The Untold Story- Carmen Telegranite

This is part of The Untold Story, by Dolly Apota. Carmen Telegranite, discovered her powers at the age of fourteen. Will she be able to hide them for long? What'll happen if someone does? Only time will tell.


2. 2

“Help! Help me! Somebody! Please!” She called, but no one answered. She fell to her knees and started crying. “Why? Of all people, why me? I had a decent life, and now it’s all gone!” Her face went pale and after three minutes, soaked. She decided to make the most of it for now. Carmen went over to her old bed and laid down. “Maybe sleeping will help me recover.” she thought.

Carmen stuck to that decision. She closed her eyes and slept. It all seemed to be an illusion, what she’s experienced. Confusing, scary, yet adventurous. Carmen moved around in bed, uncomfortable. “ Carmen?  Carmen, wake up!  Please!”  A faint voice in her head said. “It’s no use, Philipp. We have to take her to the hospital.”  another one said. “ No! I won’t let  them  examine her, just give her a minute!”  Philipp said. “Philipp, now! We  have to go!” The voices were louder this time.

“Philipp, Mom? It’s me, Carmen, I’m here! It’s gonna be okay, see? I’m fine!” No matter how hard she tried, there was no use. She could only think it. Carmen tried blinking, but it seemed as if she were frozen. “Mom? Help me! Philipp! Someone, please! I’m in here!” she screamed in her thoughts. Then, lights flashed again and she was back on the steps in her house. It all was a dream.

She ran up the stairs into her bedroom. Everything was where it was before Philipp and she went down the steps. Carmen looked out the window, to see her mother and Philipp talking to a police. Lots of police. She went to her mirror and saw her eyes were still orange. “I can’t go out in public like this!” she exclaimed. Swiftly, she grabbed some shades and rushed out the door.

“Mom! Philipp! I’m so so so sorry! I just-” her mother cut her off. “Carmen, honey! I’m so glad you’re awake, this is Officer Hales.” She looked up and down at a shaggy man- about mid-forties- in a police uniform standing before them. “Greetings, Officer Hales,” Carmen replied, politely. “Hello, Carmen.” His curly blond locks bounced under his cap.

“Oh my goodness, Carmen! You had me freaked!” Philipp exclaimed. “I’m quite good at that, aren’t I?” she replied, dazed. Philipp supported her back and shoulder to keep her from falling over. “Let’s get you inside,” he said.

That night, all Carmen could think about was what she saw. What did it even mean? Things became even more unclear as time passed. Did Philipp see anything, too? By now, she was exhausted from just thinking, and eventually fell asleep.

What relieved Carmen was that her dream wasn't reliving that ‘nightmare’. Although, it was strange, almost scary. At first, she was staring at a girl her age, standing about three feet from her. She had dark brown hair sitting on her shoulders and eyes almost dark as coal. The girl looked worried, yet calm. “I'm you, Carmen.” She finally said in a soothing voice. Carmen turned her head to see two other girls- one with caramel brown hair and blue eyes, the other jet black and red eyes. The brunette had a white patch over her left eye. The red eyed girl had fallen angel wings behind her back. They looked to be about 17 years old. “We need you.” The brunette said. The one with red eyes looked down and mumbled “ I need you,”

Carmen looked down and breathes heavily. She was about to scream, but in a flash- she was back in bed.


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