Your Childhood, Your Majesty

Mashanerna (Queen) Pearlia is forced to take the thrown of Incutopia at a young age during a transitional period. She must do what is best for her country and still be a child that she is


1. Dad, What's Wrong?

A young girl about 4 years old is being told to a story by her father about the most powerful ruler in Incutopia in a large planet called Janikol. This child and adult pairing would probably not seem odd in any home but for the royal family of Incutopia it is rare that the ruling parent will be able to spend time reading to their child and the story is how Incutopia came to be. Mother Nature or Mashanerna Terra gifted the nation a strong and wise ruler who ruled the lands as if they were her own being gentle enough to when to nurture her own people. It is said the royal line in Incutopia descends from this one maternal ruler and was originally a matriarchal society than the normal patriarchal society surrounding them. Fatoreno (King) Vicote is reading to Vincatia Mashania (Crowned Princess) Pearlia.

“Dad, who is going the secluded island with us tomorrow?” asks Pearlia.

“It will just be us, Junipote, and the bodyguards,” replies Vicote. “Your mother didn’t want to go making your siblings from her not wanting to go as well. Lady Catherine, Leina, and Nikolan are in her home country of Dober Isla. Lady Lingoba isn’t feeling well to travel with us and Janila is too young to really come along. As for Princess Violetta and Lady Canpila, they said they have things to work on and don’t think they could make it. So it will be father and daughter there on my day to relax and we can do anything you want.”

“Ok, can you read me another story?”

“Sorry, sweetheart, but no you have to go to bed so we can leave early for the island.”

“But you have hardly any time for me or my siblings? Just one more story please. I won’t tell mom or Junipote.”

“No can do, now bedtime and if you continue to pester for another story the trip tomorrow is cancelled.”


“Night, my little sea star”

The little Vincatia Mashania cuddles into a large stuffed dolphin as her father leaves and they both fall into a blissful sleep. The cool red and gold satin sheet Pearlia is laying on is perfect to keep her cool and her curls intact. The rule in the castle is that the kids go to bed as soon as the sun goes down and wake up when the sun comes up as being tropical it always rises and sets at the same time. This helps for simplicity reasons and they know that the children are getting enough sleep. Now as they age times may change but while they are still young every child goes to be when the sun goes down.
No one is aware what is to happen tomorrow and how the whole nation will be affected by what is to come let alone a 4 year old child. Some say Tala Mashanerna is made and will make changes soon after the death of Pearlia's grandmother, Mashanerna Marina, while others say the king is trying his best with a country that needs help. Many look to Vincatia Mashania as the hope of the country and will eventually restore Incutopia to its rightful place. This young tomboy is in for a world of change. This will not be an easy time for anyone and history will be made in several ways, as the 1st of many will be starting. The transition is already in play with her father but has yet to be finalized which might take years considering how Vicote is going about it.

But for right now, Pearlia does not think of these things but dreams of playing with her friends Bonch and Ranulo or swimming with the dolphins around Incutopia. This night her dreams are of adventures with her father on the deserted Island used for studying purposes and the getaway for Incutopian Royals. Morning comes a little too early for Pearlia but her father wants to get on their way early so he has to wake her up before the sun comes up. He shakes her awake but she moves away.

“Pearlia, you need to get up if we are to leave to the island and have majority of the day on there,” states Vicote.

“Five more minutes please, daddy,” replies Pearlia. “The sun’s not up yet.”

“You can sleep on the boat as it will take about 2 hours to get there by boat which is why I need you up now, Pearlia.”

“No classes today”

“Oh my little sea star, it is the weekend so there are no classes today and we are to go to the island today, remember? We need to get going but 1st you need to change and we need to have a good breakfast while the chefs pack the picnic lunch and lots of water for us.”

“Why didn’t you say that before?”

“I was trying, but you seemed out of it. Now let’s get you changed.”

“What about my swimsuit?”

“I have it in the swim bag with my swim trunks as well.”

With that Pearlia gets out of bed and her dad gets the maids to dress her in pink shorts, a white graphic t-shirt that has silver ballet designs with rhinestones on it, and pink child’s gladiator sandals. They also put her curly coily hair into a puffy ponytail before she joins her dad to eat breakfast together. Her dad is just in a simple white short sleeved t-shirt and black shorts with flip flops. All the while a maid places to plates on the dining table and Junipote comes in as well.

“Your Majesty, your royal highness,” he greets.

“Ah, Junipote,” replies Vicote. “Are you joining us for breakfast?”

“I already ate, sir, but I do have news pertaining to the technology expansion in the kingdom.”

“What is it?”

“More people are revolting and do not want technology forced on them. As I told your mother we need to think of a gentler way to introduce technology to the country than what is planned.”

“Technology will restore us to their rightful place now if they revolt then treat the conflicts as they come up as I do not want to punish the whole nation. This needs to happen, and soon.”

“I understand, sir, but to expect that the society will be grateful that you are advancing in technology this fast is unwise.”

“Junipote, we will go as planned and in 5 years we will be using technology like the other great nations. I know it is your duty to tell me of these things and try to inform me of the best way possible but my mom started this and I will not slow down what she started, as it will stall what we are hoping for. Now is there anything else?”

“No, sir”

“Hi, Junipote,” greets Pearlia. “Did you bring your swimsuit for the trip?”

