We are only half alive

Hayley is a teenager who isn't actually having a great time with her life at the moment. Her mother is working long hours, her communication with her sister, Erica is faulty, her boyfriend, Chad doesn't understand her. But it's not only that. She is being bullied by the most popular clique of the school whose leader is the school president, Pete. After one confusing incident with Pete's friend, Patrick, Hayley goes to her best friends' anniversary party, where she finds out something that shocks her. Trying to cope with the situation she tries to find some evidence in order to change the things. But during the process, something occurs. Something that she would never thought it would happen... And then..It's too late...there is no way back...


4. Anklebiters

For the rest of our first period, things went on casually. Mrs. Jones asked some questions based on the lesson we had done on our last session and I even raised my hand and answered to two of them. Personally, I liked history and I was good at it. Although the professor didn't see me like her favorite student and the feelings were mutual, I had nothing against the subject. 

The bell finally rang and I stood up, walking towards the corridor which was full of busy students, trying to catch up with their next period or making conversations with their friends. I was searching for my friends, too. I hadn't seen them this morning and I just wanted to chat with them for a while before our short break ended. Suddenly I saw Alex and Jenna walking on the other side of the aisle. They were walking together, hugging and even their pace was somehow in a perfect sync.

 I had to wave at them standing on my tip toes because of the crowd in between us and my small height. Okay I had to confess that even though my hair color stood out, my height could hide me pretty well. When they saw me they tried to reach me while I was being squeezed by our student body. I left out a sigh and tried to breathe, suffocating for fresh air.

'Hi Hayley! Where have you been all day? Alex and I were searching for you. We thought you were sick or something' Jenna yelled when they had finally found their way towards me. I frowned a little but she was my best friend since the first day we met in the kindergarten so many years ago. 'Good morning, too jenna ' I sarcastically answered smiling. ' You know me pretty well, Jen. I was a little bit late today because of a stupid dream that upset me', yeah today I had a really bad premonition and I couldn't understand the reason. I assumed that the source of my nervousness was this ridiculous dream although I never believe in signs or let my dreams consume me and tell me what to think.

 'Wow, I want you to tell me everything about it later. Your dreams are always like extracts from science fiction movies and they are really interesting. You could even write a book out of them one day!', Jenna said excitedly adding supposedly creepy gestures to the air. ' Why not? Horror stories are catchy but there's nothing like romance.' Alex added looking lovingly at Jenna. 'Oh my sweet romantic boy!' Jenna told him teasingly and they shared a kiss. Yeah they were an adorable couple but they could get a little bit flamboyant sometimes. 'Lovebirds get a room!' I yelled slyly and they pulled away blushing. 'You haven't forgotten about tonight have you?' Alex said changing the subject.

 Even though I'd like to forget about it, my friends would always come up with it. Tonight at 8 o'clock Jenna and Alex would hold a party as their one-year-old anniversary. All of our classmates were guests. They hadn't told them the reason of the party. Only me and a few other people knew because if all of them did, people would laugh at them and they didn't want to be ceaselessly teased. No one would really have an anniversary party in our age. Mostly married people do. But 'Jenex' wasn't the casual teenage couple. There was true romance between them and they looked like they were made for each other. As an uncured romantic I found the whole anniversary day syrupy sweet. But as a realist I found it somehow improbable for me and Chad to do the same one day.

'Earth is calling Hayley' they both said in unison interrupting my daydream. 'Well no, I haven't forgotten about the ''greatest event of the year'' I said mimicking Jenna's excited voice. 'How could I? You guys , are my best friends and I always support you even though sometimes I wish I didn't'. I said and it was actually the truth. I was something like their 'bridesmaid' because I was the one who had brought them together. Jenna was my best friend and Alex was a newcomer in our high school last year. I was the first person he bumped into and I volunteered to show him around. He was a great guy and we became friends instantly as he had the same taste in music as Jenna and I. So, long story short I introduced him to Jenna and after a few months they were already dating and I was super happy for my friends. The bell rang again notifying us that we had to rush back into classrooms. 'See you later, Hayley', the guys told me waving at me. 'See ya' I responded and I turned around heading for my next lesson which was physics, which I hated to the bones.

Anyway, I tried to fake a smile and keep my head up, when I felt an obstacle getting tangled with my feet. I flew my hands to my sides using them as wings in order to keep my balance but I failed. The next thing I knew was that I had fallen down to my face and people were laughing around me due to my fall.

 I didn't hit hard but my head was spinning and I felt sweat spreading all over my forehead accompanying my awkward blush. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest so rapidly that I thought that anyone around me in a 100 meter radius could hear it and was annoyed by the buzz. When I stood up collecting my physics books that had fallen off my hands, I heard someone talking through his laughs.' You should watch where you walk, Williams. You aren't careful enough.' I knew that voice. It was Brendon's. Brendon Urie , as known as one of the most popular kids at school. He was always laughing at people and one of his hobbies was to bully me. He didn't really know why he was bullying me but it was easy for him and his friends whose leader was a guy named, Pete Wentz. He, as the king of his gang and school president, had all of his friends mistreat me and all of the others ignore me. And this was one of their latest self-amusing games. It was called 'tripping Hayley' and as you realized they were pushing me or making me trip by tangling their shoes on my ankles.

 Even though I had got used to their silly, childish games towards me, I was feeling sick every time something like this occurred and I was afraid that I would break down, bursting into tears.

After I had collect my stuff, I turned around giving them one single glare and I saw that they had paused laughing waiting for my response. I just stared looking disgusted and I turned around hearing another burst of laughter accompanying my way into the class. I put my head on my desk and I covered it with my arms. 'Don't cry, stupid. They don't deserve it. That's what they expect you to do.' I told to myself. I wore my glasses, the ones that I never wear because they look way too dorky and I put my bangs over my eyes. 

As the rest of my classmates entered the class I tried to look calm at their hidden smiley eyes. But when the lesson started and their eyes were on the board, I let a couple of tears escape from my eyes because they were burning inside me. I was feeling a fire burning slowly in my lungs and a sudden wave of sadness hit me. I didn't know if it was because of the fall, because of my traumatized pride or due to the physics going on in the board. I assume that my sadness was an outcome of the combination of the three.

No, I wouldn't break down; I wouldn't do that favor to those awful people. My smile would hurt them more.

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