he will be able to stay alone, he replied yes mom. He said that he was old enough to manage things himself. He said to me that I could go without taking any tension of the house. I immediately booked my flight tickets. I informed Shashi, Shikha’s mom about this and asked her to take care of Shubham in my absence. She also happily agreed. As I reached to my mom’s place I got to know that this trip is going to be a long one as her health was very- weak. I informed Shubham that it will take almost two weeks for me to return. It was very difficult for me to spend each day without Shubham. Every day I would call Shubham at least five to six times just to know whether he was all right or not. I remember it as the 11th day when I received a call from Shashi that Shubham is missing from last night. She told me that Shubham after taking dinner at her place went back to his house but when in the morning she went to call Shubham for the breakfast, nobody was opening the door. After a while she noticed that the door was locked and even the car was not there. She immediately went to the guard and asked to him that when Shubham left the society. He told to her that at night around 2:45 am. She tried to call Shubham various times but his cell was switched off. I immediately booked my flight tickets and went back to Delhi the same day. As I reached my home, there were a lot of people gathered outside my house. I was scared. All the bad ideas started to creep into my mind. When I reached to the mob and tried to ask them the reason of their gathering, one of the ladies told me that today around 4 in the evening, a car came and people from inside the car threw a pair of clothes towards your house. When we saw that clothes they were all stained with blood. The lady showed me those clothes. I felt completely helpless when I saw that cloth. The same clothes even Shubham had. I immediately ran to Shashi’s house and asked her that whether Shubham was wearing these pair of clothes the last night or not. She told me that yes he was wearing the same clothes. I fainted. When my eyes opened again, I was lying on Shashi’s bed. I immediately asked her to take me to the nearest police station as we needed to file a missing complaint of Shubham. As we sat in the car I received a call from a private number. On the other end there was Shubham. He was screaming Help! Help! Before I could have asked him anything, someone took away the phone from him. That unknown person asked me to give a whopping amount of 25 lakhs to make Shubham free from him or either send Shikha as a replacement for Shubham. I told him that I don’t have enough money and in no way would we send Shikha. He told me that if I will not give him the money or send Shikha, he will either kill Shubham or will sell him. He also told me that there was no help we would get from the police too as some of the policemen were involved in this kidnapping. He told that I needed to arrange the money within 24 hrs.’ as he will call the next day to tell the place and time where he will finalize the deal. After saying this, he hung up the phone. . I was completely unable to understand that how would I arrange this huge amount of money. After thinking for almost three hours I decided to sell our Mumbai house and my village’s land. I immediately called a property dealer and asked him buy my house and give me the money. He told me that for  the house he would give me 20 lakhs and for the land he could give maximum of 4 lakhs. I requested him a lot for giving total of 25 lakhs but he refused. Even after that I completed the deal and immediately 24 lakhs were credited to my account. After that I sold my scooty Honda active for 20000 and some of my jewellery which helped me to complete the desired amount of 25 lakhs. The next day around 2 in the afternoon, I again received a call from that number. He asked me of my decision whether I was giving the money or Shikha. I told him that I had arranged the money. I asked him to tell me the place and time where he wanted to finish the deal. He asked me to go along with Shikha to the old Rathore mill near Fun Republic mall, Vasant Kunj at 7 in the evening. There I would find a black colored XUV500 car. Its back door will be open. As soon as I would put the money in the car, he would send Shubham to me. He also told me that his guys were 24/7 having an eye on me and if I would try to do any trick, Shubham would be killed. When I asked him the reason that when I was providing him with the money, why did I need to bring Shikha there, he just said to do as directed and hung up phone. As directed by him, we both reached the location at 7. There we saw that black colored car. We both slowly started to go near it. As I opened the back door, kept the money bag and turned around, Shikha was not there. At the same time I received a call on my cell from the same number. The person on the other end said that now I need to go back to my home, he will send Shubham by his own. When I asked him about Shikha he asked me who I wanted, Shikha or Shubham. He told me that if I want both of them back, then I needed to marry him. I was shocked. I was unable to understand that what the kidnapper wanted. He told me his name was Akshay Qureshi. He used to study with me in the school when I was in 9th. He used to love me a lot and when he had proposed to me, I had slapped him and said a lot of bad words to him. He told me that I used to call him a homosexual. He told me that if I wanted to see Shubham and Shikha alive, I needed to come the next day to ‘Sharma wedding palace’ at 8 wearing a bride’s costume. I told him that our marriage was not as possible as I was already married to someone and also had a child with him. In