“Yes, I have, princess, thank you for checking on it. You are going to have a fun time on the island and there is even woods there that you and your dad can explore when you guys get done swimming and many other things to find. I also hear there are mermaid treasures in the water if you are brave enough to swim down enough to find them or the shipwreck that happened a hundred years ago.”


“Yes, I have seen them for myself.”

“Dad, have you seen them as well?”

“Yes, and more,” adds Vicote. “Oh I think there is an abandoned castle in the forest, hidden treasures in the sand. And you know what, you can find them before your siblings go to the island as they didn’t want to go today just you. You can find some of them today.”

Pearlia sits at the table and digs into her spinach and mushroom omelet with gusto and her dad eats his rather meat filled omelet before they go to the boat that is taking them to the island. Away from the castle and her mother Pearlia gets inquisitive and wonders just how much her dad loves her mom.

“Dad, do you love mommy? Like love you as you do to Lingoba, Violetta, Marita, Canpila and Catherine?”

“Your mom was my first wife and a princess in Bok Chutopia but we never fully met until the day before the wedding. It was an arranged marriage and I do love her maybe not as much as the wives I married for love but my affection grows for her every day. You’ll understand one day, sweetheart, I’m just hoping the man that is chosen for you isn’t abusive since you need to get out of it. Grandma before she married grandpa was in an abusive relationship and it took a while to get her out of it since divorce was so controversial then. She then married a foreigner that she loved which is your grandpa.”

“Oh, so when will I meet the guy?”

“Probably the day before your wedding likes all the others in our society but we are still trying to find you the perfect guy for you.”

“I want to meet him before.”

“I understand, sweetheart, trust me I wanted to see your mother before I married her so we can get off on good footing but I don’t think it happened. Just know as long as I’m alive I will not choose a husband that will harm you no matter how much pressure I get from everyone. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy, can we swim when we get there? I want to see the mermaid’s treasures.”

“Sure, thing that’s why I packed up our swimsuits or rather wearing mind and just packed clean clothes for myself.”

“Thank you, daddy”

“You’re welcome.”

Vicote ruffles up Pearlia’s hair both are wanting to have a good day. As her father predicted Pearlia falls asleep on the boat ride over as there is more than enough time for a 2 hour nap. Vicote used to nap going over with family as well and really wishes the best for his family and is not lying to Pearlia. Rin has never been easy to love for him no matter how hard he tries but it just seems she has another motive even if this marriage comes over time for both countries. It is a rather natural union to them and a few other countries as well even if Vicote wants to see more treaties with other countries. They finally get to the island and there is another person not wishing to be seen or found so he evades using his military knowledge the security team before Vicote and Pearlia are let off. It doesn’t help that Pearlia senses something off but doesn’t know why she feels it is off when there should be no other people on the island right now. Vicote sets down the pick nick basket and the swimming supplies off on the high beach before getting in the bag with Pearlia nearby trying to help mostly just making sure the beach towel doesn’t go away. At that, Vicote gets Pearlia into his arms the next thing anyone knows is that a noise of a loud gun going off and both Pearlia and Vicote were falling to the ground. Several more shots were fired and Pearlia sees blood everywhere and darkness taking her on not to mention in tremendous amount of pain she is in especially in her left leg. Junipote runs up to them and quickly gets on his phone while the security team splits up trying to find the person who shot the king and the princess.

“The king has been shot down and the princess is covered in blood and appears at least her leg got a bullet in it. We need an EMT boat to the remote island now!” starts Junipote into his ear piece if anything were to happen or he needs to be contacted. “Fatoreno Vicote and Vincatia Mashania Pearlia have been shot at and both are severely wounded.”

Within minutes 2 EMT boats get to the island and you can see a lifeless Vicote being pulled off of a still breathing but severely battered Pearlia. Her left leg is barely attached to her and there is a gaping hole in the right side of her chest meaning only 1 type of gun was used a F41RY Snipper Riffle 87 is the culprit. Junipote leaves order to find the riffle at least if not the person behind this as the gun isn’t to be used by civilians and he fears a war is about to breakout. He follows in Pearlia’s EMT as they are more worried about Vicote and it seems they may have pronounced him dead. At least the EMTs got Pearlia stable and is controlling her bleeding with both her leg and chest tightly wrapped but they are talking emergency surgery to remove the bullets as she has no exit wounds and to see if they can save her leg. Once at the hospital Pearlia is given over to the doctors and healers and another doctor comes up to Junipote.

“Are you family?” he asks.

“No, but I’m Fatoreno Vicote’s advisor,” replies Junipote. “I can relay any info to the family unless you want them here to tell them.”

“Call them; inform them that Fatoreno Vicote is dead. One bullet went through his heart and killed him immediately by taking the heart out. Only a trained warrior could have hit the heart as if it was. His Majesty will be remembered and if it wasn’t for him or Mashanerna Marina the island wouldn’t have had this fast response. Many people see how beneficial it can be.”

“Of course, have you heard anything about Vincatia Mashania Pearlia? Did the EMT’s say anything on the way as I couldn’t make out what they were saying on the boat?”

“I’m not her attending physician as he is in her operating room now so I cannot say anything about her. May she make it through, so she can lead this country into the future and make us strong again.”

