We are only half alive

Hayley is a teenager who isn't actually having a great time with her life at the moment. Her mother is working long hours, her communication with her sister, Erica is faulty, her boyfriend, Chad doesn't understand her. But it's not only that. She is being bullied by the most popular clique of the school whose leader is the school president, Pete. After one confusing incident with Pete's friend, Patrick, Hayley goes to her best friends' anniversary party, where she finds out something that shocks her. Trying to cope with the situation she tries to find some evidence in order to change the things. But during the process, something occurs. Something that she would never thought it would happen... And then..It's too late...there is no way back...


3. Always late

Unfortunately, I had to leave the comfort of my bed so I started moving hesitantly. I stretched my sleepy muscles and I gave to my pillow another sleepy look. Afterwards, I realized that I had to move quickly if I didn't want to be late again. For that reason after a quick visit to the bathroom, I rushed into my closet searching for something decent to wear.

 I didn't have enough time to make a choice though. I always tell to myself that I should decide on what to wear the night before, but here I am the next day always rushing . I ended up wearing the first thing I found on my drawer: black skinny jeans and my ramones t-shirt. Easy ,classic choice. Then I tied the laces of my black converse and started looking for my necklace. Where did I put it? Gosh I can't leave without it. It's my favorite one because my boyfriend Chad gave it to me on my last birthday. It's just a simple silver chain with skewed silver heart on it, but I love this necklace so much 'cause it's my lucky one. I started turning my books and stuff on my desk upside down only to find that it was lying on my nightstand. Ugh. Finally. I wore it and then I went in front of my mirror in order to apply my make-up. Just a little eyeliner and mascara above my greenish eyes and I was ready to go. 

But just before I left my bedroom, I took a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror in order to check out that I looked presentable. My red hair stood out in the semi darkness covering my room during this cloudy sunrise. Although I loved being the 'red- headed girl' who is always dynamic , sometimes I just wanted to blend in with all my classmates and be invisible. Today was one of those days, I suppose.

I descended the stairs quickly ,being careful not to fall, and I realized that I was home alone. My mum, Christina, leaves for work really early as she is ' the boss' in the office. She took the promotion a few months ago, and even though I am truly happy for her professional development I can't help but miss her. Since that day our house is emptier and our lives lonelier for me and my younger sister, Erica. Speaking of her, I shouted her name to see if she was still somewhere around the house. Well, she wasn't. She had already left with her friends for junior high. Why the hell didn't she tell me she was leaving? I could have given her a ride! Although my sister and I used to have an excellent relationship when we were kids, as we entered adolescence she pushed me away. But I guess it was mostly my fault that we were growing apart because I was always occupied with schoolwork or friends. Anyway, I had to fix this situation as soon as possible, meaning when my responsibilities from my daily routine would shrink just a bit.

I got into my car and turned on the engine. People are used to telling me that it isn't a great ride but I always defend it because I liked it. I form bonds with objects easily. My car could do its job and that was enough for me. End of the conversation. I turned on the radio on my favorite alternative station and I turned it up when I heard blink-182. I was driving through the streets of our small town, Franklin, while I was watching the failing attempt of the sun to rise as its rays where drowning behind the thick clouds. Our hometown was sunny for the most part of the year but we were passing through the core of winter so such weather was utterly expected.

I had finished humming the words to ' I miss you' while I was making my way into our high school's parking lot. School wasn't too far from home but a quick look to my clock reminded me that I was already late. Again. A left a sigh and started pacing quickly if I wanted to catch up with the others. As I walked out of the driver's seat a cold breeze hit me in the face, making my nose frozen, filling my lungs with an ice cold feeling that could almost be tasted, and messing up with my hair which seemed like uncontrollable yet harmless flames. The bell had already rung and the majority of our small student community had got into the building. I had parked far away from the entrance and I was running now both because of the weather and my delay. I didn't see my best friend, Jenna, or her boyfriend, Alex-aka the cutest couple of the school/my only friends-nor my boyfriend Chad. I wish I could find someone of them to talk to but I had history for the first period and none of them were attending this class with me.

When I was finally on the corridor leading to the history class I saw that the door was shut and I even heard our professor's voice, Mrs. Jones, coming from inside accompanied with the murmurs of my mates. Oh, so I had to apologize for my delay while everyone is looking at me with curious eyes. I hated that feeling, but that's alongside with the disadvantages of being late, which I haven't really got used to no matter how many times I've gone through. So I just knocked the door and heard an answering 'yes' coming from inside. The kids had gone silent as in every class when someone knocks the door and pupils-usually the young ones-turn their heads to the saviors who offered them a short term escape from lesson. I tried no to look. 

Damn, this dream has already ruled my mind. When Mrs. Jones saw me, her face took an expression that I could not decipher. 'Could you explain to me and your classmates the reason of your delay, Mrs. Williams?' she simply said. There was no actual anger in her question but I instantly felt my face blushing and stooped my head, facing my feet. 'I'm sorry, Mrs. Jones. It won't happen again.' Sincere guilt spread on my face. 'I hope so', she said sighing.

 As I was passing through the aisle my classmates gave me derogatory looks. I guess some things never change. I found my way to my seat that was in the back place of the classroom. I opened my bag quickly and put my textbooks over my desk. No one was sitting next to me in history as we didn't have any kind of projects that needed 'team spirit' as an ingredient for the time being. Everyone had someone sitting beside them but me. I wasn't really popular in my school or the people weren't really friendly. 

I always comfort myself by believing the latter.



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