The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


7. Saving Will

       Eventually the day was over and Prince invited me over, I happily agreed and we left in his car. We get to his place and go inside, bantering the whole way. "So when are your sisters coming back?" I asked, "Today, they should be home any minute really... I think they'll really like you." Prince said, smiling as he set his things on the couch. We spent about thirty minutes watching South Park before the doorbell rang, "I think that's them." He said, going to his door and I followed close behind. He opened the door and there stood two short shirts. They both had brown hair, one had hers in pigtails and the other had hers down with a headband to hold it back. The one with pigtails had one white eye and one emerald green eye and wore a purple dress, with a flower on it, brown tights, and purple flats. The one with her hair down and a headband holding it back had a sky blue eye, she wore a pink shirt with a butterfly on it, orange shorts, and pink tennis shoes. Yes I said a sky blue eye. Her right eye was missing, but there was sown up skin where the eye would've been. "Princey!" The one with a single sky blue eye cried, "Hey there sweetheart!" He cooed, kneeling down to her as she quickly hugged him, the other girl joining in.

       He looked up at me and smiled, I kneeled down beside him and smiled at the girls. "Who's that?" The one with different colored eyes asked, "That's my friend, Jacky." He said, smiling to me. "He's pretty." The one with a single blue eye said, "Thank you." I said, giggling lightly. "Jacky, this is Lora." He said motioning to the one with different colored eyes, "And this is Suzan." He said motioning to the one with a single blue eye. "Hi." I said smiling, "Hey!" Lora said happily, "Hi!" Suzan said cheerfully. "Go on and unpack girls, I'll make you both snacks while you do." Prince said, smiling. "Okay Princey!" They both said, they both kissed his cheek and ran upstairs with their things. He stood up and I followed, he shut and locked the door, then turned to me. "What happened to Suzan?" I asked, "I-I... I lied to you." He said, "What do you mean?" I questioned, "I know my father." He said, "And that bastard didn't want Suzan. So he tried to shoot her when she was really young. I tried to stop him, I saved her life... But he still got her in the eye. Luckily I knew how to drive and got her to a hospital in time.... She doesn't even remember having two eyes... Or our father." Prince said, "What about Lora?" I asked, "She saw an explosion through one of her eyes, which caused it to go white... She can't see through the eye with the white color." He said.

       I saddened to hear this, I couldn't believe all these horrible things could happen to such a good person. But I put my hand on his shoulder, "It's made you stronger. You may feel weak, but there's always a storm before a rainbow, I can tell you that for damn sure." I say, looking into his eyes. For a long moment there was silence, he was just looking at me. He put his hand on the side of my face and pulled me in, kissing me. I was surprised and didn't kiss back, he quickly pulled away. "Sorry." He muttered, "It's cool." I say, smiling. Suddenly Prince's phone began to ring, he answered it quickly, "Yeah?" He said, "Oh god.... Oh... Okay!" Prince said, frantic. He hung up and looked to me, "What's wrong?" I asked, noticing his state of panic. "Slasher... He's hiding from a gang... They want to gut him." He said, "I have to go." I said, immediately. "Are you crazy?! They'll gut you!" He cried, "I DON'T CARE! WILL IS NOT GOING TO DIE!" I screeched, "Give me some weaponry. I'm going in." I say. Prince groans and leads me to a room. It's full of weaponry, like this stuff is top class weaponry too. 

       He hands me multiple knives, two pistols, a shot gun, two belts of bullet holders, a crossbow, a bag full of arrows, smoke bombs, and night vision goggles. He tells me the directions and I nod in understanding "Alright kid. Go for it." He said, patting my back. I hugged him, then looked him dead in the eyes and said, "If I don't make it back, you make sure those little girls grow up right Prince. I know it's hard, but damnit I believe in you." I say, he tears up a little and nods. I nod to him, turn away from him, and walk out of the house. I make my way to the location, ending up at an old abandoned library. I searched for a long while - and I do mean a LONG while - before I spotted him near the bathrooms. I walk up to him and whisper, "Will?" He turns around rapidly, fear flooding his face. But he sees me and it fades, "Jacky? What are you doing here?" He asked, "I'm saving your ass." I say. "Jacky, I've seen you get your ass beat many times before, how do you think you can magically save me now?" He questioned, watch. I say pointing my crossbow at the bitch who was standing behind him and shooting the guy square in the head, Will turned around as the guy fell to the floor.... Dead.

      Will looked back to me in shock, "Okay... So you're more badass than I though... Let's go." Will said. 

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