“Thank you, now until her royal highness comes out of surgery I have some calls to make.”

“Of course”

Junipote gets out his cell phone and begins to call but Rin will not pick up so he calls Lady Catherine who is in Dober Isla with her family for a much needed family vacation. Right now, Catherine with her children and parents walking around a park talking about her married life and how it is going. They are quite worried since Rin never seemed to like Catherine and are worried about her safety, which would be greater without her husband being there to protect her. She knows he should always choose his 1st wife over his other wives but as much as he loves her, it isn't the same like between the other ladies. After walking for a while Catherine’s cell phone goes off and it is Junipote so something might have happened.

“Hello,” Catherine starts. “Lady Catherine Sondra Beaumont speaking”

“Milady, I have some very has news that has just recently happened. I know you are with your family in Dober Isla and I wouldn’t be calling if it wasn’t urgent but things have happened that we are just starting to deal with. at this present time I feel this doesn't leave the family members until we all can meet up and discuss what is to happen,” replies Junipote.

“What has happened, Junipote? From the sound of your voice something terrible has happened.”

“The king, your husband, is dead. We believe it was an assignation since he was gunned down. This happened very early as he and Princess Pearlia were getting to do play on the island since it was his day off.”

“Oh my, is Princess Pearlia alright? Has she been hurt?”

“She had a bullet in her left leg particularly her upper thigh nearly severing it off and on in her right chest. Also she was covered in hers and her father's blood. She is in emergency right now and we are hoping she makes it. From what we could tell this shooter had a very powerful gun reserved for military purposes and they are looking for the gun and the person behind this. I need you to come back as soon as you can so things can be wrapped up and notify the media.”

“Ok, I’ll be on the next flight down with my kids. Please keep me updated if anything is wrong with Princess Pearlia from her injuries.”

“Yes, milady”

Catherine hangs up and informs her family who quickly go back to the house and gets her on the next flight out of Dober Isla while Junipote tries to call Rin again but to avail so he calls Lingoba. Her cell phone is picked up by the maid and you can hear her yell to give her the phone.

“Milady, I have some terrible news and I’m afraid to give it to you in your state,” Junipote starts.

“Just tell me what it is, Junipote. I can take it’s not as if my husband wants to divorce anything or me. So who’s hurt, Vicote or Mashania Pearlia?” Lingoba jokes. “I maybe in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy but I’m not a delicate flower like you think I am.”

“Fatoreno Vicote has been murdered and Mashania Pearlia has been injured and in emergency right this moment. If you want to see her she is in the Pylt Hospital but I won’t hold you to it considering you are pregnant.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, I don’t want Princess Rin filling her eldest with poison that she cannot cry and has to hold up this family with her strength. She’s a kid for heaven’s sake. She didn’t see him die, did she?”

“He was getting out swimsuits when he was killed and she was under him so yes she did. She has two bullet wounds one in her leg that nearly severed it off and one in her right side of her chest.”

“Ok, tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can and if needed she can stay in my room until she feels she is ready to go back to hers. She is just a kid and doesn’t need the whole world on her shoulders. If anything she needs to be away from Rin for a while.”

“I agree milady and I will tell her you are coming.”

At that, Lingoba hangs up and her maid is looking at me with a worried expression. But there is no time to get things together as Lingoba rushes to the boat. Junipote again gets nowhere with Rin and calls Violetta who is by her phone and has been worried for a while something might happen on this trip. It is the reason she didn’t go and to finish up Pearlia’s gift that Rin destroyed before Pearlia could see it.”

“Hello,” states Violetta into the phone.

“Princess Violetta, your highness,” replies Junipote and her heart drops hoping her feelings aren’t true. “I have some bad news to tell you.”

“King Vicote is dead isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is but how did you find out?”

“I didn’t it was a gut feeling that something bad happened along with someone dying but I was hoping it wasn’t Pearlia she’s too young to die. But is Pearlia all right? She hasn’t been hurt has she?”

“She’s been injured and is in surgery at Plyt Hospital right now. Your husband was gunned down and two bullets went into her one in her left…”

“I’m coming; nothing can stop me from going to the hospital to see her. She needs more than one defender at the hospital from her mother. Like Lingoba and Catherine I will not stand by and watch her highness Princess Rin destroys her eldest child’s life that she will be desperate for any type of love.”

“Of course, I will be waiting for you.”

Violetta hangs up and she can’t believe her being the youngest of the late Amílcar King of Freacabia has to go through her husband of a few months death after her father’s. But it doesn’t matter she loves it here and she will not leave so nothing will happen to the now Queen Pearlia and will act on her behalf if she has to. With no luck in getting through to Rin, Junipote calls Marita who picks up immediately as she is always eager to take Junipote’s calls despite what she might have going on which right now is a riveting match of chess.

“Hello, Princess Marita speaking,” greets Marita.

“Your highness, I have some bad news for you,” replies Junipote. “Vicote is dead and Pearlia is gravely injured.”

“What? How bad is Pearlia and have you have gotten a hold of Princess Rin yet?”

“I have been calling Princess Rin but I haven’t been able to get through to her. As for Pearlia she nearly had her left leg detach from her upper thigh by a bullet and has a bullet wound in her right side of her chest. She is in emergency surgery at Plyt Hospital. If you wish to come to see her you can but you have no obligations.”