return he said that my husband was already dead so there was no one who could stop him from marrying me then. He also said that if I would not come to the place tomorrow, he would upload Shikha’s offensive video that would make Shikha ashamed in front of the whole world. I agreed with him and his conditions. Any how I wanted to save Shubham and Shikha’s life. Next day in the morning I went to Ambience mall. From there I purchased a bride’s dress. After that as told by Akshay I reached ‘Sharma wedding palace’ at 8. When I reached, there was no one. Immediately I received a call from the same private number. This time Akshay asked me to go and stand below the tall banyan tree which was at the center of the place. When I stood below it, immediately in front of me a combination of lights lighted up saying ‘I LOVE YOU SHIVANI’. It was looking very beautiful. As I was lost in the beauty of that, suddenly a noise of firecracker came from behind. As I turned back, at a distance of 10m, Shubham was sitting on a chair and tied up with rope. He was wearing a groom’s dress. As I ran to him and hugged him, from the banyan tree a voice female voice asking for help started to come. As I turned back, I saw Shikha tied up in the banyan tree, at the same place where I was standing. I ran towards her. As I was about to reach to her, suddenly a very bright light hit my eyes. For a few seconds, I went blind. As my eyes adjusted, both Shikha and Shubham were again missing. From behind a loud male voice came suddenly, speaking my name. I started to run towards the direction from where I thought the voice was coming. I reached at the door of a building. Upon viewing the building it looked as if it had been closed and from years. I slowly entered the main door. As I stepped in and went just five steps away from the door, the door automatically closed. The building had no light. It was totally dark in there. Suddenly on the left side, a projector started. In that, a video started in which Shikha and some boy were there but not in a normal state. I mean they both were not in an acceptable state. The boy’s face was not clear. As the video ended, from behind the noise of a baby crying started to come. Immediately all the lights turned on. In front of me, Shubham and Shikha were standing. In Shikha’s hand there was a baby who was almost a year old. Behind both of them, a wedding mandapa was established. Shubham came to me and hugged me. He said to me,” Mom, you always told me to respect a girl and never ever do any act which will raise finger on her character but sorry mom I failed in it. I was not able to control myself and my feelings. Sometimes we do some acts which can be ignored but what I have done this time is not possible for anyone to ignore. Mom I only called you by the name of Akshay Qureshi and demanded for 25 lakh rupees. Mom I know you are unable to understand that why I did so. Mom I don’t think so that you would be able to recollect but I will tell you. It was the month of August when I was in class 9th. One day due to some official work you had to stay at the office overnight. That day I was very upset and feeling lonely as I got my math marks of unit test and I was able to score just 37 out of 100. That night Shikha came to our house as even her parents were out of station and she was alone at home. I was so upset that I went to market and bought a bottle of whisky. When I came back to home and started to drink it, Shikha tried to stop me but neither I stopped and I even forced her to drink with me. We both drank the complete bottle. Mom we both were completely in hangover. She was sitting next to me. I kept my right hand on her left hand’s palm. She came close to me and her lips touched mine. Mom after that we both were not able to control ourselves and we got intimate. That night brought a complete turnover in our life. We both did not know that this will ever happen to us. After almost three days she came to me and was crying. She told me that from last two days she was experiencing severe stomachache and today when she went to a doctor, the doctor told her that she is pregnant. Mom, when she came to me, she was so depressed that she was about to commit suicide. I told her that she don’t need to worry I will find out the solution of this problem. We went to various hospitals. From the biggest hospital to the smallest hospital of Delhi but no one was ready to do an abortion without telling her parents about the baby. Then as soon as months were passing by, Shikha started to experience severe pains. To avoid being caught from her parents we made a plan of asking her parents to send her to a three months educational trip to Europe. They agreed mom. So for three months she was living in my friend Rahul’s house. Rahul live alone in Delhi as his parents are not very well to do to stay in this urban place. So for the better education of their child they have kept them in PG. The day Shikha gave birth to the baby girl we decided to kill the baby but mom we were not able to do that because you never gave me the teaching of killing anyone. Mummy after that day tables turned around. I started to get attracted towards the baby. I started to feel that the baby is my part only and it’s my mistake so why she should suffer. I decided to keep her at the home of Rahul only till the time I could plan to reveal all this truth. I did this act of kidnapping and demanding 25 lakhs from you as I decided to go away with Shikha to London or any other place where we could live happily but today I am telling you the truth because without your good wishes and blessing, wherever I may go I will never find happiness and success in life. So please forgive me mom and allow me to go.”

