Dolls and Dumbwaiters

She stood there. Alone. The girl with the creamy blond hair. No one on her side. They dared her to do it when they knew she wouldn't do it alone, couldn't do it alone. I had to help her. Somehow. Any way I could. I had to.


1. Dolls and Dumbwaiters

"Dolls and Dumbwaiters"


This story is only one (really) long chapter. But don't worry! There will be sequels! Hope you like it!


She stood there. Alone. The girl with the creamy blond hair. Nobody on her side. They dared her to do it when they knew she couldn't do it alone, wouldn't do it alone. I had to help her. Somehow. Anyway I could. I had to.


Clara's POV

“Do I have to do it?”, I asked

“Yes you have to!”, they said.

“Alright fine. But not alone”, I said.

“I'll go with you”

“Who said that?”, I said.

“I did”

We all turned around to see a boy standing in the corner of the room. He was wearing a black sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants. His chocolate brown hair was covering his left eye and he was holding a doll in his right hand. 

“Who are you?”, I asked.

“I'm Thomas. And I'll go with you”

~ At The House ~

Thomas and I were standing outside the house. The longer we stood here, the faster my heart beat became.

“I can tell you're scared”, said Thomas.

“You can?”, I asked.

“Yes Clara. I can. But I have been here many times”, said Thomas.

It was then that I got a good look at the doll he was holding. I had originally assumed that it was him, but no. I was wrong.

It was me.

“Should we go now?”, said Thomas, taking me away from my thoughts.

“Oh yes. Let's go”, I said.

The house sounded as though it was moaning with every step we took towards the front door. I reached for the door handle with my shaking hand. As the door creaked open and we stepped inside the house, I felt as though I was in a horror movie. There were no colors except for black and gray. There was a giant staircase that split in two and went in opposite directions. At the foot of the stairs, there were two gargoyles covered in spiderwebs. Where the stairs split, there was a portrait of a man who I assumed to be the previous owner of the house. To my right, there was a door. It was bolted shut and it said “study”. On my left, there was an open door that said “kitchen”.

“Well, I think we should go and-Thomas? Thomas”, I said.

I spun around, but Thomas was nowhere to be seen. I called his name out again. No answer.

Oh well”, I thought, “I'll just have to go on without him”.

I started to walk towards the staircase when I stepped on something. I looked down to see Thomas's doll. It was frowning.

I could have sworn it was smiling before.

I started up the stairs, each step creaking louder than the last. I decided to go left. 

The first room I entered was what I assumed to be the master bedroom. Just like the rest of the house, it was black and gray. There was a four-poster bed sitting in the middle of the room with a nightstand on both sides. The window was shut and barred. At the foot of the bed, there was a trunk with a lock on it.

I now noticed there was something sitting on the bed. It was the doll. Still frowning.

I then heard a noise coming from a room down the hall.

I knew I shouldn't follow the noise, but curiosity got the better of me. I slowly walked down the dark hall and cautiously entered the next room.

Nobody was in there, except Thomas's hoodie. So I kept walking down the ominous hallway.

I heard the noise again, only it was more distinct this time. It sounded like evil laughing.

Before I knew it, I stood outside the room where the evil laughing came from. It was shut, but not locked. I turned the doorhandle and walked in, but was met with an empty room. It was the baby's room. I could tell because there was a crib and a trunk for toys. But since there was no one there, I moved on.

I heard the evil laughing once again, coming from a room further down the hall. I let my feet carry me to what I believed to be the “kid's room”. Once I had opened the door, I saw him.

Thomas's POV

I couldn't find it. I couldn't find my doll anywhere. I must have dropped it when I left Clara behind and ran up the stairs. But nevermind that. I have to find it.

I knew my way around this house. Don't ask me why because I will not tell you.

I first went to the master bedroom. When I didn't see the doll, I didn't waste any time and moved on to the next room. Again, it wasn't there. So I kept moving. I expected it to be in the baby's room, but I was wrong and didn't find it there either.

Finally in the last room, the “kid's room”, I saw it there. Sitting in the dumbwaiter.

I finally found it”, I thought.

I climbed into the dumbwaiter to get my doll, but something was wrong. The doll was frowning instead of smiling.

I need to get out of here”, I thought.

But I was too late. As I was about to climb out of the dumbwaiter, she did it. The girl with the creamy blond hair. She sent me going down...down...down into oblivion.

Before they were out of sight, I caught a glimpse of her blond hair for the last time. I also saw my doll, who was smiling once again. 

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