“I’m coming the more support Pearlia has right now the better. Do you want me to bring her stuff dolphin that she sleeps with?”

“It might not hurt to bring it.”

“Ok, I’ll have it with me when I get there.”

“Thank you.”

Again Junipote tries Rin but no answer, this is the 4th try, and he is getting very annoyed but tries Canpila before calling Rin again. Canpila takes a while to pick up but she was stuck in a debate about policies about the mythical realm with Sabine the mythical advisor even if they agree in most things they don’t always see eye to eye.

“Hello,” states Canpila.

“Lady Canpila,” replies Junipote. “I have some bad news for you.”

“Bad news, what’s going on Junipote? You hardly have any bad news so I don’t see how this is bad news unless of course something went wrong on the trip.”

“The trip took an unexpected turn. Vicote is dead he was gunned down killing him instantly.”

“Oh for the heaven, please tell me Pearlia is fine? She wasn’t killed as well, was she? Junipote, this is not what I had in mind when you said you have bad news.”

“Pearlia is still alive but she is in emergency surgery in Plyt Hospital as she has a bullet hole in her right side of her chest and a nearly detached left leg. The doctors are doing everything they can to save her but I haven’t received word on how she is doing.”

“Please heaven’s no, I’ll be there and there is no way Rin is getting her hands on her to turn Pearlia into something that she isn’t. Has Rin picked up at all? I saw her in the nursery and it seems she is ignoring your phone calls.”

“No she hasn’t picked up at all.”

“All right, I’ll see you in the hospital.”

“See you soon.”

Canpila hangs up and heads out to see Marita with Pearlia’s stuffed dolphin and they go to the boat hoping that Rin will be contacted soon. After 5 tries to get through to Rin she finally picks up but she doesn’t sound pleased about the incessant calls that Junipote has been giving her. She had planned on working on the nursery for the new set of triplets, thinks she is the only one who has to work while her husband works hard, and wanted a day to himself.

“What is, Junipote?” Rin asks without second thought. “If it isn’t important then please don’t call me anymore.”

“Your highness, I have been trying to contact you because your husband the king has been killed! Your daughter, Pearlia, is in the hospital with one bullet in her upper left thigh that nearly detached it and one in her right chest so she is emergency surgery is being performed now so she doesn’t die. It also possible she is shook up because the king was shot in front of her eyes. This isn’t some trivial matter that Pearlia hurt herself in some way shape or form but a death in the family. I urge you to come to Pylt Hospital to see her along with her siblings. Lady Lingoba, Lady Canpila, Princess Marita, and Princess Violeta will be joining you and your children,” replies Junipote.

“Fine, I’ll be there with the other children but you tell Pearlia to be strong for her younger children. She is to inherit the throne therefore she needs to act like it and a tear must not be shed from her. Do you understand, Junipote?”

“Yes, your majesty, I’ll tell her that you are on your way with the others as soon as she gets out of surgery and wakes up which you may be here for that.”

Rin hangs up and get people to do things before heading to see her daughter with her family and she ignores the other ladies on the way over, which will be at least an hour before they see her. In Rin’s eyes Vicote’s other wives undermined her with her own children and encourage Pearlia’s behavior and she will put a stop to it. She needs to be respected in this country and as a Princess soon to be queen, Rin cannot have her be conceived as a tomboy. With the dead of Vicote, it will be hard with the country and their family but Rin can manage if anything by the grace given to her by being a Bok Chutopian.

The 4 wives with Pansiani, Geroneo, Gianev, Josephine, Justin, and Jason get on a boat to Plyt Hospital and when they get there they are lead to a private waiting room by the PICU where Junipote is pacing back and forth. He greets them when he sees them but other than that no words are said during this time even if the children don’t know what is going on but they follow the adults lead and not say much. The children do talk amongst themselves and play with the toys that are placed in the waiting room. Within 15 minutes the doctor finally comes in and he sighs.

“May I have the biological mother and the advisor?” the doctor states. “I have some news to share about Vincantia Mashania Pearlia.”

Junipote and Rin look at each other but follow the doctor to his office where he motions for them to sit.

“I’m Dr. Elopo and I’m Pearlia’s doctor while she is here and we just got done surgery with her so she is in the PICU right now,” Dr. Elopo starts. “I have some good news and some bad news about her but mostly well.”

“What’s the good?” inquires Rin.

“Her royal highness will live and will come through this with a full recovery we are expecting in a year. The bullet in her right chest thankfully missed vital organs including her lungs by stopping an inch short so she should have no trouble breathing. She was actually hit by the second bullet of F41RY Snipper Riffle 87 in the chest so it minimized the damaged she received there. All the fragments have been removed from her and now she just needs to heal. As for the bad, her left leg was beyond saving and needed a blood transfusion due to the blood loss but both shouldn’t affect her much. You can get her a prosthetic leg but for right now she just has only her upper thigh until that is decided on the leg. Any questions?”

“How will the leg affect her?”

“Even if she opts to have the prosthetic or not she isn’t to become over weight as that will only put strain on her remaining leg. That should only thing that will affect her which as a child, your highness, you need to make sure your staff understands that she can’t eat a lot with her sedentary lifestyle.”

