My Pup and My Princessess

You were left hiding in a small box across the side walk until someone opens it. All you see are full chocolate brown eyes and brown hair with bangs covering half his forhead. You try to hide but he picks you up. Should you follow your now 'owner' or wait for Gabby?


2. Welcome "Home"

"The name tag Dan!"

"Phan" the guy with brown hair that picked you up said as he read your name tag. You started shivering since it was November in london. Cold city.

"C'mon lets take Phan home!" A different boy with dark black hair told the guy holding you. The one holding you looked confused

"I'm phil and this is dan" he said pointing at him and then at the chocolate brown hair guy.

🔹🔹🔹 Once inside the flat 🔹🔹🔹

Dan's POV

As I came in with the fragile puppy the heat from our flat rushed to meet us with the friendly hug. As I settled Phan down to the carpet he shivered so I picked Phan up and kindly wrapped it with one blanket and placed him in the couch next to phil. "Phil can I feed it?"

"Awww I wanted to feed it" Phil replied

"No!" I scream at him running through the living room towards the kitchen. "I brought the food I get to give it to him!" You peeked at Phil, you saw defeat across his face! Perfect picture you thought.

Phan's point of view

As phil and dan fought to see who feed you you laid across the couch snuggling with the blanket dan gave you. 'I know where I've seen them Gabby and Athelea always watch them in their computer.' You realized

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