After listening to all this I lost my cool. I started to slap Shubham continuously. He was not saying a single word. When I had hit him about 30 times, Shikha shouted, “Stop aunty. Shubham is lying.” Shubham’s face immediately turned towards Shikha and he said that Shikha you will not say a single word. Shikha came running to me. She shouted on Shubham that he should stop lying now.

 She said “Shubham why are you becoming so good to me. I agree that you love me but saying this amount of lie to your mother is also not good. I thank you for helping me out all this time but now I need to tell the truth to aunty. Aunty it has been a very long time this all started. When we both first met, I fell in love with Shubham in the first meeting only. At that time I was in relationship with a boy named Akshay Qureshi. We both were together from 2 years. He was mad for me. He was very possessive too. He didn’t like me talking to any other boy. Shubham was the first boy after Akshay who cared about me same as Akshay. Slowly I started to make distance between me and Akshay. After that I broke up with him. He got mad. He tried his best to come back in relationship with me. When he got to know that I am in love with Shubham, he started to do calls to Shubham asking him to stay from me otherwise he will have to kill him. Shubham asked him to stop threatening him and get out of my life. Akshay understood that I don’t love him anymore. He apologized to me and went away. I thought that he will never come back in my life as he has now understood that I don’t love him anymore. I thought that he is completely past now but aunty I forgot that our past keeps on affecting our present if we don’t do complete cure of it. I forgot that life is a pen we can cross out our past but can never erase it. After three months, one night a black car came out of my house. A tall boy came out of that car. I realized that he was Akshay. He rang the bell. When I opened the door, he was sitting on his knees with a rose in his left hand. He said sorry to me. He said that he want to be my friend again, just friend. He was looking so sad at that time that I asked him to come inside the house and take a seat first. I forgave him. He said to me that there should be a celebration for the start of our new friendship. He went to his car and brought out a bottle of cold drink. I bought two glasses from kitchen. When we were about to start drinking the drinks, he asked me to bring some ice cubes as the cold drink were not that cold. After that we started drinking the cold drink. After that what I remember is that I was lying on my bed. It was strange for me as I completely remember that I was drinking cold drink with Akshay in the drawing room of our home. After that I stopped thinking about that as I thought maybe my dad would have took me to my bed as I would have slept in the drawing room’s sofa only at night. I told Shubham about my start of new friendship with Akshay. He told me to be little careful. After five to six days I started to experience severe stomachache. When I along with Shubham visited to a doctor, she told me that I am pregnant. I was totally shocked. I asked doctor to recheck but after re-examining also, she told the same thing. It was, is and will be the darkest day of my life. Yes, it’s true that every women wants to become a mother but not in this manner. Yes, it’s true that having a baby in stomach is the biggest happiness for any women but not if the women is not really a woman but is a child of 15 yrs. Shubham was sitting outside the room of the doctor. I ran to him and hugged him very tightly. He was not able to understand that what has happened to me. He was unable to understand that why I was crying so hard. When I told him that I am pregnant, he was completely shocked. Immediately after 5 min, I received an mms clip in my phone. When I opened it, I was completely stunned. It was a video where I and Akshay were getting intimate. I was unable to understand that when this happened as I never did anything like this with him. As soon as the video ended, I received a call from a private number. On the other end of the call there was Akshay. He asked me that do I remember that how I reached the bed on that day. He told me that when I went to kitchen to bring ice cubes, he poured a medicine of drowsiness in my drink. When I drank that drink, I completely lost my consciousness. He picked me up and took me to my bedroom. There he kept his camera on my study table which is exactly in front of my bed. After that he did that act and in his camera we were captured in an unacceptable manner. After that he made me wear all my clothes back and ran out of the house. After that he asked me to either come back in relationship with him or he will upload that video on all the social networking sites. I cried like hell. I requested him a lot to delete that video from his phone but he didn’t agree to do that. After that I had no choice except going in relationship with him. When I asked him that how I should abort this child, he told me that I don’t need to do that, he will take care of the child. He will give his name to the child. For complete nine months I was in relationship with him just because I was scared that if I will leave him then he will upload that video and even tell my parents about the baby. After that when I gave birth to a girl, from that he got disappeared. His phone was switched off continuously. At that time Shubham helped me. He asked you to change his school to mine. He kept the child at Rahul’s house. Rahul is his best friend. He was coming back late from school because daily he used to go to his house to spend some time with the baby girl and take care of her. After that the day aunty when you decided to go to your mom’s place, at the same day I received a call from Akshay that we should either give him 25 lakhs rupee or he will upload the video on net. When I asked him that how can he do that, whatever he asked me to do, I did and now he is blackmailing me in this manner. He told me to do as he is directing and within a week time. When I told all this to Shubham, he without any if’s and but’s agreed to help me out. Then he made this entire plan but aunty he promised me that he will tell you all the truth today but I don’t know why he is still keeping things deep inside him. Shubham I respect you and your love for me but this is not right because no love is bigger and larger than a mother’s love. Shubham after seeing your mom’s effort to let you free, I realized that it’s not at all right to give any more pain to her. Aunty whatever you will decide now will be final because in one or another manner this all has happened because of me so there is no need for you and Shubham to face anymore problems.”