“What about politically, how will this affect her reign as queen?”

“It shouldn’t,” interrupts Junipote. “Incutopia has had disabled rulers before especially when they are old and normally they are the most respected monarchs in Incutopia either because of their length of their reign or what they have endured. If anything this will gain her respect that she would have to earn early on and defense of the nation. Incutopia views it differently. She would need to be mentally unstable to be viewed as week or just plain incompetent. You don’t have to have a physical deformity for those to happen. Mentally speaking, after this what should we expect from her emotionally and how can we get her back to as the child people knew?”

“I don’t know, yes mentally this will be hard on her especially considering she saw her father died in front of her and how they both went down. In most cases like these that we see normally the person gets depressed and we recommend therapy for them. For a child play therapy will probably work best. She will never be the child she once was after this and she may get almost back there only show fragments as it that depends on her. During this healing time though and throughout her life, I highly suggest not only therapy but also a support system that she can fall back on. Children maybe resilient but they do have breaking points and this is one of them.”

“Also how much should we cater to her disability?”

“All you really need to cater to should be a wheelchair so making the palaces more wheelchair friendly would be the best bet if they haven’t already for the long term. In the short term, you will probably like to have quick access to her medications when she goes home and having someone strong enough to get her to and from things until she can maneuver the wheelchair.”

“How soon can we see her?” inquires Rin. “And how many can see her? What about her siblings?”

“You can see her in a half an hour max as she is still coming out and not ready for visitors. It to be 2 per visit and the siblings can come as long as they are accompanied by an adult and have not been sick in the past week.”

“We have no more questions,” infers Rin.

“Then I’ll have a nurse let you know when she is ready for visitors, your highness. Junipote, you can see her royal highness now so you ascertain things for yourself. I’ll show you back myself.”
Rin leaves without a word and Junipote looks at the doctor.

“Dr. Elopo, why am I seeing her before her mother?” inquires Junipote.

“Before her royal highness was put under she said she wanted to see you first before any visitors. I want to honor them and even if she isn’t fully aware on what is going on she wants someone close to her. It wasn’t her mom.”

“Of course”

Junipote follows Elopo to the private room Pearlia is in and very groggy from just coming out of anesthesia and the nurses are only making her comfortable.

“Am I dolphin?” she asks. “I feel like one.”

“No, you aren’t, your majesty,” replies Junipote as the others leaves.

“Well then, and why are you calling me your majesty? Isn’t that dad?”

“Pearlia, your dad’s dead and you are next in line for the throne of Incutopia. You are to inherit it but you will have regents while you are still a child and it will be nothing other than a title for right now. It is unusual for someone this young to take the throne this young but it has to happen. But I’ll tell you more lately, you are still very out of it from the anesthesia.”

“Junipote, are you sure I’m not a dolphin? I can only feel one leg and dolphins have one flipper.”

“Yes, I’m sure; they had to amputate your left leg off which is why you can’t feel it.”

“So I am a dolphin. Stay with me, I don’t want to be alone.”

“Of course”

“How long will I stay here?”

“I don’t know we weren’t told but I would assume a few days at least if not around a week. You need to get better which is why you are here and until they say you are healed enough to go home you are to stay here. But we will not make any decision with you still out of it.”
Pearlia nods her head and tears run down her face not knowing how she will get through this let alone that her dad died.

“You can cry, your majesty, it is healthy especially during this time as you lost your father and in considerable pain. You don’t have to listen to your mother and her views on crying as we are all human and we all cry at points in our lives. It would be unhealthy of me to ask you not to cry during this time just know you do have family here to help.”

Pearlia starts to bawl at that and Junipote tries his best to sooth her even if he may not be the best person to sooth a crying child nor her parent. However this will probably better than Rin trying to sooth Pearlia right now and her not wanting anyone to cry especially Pearlia as she considers that will make her an unfit ruler. After a while Pearlia, calms down enough that she is just sniffling and has her head looking down.

“Can I see my family?” inquires Pearlia.

“Yes, your majesty,” answers Junipote. “Also right now take your mother’s opinions with a grain of salt. Only you know what you are feeling right now as we are not in your shoes so we cannot know what you are feeling and can only guess.”

“Thank you.”

Junipote tells the nurse that Pearlia is up to see her family so her mother comes back first and her mother sighs.

“Have you been crying, Pearlia?” inquires Rin.

“Yes, I have mom,” replies Pearlia. “I had to.”

“Pearlia, you are the new queen of Incutopia that means you must be strong not only for your younger siblings but also for the country. This means you can’t cry whatsoever. Showing tears over a dead relative even if he your father shows that you are weak and they won’t want you to take the crown, do you understand?”

“Yes, mom, but Junipote said I could cry and that it was healthy.”

“He makes no sense and you would do well to listen to me than question your mother what Junipote is saying. I have no clue why your father kept him around, but until I settle in to a routine of my own I guess I have to keep him.”

“You aren’t the new queen I am, mom.”

“But you need regents, Pearlia; you are too young to take the full responsibility now so I will have to reign for you. I could hardly run this country with your dad in the way but now I can reign through you and get this country to a better place. You better hope you have sons.”

“Mother, no, if you will do as you like I will not have you as a regent as you also will need to listen to me.”

“Fine, anything else before I leave?”

