The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


3. Skating Rink

       "Hi, Puppy." I said smiling to him, "Yo." He said. "Slasher, who the hell is this?" Prince asked, "This is my boy Jacky, he cool." Will said. "Thanks, Will." I say, smiling. "HA! DID HE JUST CALL YOU WILL?!" Shawty exclaimed, laughing. Will's face gained a strange tint, kind of like a blush... But a strange blush. "Jacky, I go by Slasher around the guys." He whispered to me, "Oh, okay... Sorry." I said, looking down and nodding... Regretfully. "Alright bitches, let's go!" Dope cried, I smiled slightly as they all ran to the van - well almost all. Will stood beside me and watched as I watched the guys run off. "It's okay Jacky, I promise." He said smiling warmly at me, making my heart skip beats again. Damn his smile. I smiled back, "Let's go." He said, smiling as I followed him to the van. We got into the van and Will sat next to me, "Hey, what took you guys so long? Slasher you never go Grandma speed!" Puppy said, "Oh, I just tripped." He lied, "Damn Slasher, you need to watch it." He said, as we drove off. I sighed quietly and looked out the window, longingly.

       I don't think he noticed it, but Will rested his hand on my leg. I didn't want him to worry about it, so I let it be.... Still though, I couldn't the wipe my stupid ass grin off my face.


       We got the skating rink and got skates. I was pretty good, but I still have the clumsy trait. I was doing great though, this time... Guess practice makes perfect. I was skating back to the table, but the carpet made it quite difficult. I thought I was home-free until some kid decided to throw fucking skates in front of me. I of course tripped and landed on one of the guys, I closed my eyes when I fell so I didn't see who it was. My face was in their chest and I could feel my face getting hot, without even knowing who it was I was deathly embaressed. I slowly stood up and saw Will. "OhmyfuckinggodI'msosorry." I said frantically, sounding like Eminem. "Dude, it's cool. No need to go all 'Rad God' on me." He said, referencing Eminem's song Rap God were you can barely understand or keep up with what the hell he's saying. It was very impressive actually. "O-okay." I stuttered. Shawty was laughing, Puppy was giggling, Dope was dying of laughter, and - for the first time ever - Prince cracked a smile. Will scooted over and let me sit next to him, which I did. My face was still hot and my heart beat was trying to return to normal, but still seemed panicked.

       Everything was fine until some guy spotted me and walked over to me. He put his hand on the table, in front of my face. He used his other hand to make me look at him. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. He was taller than me, which didn't mean he was very tall. He had on a green shirt, a black jacket, baggy dark grey shorts, and gray Nike sneakers. "Hey there baby, how you doing?" He asked, I blushed dark and bite my lower lip. "Awww, you nervous huh? How cute." The boy said, I blushed more and looked away from him. "Come on baby, look at me." He said, I looked at him again. "What's your name?" He asked in a seductive tone, "J-Jacky." I stuttered, "Cute, I'm Kyle." He said, smiling. "This guy bothering you?" Will asked, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Oh, fuck off." Kyle said, looking to Will, I went to look to Will but was quickly pulled into a kiss by Kyle. I gasped and he slipped his tongue in my mouth, he held the back of my neck and the other was on my face, he hungrily kissed me.

       Will snatched me away from the kiss, I silently thanked him with my eyes. He nodded to me, got out of the seat and was face to face with Kyle. "Awww what's wrong? Did I kiss your boyfriend?" Kyle asked, putting his hands on his hips. "N-NO! I'M NOT DATING ANYONE, BUT STILL! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!" Will shouted, "Huh, why do you care? You said he isn't your boyfriend, so back off." Kyle said, bitchily. "Boy, I'm warning you!" Will screeched, "Warning me about what nigger?" Kyle said, smugly. Will broke at the point, he tackled Kyle to the floor and started beating the shit out of him. After he was done beating him, Will took out his keys and scraped them down his stomach, like a slash. "And that's why they call me Slasher." Will growled, getting up, spitting in the boy's face, and walking back to me. He sat back down next to me and smiled, I blushed. He just beat the shit out of someone because of me... "Jesus Slasher, I haven't seen you like that in a loonnnggg time!" Shawty said, "Sorry guys, kinda lost it." Will said, "It's cool dude, he deserved it." Prince said, that's the first time I've ever heard him say anything.

       "Prince, that's the first time Jacky's heard you talk." Dope said, smiling. "I know.... Still though, it's true." Prince said, smiling at me. I nodded and smiled back, it took a while, but he's starting to warm up... I think.

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