I began to cry. I was unable to understand that whether I should praise Shubham for helping a girl to maintain her respect in the society or should punish him for this criminal activity. After listening to all this I asked Shubham that what the wedding mandapa is doing here. He told me that he wanted to marry Shikha and legally accept Shikha and her child but with my acceptance too. I lied on my knees and began to cry. I asked Shikha that what would happen when her parents would know about her marriage. She said that if they would come to know about it, they would kill her but after few years she could tell them. I decided to help them out. They both married at that place. After the marriage took place, I asked them how they will hide the girl child for some years. They both were answerless. I told them that I could help them  in this case. I immediately called one of my office mates. She was Ms. Kritika Grover. She was 65yrs old. She was very fond of young children.  She came to the place. I gave the child to her and told her that she needs to keep the child with her for five years. She was little bit shocked and asked me the reason for it. I didn’t tell her the reason and as we both were very close friend, she agreed to keep the girl child with her. We all went away from that place. Everything was unstable at that time. Every day I used to ask Shubham that whether he was still hiding anything from me or nothing now. Always he used to say that he was neither hiding nor would hide anything from me in future. It took years for things to get neutralized. After that when Shubham completed his and started to do job and was of 25, he decided to officially ask for Shikha’s hand from her parents and even tell them the complete truth. It was 13 March 2025. We both went to her place and asked her parents for the marriage of Shubham and Shikha. They agreed. After that Shubham told the entire truth to her parents that they are already married and Shikha already do have a girl child. He narrated the complete story to her parents. After listening to all this, her parents completely lost their cool. Her father asked Shubham to bring the girl child at the house. Shubham immediately went to Ms. Kritika’s house and brought the child. Shikha’s father took the child in her hand. He went inside his bedroom. After 5 minutes he came back and was having a sword in his hands. Without even wasting a single minute he attacked the girl child and Shikha with the sword. They both started to bleed severely. After seeing this behavior of Shikha’s father, Shubham pushed him away and lifted them both, Shikha and the child and ran to his car. He immediately took of them to Seven hills hospital. As they reach there, doctors started to operate both of them. After three hours, doctors came out of the operation theatre. As they came out they told Shubham they are unable to save Shikha due to severe blood lose but due to God’s grace they have saved the daughter. Shubham was unable to handle the reality of Shikha’s death and fainted at the same place. It has been 15yrs now that Shubham spoke to me or anyone else. His daughter is still alive and studying in America as it was Shikha’s dream that she would make her child study in America. Doctors have told me that Shubham will not speak ever now and will die due to his coma only. And Mr. Foreigner before you ask me the reason for helping Shankar, I will tell you the reason myself. I do have a belief that maybe if I am able to save life of even a single lady, maybe Shikha’s soul will get free. I do believe that if even a single lady survives, it will only because of Shubham as he was unable to save her love but he will never wish that any lovers should get separated from each other.