“Did you love daddy?”

“You certainly are observant. He may have loved me but I never loved him back since I didn’t want to marry him even if he was nice but that is as much as I’m saying to you about it. What goes behind closed doors between your father and I am a private matter and even if you are our child you cannot go snooping around into our personal lives.”

“I haven’t heard anything but the way you both acted around to each other that makes it seems that you two may not love each other. Forget I said anything.”

“I will. Now I have to finish the nursery so your siblings will not see you until you get back home and put together as you need to be a good example for them and I cannot have you corrupt them by crying in front of them. If I could I would have your sister Pansiani rule instead of you.”

Rin leaves and takes the children back to the castle as the other wives visit her keeping her company. They keep it lighthearted for Pearlia and try to make her as comfortable as much as they can before they have to head home due to visiting hours. Though, they had to be removed as the police talked to Pearlia for a time so they can continue the investigation. The next day Junipote comes back early and he has a few orders of business to attend to with Pearlia so he wants at least sometime alone with her so they can talk about this.

“Your majesty, glad to see you are up and eating,” Junipote greets with papers in hand. “Did you have a good sleep?”

“It was sleep, and have they said any more about me coming home?” replies Pearlia.

“Not yet, ma’am, but I do have some things I want to go over particularly with this attack.”

“Go on”

“How do you want us to handle this? Are you to start war after finding the attacker?”

“No, avoid a war at all costs, Junipote, with the warrant for the person’s arrest ask him of his motives and if it seems that it will lead to war, be prepared for one. If it is a person acting alone throw as many charges that can be applied to him. Shouldn’t you be talking to my regents about this though?”

“I will when you appoint them, ma’am, until then we will need business but either way from time to time I will have to include you and this is one of those times.”

“I miss dad.”

“I know, ma’am.

“Have they found out anything?”

“No, there has been nothing found to pinpoint the attacker at least nothing longstanding as they just found the gun. We are now going through our military bases to see if it was rented out but we still have yet to get any word on that. But I agree we hold off on war until we know the motives and only prepare for one. Now on to the regents, who would you like to serve while you are still a minor?”

“My dad’s wives minus my mom, Rin, and you are who I would like. I feel all but my mom will have the country needs at the heart not their own gains. My mom yesterday gives me the shivers if she was in control, as she would cause changes that I will not allow. I know we need to change with the times but I don’t think her changes will be for the better.”

“So you would like Lingoba, Violetta, Catherine, Marita, Canpila, and I to be your regents? Normally here you only have one regent is there a main one you would want? Also I’m highly flattered that you want me as your regent.”

“I guess Violetta or Marita as the lead but I think all 6 of you will work together. Who did my father want as my regent?”

“We don’t know as he never stated who was regent since he didn’t have time to make a full decision but was still deciding between his wives. I will inform them and see who wants the lead or they want to co-lead.”

“Anything else Junipote?”

“Nothing of pressing matters that can wait but these needed to be done now. The court will be shut down for 2 months for a mourning process and a treaty signing will be postponed until a later date that you will go to. I will keep you informed on what is going on but right now I will head back to the castle so you can rest.”

“Are we going to the castle by the ocean for the mourning period?”

“That’s the plan as it is more wheelchair accessible and you don’t need to decide on permanent residence yet but if you choose it, it is a mile outside the capital so it won’t be too much out of the way.”

“Thank you, Junipote.”

“You’re welcome, your majesty. Also we are looking at ladies in waiting for you, we have yet to receive any word that they will accept the offer but we have asked your team mates Hariel, Bracia, Iriam, and Amani. I do not need your word now if you want them but just so you are aware.”

“I don’t mind but don’t force them to do it as I think we are friends.”

“All right, and get some rest the more rest you get the faster you will heal physically. I’m going back to the castle and getting things done there.”

“Ok, Junipote, if you see Bonch or Ranulo tell them that I miss them and I wish they could be with me.”

“Will do, now rest.”

“Was that it?”

“Yes, while court is out of session anything that needs to be on records are not handled unless it is an emergency or involving the royal family itself. The assignation is not only involving the royal family but is also an emergency. The lady’s in waiting only deal with the family mainly you.”

“Will you be back?”

“As a visitor yes but not for official business, so yes I’ll be back.”

Junipote leaves back to the main palace as Pearlia tries to get more rest or rather playing with some toys that the nurses brought in to her room. Once at the palace the military advisor, Petro Trabien, comes up to Junipote and requests to speak in private.

“Mr. Trabien, is something the matter?” inquires Junipote. “If you are wondering about the search going through our…”

“It is routine, I know. I’ve been through this a couple of times and I already had my people searching to see if any battalion was practicing or someone rented out a gun so I already have my report. One of our marine vet by the name of Tranoc Vernace rented one out and was the only in used that day. The army, navy, and air force have reported that no one was using the of F41RY Snipper Riffle 87 or signed out at that time. We keep tight control over this and all branches need names, military ID, and the reason. His reason was that he was going to practice but it is a lead that can be checked out. The officer on duty also noted the number on the rifle for personal reference and that Tranoc left the island. Right now they are checking the id numbers on it. If we have a match, we know that we aren’t expecting an invasion.”

