The new kid in high school, he's white and this school is in the hood. There are few white people and the ones that do live there are hood rats themselves, the new kid isn't sure he can survive... Until he seems to be confronted by his guardian angel. He will be forever thankful for it.


8. Escaping My Mind

       I killed almost all of them, Will killed one that thought I was a girl and was trying to strip me of my clothes. I had got injured, but paid it no mind. When they were all killed we ran back to Prince's house. I knocked on the door, he almost immediately answered, then he saw me, and hugged me. But then he pulled away and looked at me strange, but then with shock and urgency. "What?" I asked, "Y-your stomach." He said, I looked down and saw my shirt was getting soaked in blood from my stomach. "We need to get you to a hospital NOW!" Will screamed, Prince nodded and threw Will some keys. Will rushed me into Prince's car and we were off to the hospital. I could barely keep my eyes open, I as dizzy. It was very cold and I was losing myself to sleep. "STAY AWAKE JACKY!" He shouted, my eyes fluttered open and shut. Open and shut. "JACK, STAY AWAKE!" He screeched. My eyes closed for a longer period of time, but they snapped open when Will screeched, "JACKSON! STAY AWAKE!" Tears welled in my eyes, I swear the pain was unbelievable and I felt so close to death. I swear, I'm not going to survive. They got me in the hospital, I was immediately taken back. But as I was rolling away and Will's hand slipped from mine, my eyes fell shut.. It was cold and I was alone... Alone in the dark... And very... Very... Scared.

      Everything is dark and I'm running in every direction possible, but there's nothing... Just everlasting darkness, surrounding me and drowning out my cries for help.  I was suffocating, warm air filling my body, it felt like I was drowning on nothing. I tried to scream but nothing came out, I was mute and helpless. I look down to see my shirt being torn from me and nail marks being formed on me, blood dripping from them, I screamed in pain... Still once again, my screams were silence, tap grew over my mouth and tears rushed down my face. The blood flowed out and began to make a ocean, rising and rising. Soon I'd be drowning in my own blood and I ripped the tape off of my mouth, screaming. But this time my screams weren't silenced, "SAVE ME!" I screamed and I heard another voice scream to me, "HOLD ON!" It was Will, I looked around for him but I couldn't see him anywhere. The sea of blood still was rising and soon I was surrounded, I couldn't breath, I couldn't swim to the surface... Every time I tried the sea of blood rose further. I was doomed. I was so close to death and I gave up, I welcomed it to come to me with open arms. But then I looked up and saw the blood draining. Soon I could breathe again and the blood was gone.

      Yet the scars remained, to remind me that I survived. I ran around in this darkness helpless, afraid, and alone. Suddenly I saw Will, and I ran to him, we embraced and I cried into his shoulder. I pulled away and we smiled at each other, I held his head in my hands... And suddenly the dark was gone, everything was lovely, we were standing under a willow and the sun was shining so bright. Everything was alright again. I looked into his eyes, we shared a kiss and it was just perfect. I felt okay again, I pulled away and looked down... All my scratches were sewn back up. I looked back up to will and we smiled at each other again. We hadn't spoken a word. But then hid smile faded and I looked at him with confusion and I watched as tears formed in his eyes. The tears fell and time seemed to slow, I wiped each one away but they just kept falling. He looked into my eyes, his brown eyes turned dull and he whispered, "I love you." Then the wind blew and he flew away in the breeze, turning into flower peddles. I cried as I fell to the grass, I looked into the crystal clear pond, and it turned to blood. I stood up and stomped my foot into the pond and screamed in anger. I looked to the willow tree and it lit up in flames.

        I looked down at my scratches and watched the stitches get infected as maggots filled the wounds and I screamed out as I felt them eating my insides. I watched the flesh melt from my arms and I began coughing up blood. I looked up at the sky and the sun was falling from the sky, a fireball was descending onto me. I opened my arms wide and accepted it. Suddenly I was invaded in a ball of fire, it was warm. I looked around me, walls made of fire surrounded me. I touched it and screamed as it burned me. I heard Will's voice outside of my fiery prison. "HOW COULD YOU!? I LOVE YOU!" He screamed, "HOW COULD YOU JUST GIVE UP ON ME!?" He screamed, I could hear his voice cracking up and I was sure he was crying. I banged my fists on the fiery wall and tears ran down my face, "DON'T YOU GIVE UP ON ME!" He screamed at me. I dug my nails into the fiery walls and the pain flowed through me, but I didn't give up. I gave the fiery wall hell and I tore it apart, I ran out of my prison cell and saw the light. I ran to it, it seemed so close but it was so far away. I ran and ran, my legs got tired and I tripped over something hard. I fell on my face and I looked up, blood running from my nose and my wrist was sprained. I stood up again and continued running, but then I saw a wall in front of me. I tried kicking it, scratching it, punching it, everything. I was getting weak and I was losing hope.

      I was so enraged, I came this far and it was going to tell me I failed. I stamped me foot, tears running down my face as I screamed at the wall. I screamed at the top of my lungs and I looked to see the wall fall apart, like I just fired a torpedo at it. I looked down and the stitches had fallen out, maggots spilling out from my stomach. But I knew this was the right path.

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