The Untold Story- Carmen Telegranite

This is part of The Untold Story, by Dolly Apota. Carmen Telegranite, discovered her powers at the age of fourteen. Will she be able to hide them for long? What'll happen if someone does? Only time will tell.


1. 1

“Now, can anyone tell me what the first law of imagination is?” Mrs. Uranium asked. One hand waved around in the air. "Yes, Carmen?" All eyes were on her. " The first law of imagination is that whatever you believe in with all your heart- good or bad, can come true." Nine-year-old Carmen Telegranite replied. Her classmates stared at her, dumbfounded. "Looks like someone's been keeping up with her studies." Mrs. Uranium commented. Carmen held her head high with pride.

Throughout the rest of the day, everyone seemed to whisper and murmur about her. What was so special about the first law of imagination? She knew what it was, so she answered. There must be more to it. Carmen walked down the hallway, and yet they all stared at her. Finally, she blurted out, “What’s wrong? Mrs. Uranium asked, and I answered. It was just a question!” she put her hand over her mouth. Everyone gasped and whispered. Carmen turned around and stomped down the hall. “Just a question,” she mumbled to herself.

Carmen walked alone back to her house after school. The small house stood sturdy with flowers growing on all sides of the walls. She dodged through the bushes and opened the painted red mahogany door. “Hey Mom, I’m home from school,” Carmen called. “That’s great, sweetie.” Her mother’s lilted voice filled the air. Carmen turned the corner to find her mother in an apron, cooking salmon for dinner. “I’ve got lots of homework.” Carmen started. “I’ll be in my room.” She grabbed a glass of water and zoomed up the creaky steps

Carmen  plopped her backpack onto her bed and fell backward herself. She let out a big sigh, then unzipped her backpack. She pulled out her science homework and placed it on her desk. She opened her binder and glared at her glass of water. She fixed her focus on the water inside and started chanting in her head. “The water will float… The water will float… The water will float…” Two minutes later, still nothing. “Piece of junk,” she mumbled.


Five Years Later


“And here comes Carmen Telegranite! She comes up the field, will she make it?” Philipp cried. Carmen laughed as she dribbled her basketball up the driveway. “And here she goes! She shoots, and look at that! She scores!” Philipp’s voice ran through the air, loud and clear. Carmen sat down on the edge of her lawn, gasping for air. “That was quite a run,” she managed to get out. Carmen grabbed her water bottle and chugged it down. “Well, I’m not surprised. We've been out here for merely three hours!” Philipp said, standing above her.

“C’mon, let’s go back inside. Dinner’s probably ready.” Carmen said. Philipp walked up to the door, cracked it open, and all that came out was the fresh smell of calamari. “That is correct, Miss Telegranite,” he said with a grin. He held the door for Carmen as she walked in. She gave him a little shove and went inside, Phillip followed.

They could hear the calamari steaming and sizzling on the stove. “Hey, kids!” Carmen’s energized mom called through the house. “Dinner’s almost ready! Need anything till then?” Carmen dropped her basketball onto the floor, allowing it to bounce away. “I think we’re good, but thanks, Mom,” Carmen called. “Let’s go to my room,” she told Philipp.

Carmen opened the door- letting Philipp go in first- and flopped onto her bed. “I’m exhausted!” she moaned. “I bet,” Philipp said to her. “What now?” Carmen asked. “I was wondering the same thing,” he answered. She sighed, “Great. So we’re both out of ideas.” They looked at each other and laughed. Just then, something very large dropped onto the floor downstairs. “What was that?” Philipp asked in alarm. “I don’t know,” Carmen answered, wide-eyed. They crept down the staircase and peeked into the kitchen where Carmen’s mom was supposed to be. You can’t escape the truth, she was gone.

“Uh, Philipp?” She turned around to find Philipp gone, too. Instead, there was a masked man in all black. In a split second, lights flashed and complete darkness.


A “Night” Later


She opened her eyes. She was in a room. A strange room, very strange. The walls were yellow with cream wall-to-wall carpeting. In the corner was a twin-sized bed. All this seemed familiar, so familiar it was scary. Beside all the posters, there was a mirror. She got up to her feet, struggling from her past experience. In the mirror, was herself- or at least she thought it was.

The fourteen-year-old girl in the mirror had the same wavy, blonde hair as Carmen. Something was different, but she couldn't remember what. She looked around and then back at herself. Then she realized it, her luscious brown eyes were gone. They were replaced with bright orange eyes. And in a second, it all click. This was her room five years ago.


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