The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


2. Jones

       Will and I didn't talk much, I was too nervous to try and spark conversation. I was getting my ass beat everyday though, I got used to it. But I was late to school today, so the halls were empty.... At least that's what I thought, suddenly I was pulled from behind. I fell back into the floor and got held down by two boys and another boy sat on me. I flinched as I saw him pull his hand back... But suddenly I felt him get pulled off of me. I looked up in shock, to see Will holding up the boy by the back of his shirt, "Bitch, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Will shouted at the boy, "I-I'm sorry Slasher!" The boy cried, fearful of Will. The two boys holding me down, shot up and ran. I sat up and looked at Will and the boy. "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO BEAT MY BOY - JACKY - UP!" Will screeched at the boy throwing him to the floor in front on me, "YOU BETTER WORSHIP THE GROUND HE WALKS ON, JONES! OR SO HELP ME GOD YOU WON'T SEE THE SUN AGAIN!" Will screamed, the boy nodded and turning to me bowing his head, "I'm so sorry, Jacky!" He cried, "Nah, you don't get to call him that! You will call him Master." Will said, the boy nodded and looked to me. "I-I'm  sorry M-Master." The boy said, I nodded and looked to Will terrified.

       "Alright Jones, get the fuck to class." Will said, picking the boy up and putting him down. The boy ran to class and I still looked at Will from the floor, "Jacky are you okay?" Will asked, helping me up. "Yea, I'm good." I say, "Alright good, I'm glad I got here in time." He said, "Fuck, me too." I say chuckling lightly under my breath. "Why was that kid so scared of you?" I asked, "I'm strong and I've beat some of these punk as bitches around here." He said. "O-oh." I said, slightly more fearful of him. "It's okay, I won't beat you Jacky.... You're alright." He said, smiling slightly... But it seemed to be more to himself than me. "Hey you wanna join me with my crew after school? We're gonna go to the skating rink. Maybe find some hotties." He offered, I smiled. I COUDL NOT pass this up. "Yea, sure... Sounds like fun!" I said, cheerfully. "Alright, we're meeting by the car lot - if I can't find you." He said, I smiled again and nodded, "Sounds good." I said.


      School dragged on, much like it always did. But this time it would be different, I knew for a fact it would... I was gonna make friends! With Will's crew... Yea. I headed out toward the car lot - since I didn't see Will anywhere. I found Will standing by 4 other guys, I smiled at him as I came over to them. They gave me a strange look, but Will still smiled at me. Soon I was in front of him, "Hey Will." I said, cheerfully. "Hey man, glad you found us!" He said, smiling, putting his arm over my shoulder and turning us to face the crew. "Let me introduce the guys." He said. He pointed to the one next to me - he was tall, skinny, an African American, plush lips, almost black eyes, and big afro. He had on a baggy Bob Marley hoody and jeans, he had tear drop tattoos, many elaborate ear piercings and one septum piercing. "You can all him Dope." Will said, the boy smiled at me, exposing his grill and bright smile. I smiled back to him. Then Will pointed to the boy next to Dope - he was a short, fat, African American. He had on a Dr.Dre t-shirt and black jeans, with chains hanging from them, snake bits, matching tear drop tattoos with Dope, and a sleeve of tattoos on his right arm, along with some sun glasses, flashy gold chains, fancy dimond earrings, and a fancy watch.

       "You can call him Shawty." Will said, "Hey." I said, nodding. "Sup." Shawty said, giving me a smile, exposing his grill - that matches Dope's. Then he pointed beside dope, there stood a white boy, about average height. He was skinny, with short black hair, cold green eyes, and an emotionless face. He wore a baggy grey tank-top, baggy jeans, and torn up black sneakers. He had his right ear pierced, it starts with four rings to the cartilage, then a diamond to the lobe. He had a septum piercing and tear drop tattoos like Dope and Shawty. But this guy also had neck tattoos and a sleeve tattoo! "You can call him Prince." Will said, I smiled, but this guy just nodded. Will just continued on, pointing to the last boy. He was a short African American boy, he was skinny, with long dread locks going down to his knees. The boy had plush lips and tear drop tattoos like everyone else. But he was the only one with gauges and an eyebrow piercings. He wore a baggy RapGod tank-top with black baggy jeans, chains around the waist, and spotless black shoes that looked expensive. He also had many chains around his neck, along with a grill and some missing teeth. "You can call him Puppy." Will said, smiling to me.

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