“Are we looking at a civil war, Mr. Trabien? Her majesty, Mashanerna Pearlia, wants to avoid a war if it is possible and certainly a civil war will be even that much harder on her.”

“I cannot say but the military is prepared for a civil war and an invasion but we will not instigate so we won’t cause one. You can assure her majesty of that.”

“Thank you, and keep up the good work.”

“Of course, and I have already informed the officers so they can interview him with a few military officers to help with the process. We might not be able to get him for anything in the military but most fear being court martialed so it will help. I will also keep you informed on what is happening with the military section while the investigation continues. Any word on her majesty’s health?”

“She is doing fine for what has happened but she has much to heal. We are just waiting for the news that she can come home.”

Petro Trabien leaves while Junipote continues to go about his business as he is trying to get a hold on things happening and to find the wives. Only a commotion is in the way especially in Princess Rin area of the palace that the staff needs his attention now. He goes to it and to find the royal guards and Rin yelling at the top of her lungs in Bok Chutopian about something along with papers all around.

“What’s going on here?” inquires Junipote. “Why is Princess Rin being searched? We have never searched the wives or husbands of the late monarch before unless there was reason to search them so there should be no reason to search them now.”

“We had reasons to search her. When she returned yesterday, she confided in her head lady in waiting here and she reported to us what Princess Rin said,” replies the head.

“And what was said?”

“That she was glad her husband was dead and that if he didn’t die she would hire someone to kill him so she can control the crown.”

“Your highness is this true? Did you confide in your lady in waiting about this? You do realize this is a very serious offence even in Bok Chutopia?”

“I know this is a very serious offence, Junipote,” answers Rin. “And I may have said something to my lady in waiting in my distress but that doesn’t mean I should be treated like this. It’s not easy losing your husband so soon and has your rebellious daughter to take the crown this young. I am her regent correct. Vicote put that in his will, didn’t he?”

“Faterno Vicote did not have any regents for Pearlia in his will but notes on who he wants and was never completed. In this instance it is left up to the child on who she wants and she did not list you even if she listed her father’s other wives. Now what did you exactly tell your lady in waiting?”

“I don’t remember, I was in distress but I can tell you that the lady in wait is lying. I want her banned from my service.”

“Ma’am, will you let them willing search to prove you are innocent? This is a very serious allegation and with what is happening we are making sure that no leads go uncheck. Obviously that they will not arrest you right now as they still need a warrant and should have gotten a warrant for the search which goes through the courts.”

“We have a warrant, sir, we just got it,” replies the head getting out the warrant. “The allegations were enough to get it and she barred us from looking last night without a warrant so all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. We are legally able to search the room.”

“I see, your highness, you have to let them do their job and if you are innocent as you claim then nothing will harm you. But you need to let them not cause a scene.”

“Fine but to cause this much stress to a pregnant woman, the shame on everyone involved in this.”
Junipote get Rin to a quiet area of the palace and she looks at Junipote before saying anything.

“Who exactly did Pearlia choose? Why didn’t she choose me? I’m her mother,” demands Rin.

“Your highness, Mashanerna Pearlia has chosen Lady Lingoba, Princess Violetta, Lady Catherine, Princess Marita, Lady Canpila, and myself to be her regents. As to why she didn’t choose you, she seems to believe you will not have the country needs met above your own so she is scared what will happen with you being her regent. I also happen to agree with her along with your late husband as he wasn’t even considering you as he as considering Violetta and Marita but wasn’t fully decided upon his death. Right now for you to be regent will not be in the best interest as your actions have always been towards your interest. You also have to take in the consideration that Pearlia is only 4 years old and will be 14 years before she can rule on her own even if her coronation will be in a year. She wants people she can trust and for some reason she doesn’t think she can trust you.”

“I only wanted her to be a good ruler but maybe I pushed her away too much favoring my other children than her. Is there any way to turn our relationship around?”

“Yes, there is always a way to turn it back around and one of them you need to accept Pearlia for who she is and not what you want her to be. You’d be surprise how girly she is despite her being a ball of energy as most kids her age. You just need to give her a change and not through her like some kind of trash. That is something Vicote has done with all his children and getting to know his children with the limited time he has with them. It had nothing to deal with them being similar at that age or anything. If anything she resembles her grandmother with the activity and her interest in politics. Vicote was never interested in ruling the kingdom but with all the abdication it was only him and his younger brother to take the throne and his younger brother had even less enthusiasm than Vicote so he took it.”

“Thank you, for talking to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I take it you will be telling the others?”

“Yes, I have to so they know and I was going to do that before I had to see what is going on between you and the guards. I just wish it shows that you are innocent in all of this.”

“Sorry about that, I’m just hormonal with carrying the triplets.”

Junipote just smiles at that and continues his duties which right now are informing the wives on who what Pearlia wants as regents as she grows up. All of them are happy that they have been picked and while confused she didn’t pick her mother they are understanding this is her decision. During this time though Bonch runs up to him and his mother Eriale smiles as they are in they are headed to the Tala Mashanerna shrine in the palace.

“Is Pearlia alright?” asks Bonch.

“She’s getting better and is missing you very much, Bonch,” replies Junipote. “I don’t know when she will be back but if you wish to visit her with your mom or dad she is Plyt Hospital.”

“Mom can I?” pleads Bonch.

