new world

just how everything has changed in the world over the past few years


1. year 6

so you know when you get to the age were u start making friends well that wasn't me through whole of primary i got bulled it wasn't my fault i was just different. and also like you get to that age where u think u found your true love but Ur just not sure . if you guys fell in love at that age that's a good thing cause that just shows u have a heart if u get bulled just think about what they say to u then just laugh if they say Ur wired for laughing then just say no i just think its funny

OK so some u know this girl called @purple_panda_monster well she amazing shes been through a lot and she still standing tall she amazing like no one can say shes not  everyone gets bulled its just life but if u guys get hurt or just wanna give up then comment below.

this is a bullying story from anna 

until about halfway through my first year. This boy that went to my old school started calling me 'mogly', after a gremlin. He got most of the other boys to join in. I told the heads of year and they stopped it for a while, but then the boys bullied me for telling of them.

Later on in the year I got new school shoes. One of my supposed 'friends' laughed at them and teased me about them. I almost cried because I thought she was my friend.

I am now at the end of my 1st year and everything has turned out fine. NEVER BULLY!It was when I moved to secondary school that it all started.

Everything was fine 

comment below please if u get bulled 

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