The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


1. Jacky

       I groan walking down these unfimiliar halls, 'I swear dad, that new job better be fucking worth it!' I thought to myself as these people stared at me like I was fucking disgusting! I smiled awkwardly, which made them snarl at me. I looked cute today too! I had on black shorts and a white shirt with Yoshi on it, I had on red sneakers too. My brown and blonde hair was straighten and lay in an emo-ish fashion. I had painted my nails black and green and I had on my gem skull locket, and my skull earrings and my rings in the cartilage. "Fag." I heard one mumble, I didn't dare say a word or even look at him. I just kept walking to class, I sat in the back right corner. The boy who sat next to me was cute, but he probably wasn't gay. He was an African American, but he wasn't dark and he wasn't too light either... Kinda like milk chocolate. He has dred locks that parted in the middle and came down to his shoulders. He was wearing a white Monster Energy shirt and baggy black jeans with some chains around his waist, I could see his whit boxers, he also had a silver chain around his neck and he had on white and grey Nike sneakers.

       He was skinny, yet muscular somehow. He had cartilage piercings like me, but his hoops were gold unlike my black ones and he had a huge diamond stud earring. Oh my god he is sooo cute! I think he saw me looking at him because he turned to me, I blushed and look down at my desk. Oh my god he probably thinks I'm such a fag! He didn't even say anything, but I could feel his eyes on me... Even though I had looked back at my desk. I saw the teacher leave to my horror, the whole class turned to me smirking. "LOOK AT THE NEW FAG! I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU SLASHER!" He shouted, I felt tears welling in my eyes as they threw things at me. I cried in pain as I felt a textbook hit the top of my head. I put my head on my desk and curled my arms around my head. I hear movement beside me but then the door opened and I heard the teacher shout, "Mr. Antono! Sit down!" I looked up and saw the boy beside me sit back down. I put my head back down and cried silently.


       I went home early because my father had made an appointment for me with the dentist. Then my father dropped me off at "home" and went back to work. I decided to check out the park and headed out on foot. I came upon the park and smiled, it looked like the old-timey ones from way back when. I went to the swings and began to swing, to my surprise it didn't squeak. I put my earbuds in and turned on my music, zoning out. I was numb until I came back to reality and my hands slipped from the swing, I flew off and face flanged in the distance. The mulch was harsh on my skin, my arms and legs got scratched up and I couldn't bring myself to stand - due to the pain. I felt myself being pulled up and I stood, I heard the person running off, I tried to look around for the person who helped me, but they had already ran out of sight.

       I sighed and looked at my scratched up arms, they were bleeding slightly, along with my legs.


       For days I was taunted and I'm so clumsy I trip over my own damn feet! But one day I was alone in the halls, because I was late. I tripped once more, over - you guessed it - my own damn feet. But I heard someone running over to me, the got so close until their feet were under my face, I flinched - expected to get the shit beaten out of me. But it never happened, still I didn't dare look up. The person kneeled down in front of me, "Hey, are you okay?" They asked, the voice was beautiful and made my heart melt. I looked up and saw him - the boy who sat next to me in every class. "Y-yeah... I'm fine." I said nervously, "I'm William... You can call me Will." He said smiling, God his smile is so fucking adorable! I smiled back, "Jackson, but you can call me Jacky." I say, "Cool, hey uh.... You need help?" He asked, "I'm g-good." I stuttered gathering my things and standing. He stood as well, "So uh... We should get to class." I say, "Yea." He said smiling, he walked to class beside me... We didn't talk much, but still... He made my heartbeat skip.

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