By the way mister, can I know you name?

My name is Akshay Qureshi mam. At that time I did not understand that how should I react as I was standing in front of that woman whose child is at the hospital for last 15 years directly or indirectly because of me. At that moment I was having just one wish that if God can give me one more chance then I would have done everything right. I was feeling like I don’t deserve to live anymore as I was the reason of separation of two loves, a boy from his mother, death of a girl by her own father. When I was in Los Angeles from last 15 years I never realized that life has taken such a big turn. Maybe today I am a very successful person but today when I am standing in front of my past, I feel that I have done nothing except being selfish at all time of my life. I immediately ran towards the balcony of that ward and as I was about to jump from there, the old lady hold my hand from back. She kept her hand on my head and said to me,” beta, whatever you have done is just past. You can never start a new chapter of your life till the time you will not stop thinking about the old ones. It’s true that you have done some really wrong acts but at the end there is God who will give right punishments to everyone according to the mistakes people have done. What will happen if you will commit suicide? Will it bring back Shubham out of coma or will it bring Shikha back to life. No my child. You may be thinking that why I am behaving so calmly with you even after knowing that you are the reason of his this state. The reason is that my child that giving you punishment is not the way to teach you the lesson. If you really want to redemption then you just need to promise me that you will help all the girls who are not able to get their love in their life whomsoever she is. You will devote your whole life for others now. I don’t know that for what reason you are in India now but you will have to devote your life to spread love and through your work it should be visible that you really feel guilty for what you have done. Now you can go my son and you don’t need to feel sad.”

I left that place. I was totally stunned for all time. I was unable to understand that how can someone be so kind.

It’s really truly said that no one can replace a mother and her feelings, her punishments, her way to express her love. I took away her son from her but now I promise it to myself that I will be his son till my death.          

Today I don’t know whether Shankar’s wife survived or not, I don’t know whether Shubham came out of coma or not, where Shubham’s child is studying or living but today I know that life is a circle, whatever we will do to today, we are going to get or face the same thing in future. So we should do things wisely. Today I am living, but I am half dead.


“Well…...... nobody can tell what is true love but yes after hearing the story of Shubham and Shikha, I can say that whether we live or not, but if our love is true it will live forever. Dying is just part of life but it cannot kill the love between two individuals…and most importantly no other love can compete with love a mother has for her children…..if we really respect our mother then we are respecting true love and all the other form of love………So guy’s do love but start it by loving and respecting your mother………”                              



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