The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


5. Sleepover!

       "Of-fucking-course!" I exclaimed, giggling. We eventually went back to the booth, laughing and shit. It was amazing. "Dude, Jacky went ape-shit on the biblehuggers, like holyshit I thought I was brutal!" Prince exclaimed, as we climbed back in the booth. "Nice." Shawty said nodding, Puppy and Dope also nodded in approval. Will just smiled. "Dude, this sleepover is gonna be amazing!" Prince said, smiling like it was all he could do. "Yea dude, it's gonna be the fucking best." I say, smiling back at him. "Wait, you guys are having a sleep over?" Dope asked, "Um yea." Prince said, "No fair!" Puppy cried, "Oh well! The new guy is my gay best friend, so you all can go suck it!" Prince said, hugging me. I looked at Will, who didn't seem the least bit amused. I chose to let that go.


       After about 4 hours we all to the van. I sat in the very back between Will and Prince. Will seemed upset, for some strange reason. I casually glanced at him every so often. Eventually after about an hour the van stopped and Prince grabbed my wrist, "This is my place, come on Jacky." He said, I smiled and we stood. I turned to Will and smiled, "Bye Wi-... I mean Slasher." I say, awkwardly of course. He faked a smile and said, "See ya, Jacky." I let that go as well. The I turned back to Prince as smiled, as we walked out of the van. I said goodbye to everyone, Prince did too. Then we both turned to face the house. It was a small one-story house. It looked old but still homely, kinda like Grandma's. Prince smiled at me then back at his house, "I know it isn't much... But my home, your home." He said, leading me to the porch. He opened the door with his key and we walked inside. "Where are your parents?" I asked, "I don't know my dad and my mom's out drinking... She'll be gone for about a week..." He said, "Do you have any siblings?" I ask, walking into the living room and walking around.

       "I have two younger twin sisters, but they're away with my Grandparents for their birthday." He said, "What're their names?" I ask, "Lora and Suzan." He said. "They're turning 6 today...." He said, I nodded. "So uh... What's your family like?" He asked, "My mother died when I was 4 of cancer and my father raised me. I have a 27 year old brother who is in the military and my baby sister died when I was 7 and she was 2." I said, "How'd she die?" He asked, "My uncle took her away for about a year, then he killed her on my birthday." I said, "O-oh..." Prince said, sounding sympathetic. "Ever since that day, I stopped believing in love." I say, "I know love exists." Prince said. "I love my baby sisters. I raised them. We're a family." He said. "I'd give my life for them." He said, "No one would give their life for me." I said. "That's not true." Prince said, "Yea it is, I'm not worth it." I say. "Yes you are, I know you've been raised to feel like shit... But you're with all the fucking trouble." He said, "Don't let anyone tell you that you're not beautiful." Prince said.

       Eventually the mood lightened up and we went up to his room. I accidentally poked him in the side and he giggled, then I began tickling him. "NO! NO! NO!" He screeched at the top of his lungs, as he laughed and squirmed against his will. "YOU ASSHOLE!" He cried, flailing and laughing uncontrollably. I laughed at how angry he tried to be, failing completely. Then he quickly grabbed my wrists and flipped up, tickling me. I screamed and laughed against my will, "YOU ASS!" I cried, flailing uncontrollably and laughing myself blue. "PLEASE! BREATHE!" I cried, breathless and at the top of my lungs. "Alright, fine." He said, stopping so I could breathe. "Man... I dunno about you... But I need some vodka." He said, reaching in his mini-fridge (beside the bed) and pulling out some vodka. This bitch started chugging the damn bottle, "Nah! Share!" I cried, "Fine." He said, scooting back and letting me sit up. He passed me the bottle and I started chugging it. He vodka burned on my tongue and down my throat, but before long I got numb and couldn't even feel the burn anymore.

      Soon we were fucking waisted and watching fucking George Lopez. "I GOT DIS!" Prince shouted, "Goddamn." I said, giggling like a schoolgirl. "Whatcha mean?" Prince questioned, getting nose-to-nose with me. "Bruh, you 'bout to kiss me." I slurred, "So?" He questioned, not moving away. "Aren't you grossed out?" I questioned, "Bitch, you're sexy. How could I be grossed out?" He questioned, I blushed and looked away. He used his right hand to make me look at him. "How are you not grossed out?" He questioned, making me blush more. "You're kinda cute..." I mumbled. He smirked at me and came closer. "Let's fuck." He whispered, I blushed more, my cheeks turning red. "O-okay." I stuttered, nervous as I had only had sex once before and I didn't even remember it. Prince pressed his lips to mine and soon enough we were making out, our tongues wrestling for dominance as I was pushed onto my back and Prince straddled my hips. He pulled off both of our shirts and kissed me again.

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