We are only half alive

Hayley is a teenager who isn't actually having a great time with her life at the moment. Her mother is working long hours, her communication with her sister, Erica is faulty, her boyfriend, Chad doesn't understand her. But it's not only that. She is being bullied by the most popular clique of the school whose leader is the school president, Pete. After one confusing incident with Pete's friend, Patrick, Hayley goes to her best friends' anniversary party, where she finds out something that shocks her. Trying to cope with the situation she tries to find some evidence in order to change the things. But during the process, something occurs. Something that she would never thought it would happen... And then..It's too late...there is no way back...


2. What am I dreaming?

I was at the school cafeteria walking towards the table me and my friends usually sit to. But none of them were already sitting there. That's weird. If there is one thing for which I'm 'popular' is being late. Yeah, I'm always busy procrastinating. Anyway, they'll come sooner or later , won't they? So no need to worry, Hayley. Calm down.

 While I was finally making my way to my usual seat –it took me more time than it should, like someone had decelerated a scene from a movie- I noticed that every person in this room had stopped doing what they usually do-eat,chat,shout,scream,fight- and was staring at me. That's too weird. Considering the fact that I was one of the least famous kids in the student body of the high school of our small community, the odd of me being stared at by everyone's eyes wasn't just improbable. It was impossible unless I had horns on my head. I checked it. No horns. 

That's when everyone started throwing their foods and drinks on me. That shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did. Everyone kept throwing their comestibles on me. Without stopping for even a moment. How much food had those teenagers bought? How much food was kept in this cafeteria? What happened to all of them? I mean it's okay to dislike you. But why so much hate? And by the way why today? My eyesight was blurry because of all those things thrown to my face. Suddenly I screamed 'STOP!' They did stop. 

But when I looked around I didn't see my classmates. Not in their everyday form. Basically it was them but they had all been transformed to zombies. Hungry zombies. Their eyes were red, they had pale white skin, messed up hair-yeah even and the bitches whose hair is always on a perfect shape- and huge fangs had taken the place of their teeth with braces. I put my hand on my mouth so as not to scream. Stay calm, Hayley. I looked around but more fanged classmates appeared. Don't move. So I spoke to them. 'Guys, I don't know what's going on but it's definitely not funny!' They didn't respond. They came closer. I took a step back. Closer. I felt a hand touching my arm. I panicked.

 My heart started pounding against my chest violently. I guess now it's time to run. I turned around but I couldn't move because my shoes had stuck to the ground due to some kind of red glue that was all over the floor. I tried not to believe that it was what I was thinking. I failed. They were coming closer. That was the end. In my effort to move, my feet finally found a way to move. A sigh of relief filled my lungs. But then I tripped because of the sticky red liquid that seemed to be expanding everywhere. I fell to the ground. I wasn't covered in food anymore . Just blood. I couldn't help but wonder if the blood was mine, but I wasn't bleeding. No, not yet. I looked up. They were looking at me with empty eyes and puzzled expression. They were towering over me. They were too close right now. I felt their frozen breaths over my skin. I closed my eyes and I screamed. Then a too loud noise pierced my ears.

Is American idiot by green day blaring through your ears while you are being killed by zombies? No, I don't think so. And I'll never really know. Because the next thing I saw was the pale pink color of my ceiling. I guess I was dreaming again. Friendly advice: don't watch too much horror movies, especially before you go to sleep. At the beginning there are no consequences; I used to laugh at those people that say that they are seeing nightmares and stuff. But after a while they affect the brain. Maybe that's why I love them so much. Even though the majority of them is silly and has repetitive themes, some are really worth watching and are truly creepy .But weird dreams was always a common phenomenon for me. I searched for my phone with my hand in order to turn off my alarm. Yeah, I always had green day to wake me up because if I had left it to myself I would never leave my bed and that means many lost first hours from school. Ugh. I opened my eyes once again and tried to focus my eyesight. I yawned. Another day had already started and therefore a new battle had begun.

School. Classmates. Professors. Drama. Tests. Projects. Boredom. Routine.

My life was so predictable and simplistic like any other girl's in America. I yawned again. This dream was going to haunt me all day long. Great... I am thinking of skipping lunch time today.



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