Good Girls- To Be or Not To Be?

I'm sure most of us have been caught humming or even singing the lyrics to Good Girls, a song by 5 Seconds of Summer, the infamous band and current hot topic right now. Hey, I love the song too! But what exactly does it mean to be a 'good girl'? Do we even have them in society? And why the stereotype? Don't like, don't read.


1. ?Good Girls vs Bad girls?

A short disclaimer-

Please don't take offense at whatever I have to say. This is purely my thoughts and my personal reviews. I bear no malice to anything and anyone. 


The Urban Dictionary defines a good girl as, 'A bad girl that has never been caught.' But caught doing what? Reading porn? Lying and stealing? Going to a party and getting wasted? What exactly does it mean to be a 'good girl,' if such a stereotype even exists? 

Good girls is obviously a term not found in any proper dictionary, but the term 'good' in the Oxford dictionary means 'to be pleasant, fine.' The problem is that these terms are just too vague. Good can mean anything from 'getting straight As' to 'absolute obedience to parents', which if you are in a school system and society like mine you know is impossible!

The song 'Good girls' describes a girl destined for a top notch university. She gets straight As like a nerd and even speaks French. (and my friends and I speak French, its our third language). She doesn't play around in school or act like a slut. But you see her hidden side when she 'sneaks out the window to be with her boyfriend.' Repeatedly we are reminded that 'good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.' 

On one side, the 'obedient good girl'. One the other side, the 'rebellious bad girl'. Isn't she living the best of both worlds?

But I see a girl trying to make everyone happy. She makes her parents happy with her results. She makes her school happy with her exemplary behaviour. She makes society happy by acting like an obedient, studious girl. And she makes herself happy by sneaking out to be with her boyfriend. Is this what a good girl tries to be? Or is this something more?

We've all seen the typical 'good girl' get with the bad boy, or the girl making life changing decisions to get out of her 'good girl' stereotype. Take Just One Day by Gayle Forman who wrote the bestselling If I Stay. The protagonist in Just One Day shed her inhibitions and became a different girl. She became more bold and daring. She dared to go to Paris for one day with a guy she barely knew. She dared to drop her dream from the beginning as a 'Happy College Student'. And she dared to risk her heart again by going back to search for the guy who still owned it.

Would you call her a bad girl? I'd applaud her for daring to make her mark in the world.

This isn't just about trying to please everyone as a 'good girl', and if you're trying, remember secrets can't stay hidden for long.

Let's say I'm a good girl. I'm in an all girls school with a prestigious program. I get As for everything (except Chinese). I listen and respect my parents. I've never broken curfew and always call my parents if I'm going to be out late. I don't drink, smoke or swear. I haven't committed any crimes. I wear dresses to church even though nobody below 20 does that in my church anymore.

But am I a good girl? Of course not! I watch things on YouTube without permission. I've read things bad for me. I've caused major scandals amongst my friends on the internet. And I had a boyfriend- which my parents still don't know because we only 'dated' for two months :)

Social media has given me a lot of freedom to express things, and I'm grateful to technology for letting me break out of this mold.

The above is all true, by the way.

The music video of Good Girls (which is amazing) shows girls in a 'reform school', doing outrageous things such as balancing books on their head, using a saucer with their teacups and basically learning princess behaviour fit for the 19th century. Or even later. (I am not saying good posture and table manners are not important.) They highlight the popular phrase 'girls should be seen and not heard'. The girls are 'locked up' if they are disobedient. But I like the later part of the video, where the girls are carefree and dancing and laughing. It isn't about the good girl or bad girl stereotype anymore- its just being yourself.

Nobody is perfect and no one needs to be perfect, and I think 5sos' creation of Good Girls perfectly embodies that.

So let your hair down and flip girl!

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