“Sure, so you can see her but we need to get to work and you to your studies,” replies Eriale. “We will see her in the afternoon once the morning ritual is completed. Junipote, do you have any inclination she will be going with another spiritual leader?”

“I don’t know, the matter of spiritual leadership still has time to be figured out and that normally takes a few months to decide on. Considering her relationship with your son though, she just might change from Koplie to Tala Mashanerna is very likely.”

“I know just as the high priestess of Tala Mashanerna all of the priest there and others are starting rumors that she might change so I didn’t know if she said anything to you. I could see her changing because of her and Bonch’s relationship. Anyways we will let you get on about your day.”

“Of course, have you seen Ranulo or Califion around? Her majesty will like to see Ranulo as well.”

“I think they are praying in the Isipa shrine with Irisian. We just went past it and Bonch tried to say hi to Ranulo.”

“Thank you”

Eriale and Bonch go inside the shrine for Tala Mashanerna and Junipote heads to Isipa shrine to see quite a number of people of court in here praying. Only an hour after the disruption and now there is peace but he doesn’t want to disturb all of them. Thankfully Califion and his family are leaving when Junipote finally can talk to them.

“Junipote, we are searching the coast guard but nothing has come up yet,” starts Califion. “If you want any news from I will tell you when I get them but so far nothing. I have a full day ahead of me and this is the only time my small family and I can pray for her majesty.”

“Mr. Nopib, I’m not coming about your search which I’m sure your branch is doing a fine job of. I come on behalf of her majesty as she is still in the hospital to tell your son Ranulo that she misses him. If you wish to see her I have information on her location,” replies Junipote.

“So her majesty is getting better?”

“Yes, but we have yet to hear anything about her being released from the hospital.”

“Thank goodness, but will they just let us in there? She is the queen!”

“We are allowing family and very close friends to see her meaning Bonch and Ranulo with their family can see her. As I left I told them a few more might come to see her which included Bonch’s and your family. So it is up to your family if you want to go.”

“Please, dad,” begs Ranulo. “I want to see Pearlia.”

“Alright, Ranulo, we’ll go sometime today. Junipote, thank you for coming to us with this information and we are said to hear of Fatoreno Vicote’s death. A 2 year reign isn’t enough time to do anything and the people wouldn’t let him.”

“You’re welcome and you are right with what is happening his reign was too short to do anything to please the people.”

With that Califion and his family goes their own separate ways and Junipote just settles in the office to do some paper work to post pone a lot of things that Vicote has planned including writing a letter to the King of Dober Isla, Emile. And the family takes a trip to see Pearlia with little to no word on any actual politics going on wanting this to be peaceful for Pearlia. It is there that they learn she can leave tomorrow with a wheelchair as she has made great progress in her healing that she will just need to return to remove her stiches and have a well check within a week so this is great news even if the funeral is still being figured out. So for the rest of the evening is getting the main palace accommodating enough for the wheelchair as they won’t be moving until after the funeral a week away. There hasn’t any actual word on how the leads are going but diplomacy wise there were no foreign powers wanting the king to be dead which means no wars will be threatening anytime soon. The questioning process is very lengthy so Junipote knows that they will not hear anything for at least week especially looking into Princess Rin which has to be through.

The next afternoon, Pearlia rejoins the court and with the noted from the doctor fearing she might have depression, as she would stay quiet when left alone and hardly eating they are to keep an eye on her. That afternoon she just wants to be left alone and hardly ventures out of the royal bedroom which is now hers other than for the small feast celebrating her health. One can sense that between her and her mother are now more stressed than what used to be and her mother seems to keep reminding her not to cry for she will be seen as week. That night Pearlia’s two best friends, Bonch Havi and Ranulo Nopuib, decide they will sneak in and stay with Pearlia as they live near the palace if not in the palace but they talk a lot during this. It is a wonder that they didn’t get caught pulling this stunt.

“Your majesty,” greets Ranulo as they bow. “How are you feeling tonight?”

“Sore, they sent me home with pain medication and a wheelchair because I can’t walk yet due to how far the bullet went in. It broke the bone,” Pearlia states.

“That sucks,” replies Bonch. “Cant’ sleep?”

“No, and I don’t mind you guys staying.”

At that they smile and console Pearlia better so she ends up falling asleep, late and making her get up late not that many minded but the parents were kind of pissed that they stayed the night with no one knowing. While they were scolded for no one knowing of this especially Bonch and Ranulo while Pearlia was just told that she should have least let the guards know even if she wasn’t aware of what they were planning. The rest of the week is getting the funeral and filling her in what is happening with the leads which they did match the gun rented out to Tranoc Vernace and with him in custody it is soothing. Pearlia was taken aback that her mother is being a subject but there was nothing they could do.


Outfits used this chapter: Polyvore Collection: Your Childhood, Your Majesty outfits: Pearlia’s outfit #1 and #2

AN: See side bar of this section for hair definition and others to follow aside from straight hair and most wavy hair except Also some sections are edited from Your Childhood Queen and All Hail the Queen of Suffering. Also Queen/Mashanerna, King/Fatoreno, Princess/Mashania, Prince/Fatore, and Crown Princess/Vincatia Mashania will both be used mainly by different characters or referring her to other characters that prefer her to be Queen and but the base should be Mashanerna etc...

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