beanies anapbacks and bandanas'

I'm called Chloe I'm a youtuber I do covers of songs I live Arizona tea my parents died when I was 6 we moved from England to la I started youtubing I bought a laptop with a web cam I love he's gear and skate boarding I play guitar and drums


1. chapter one

" cos I'm not fine at all" I sang as I finished my cover of amnesia I'm 8 people say I have an amazing voice for an 8 year old. "SHUT UP YOU FREAK!" Samantha one of the barbie dolls yelled.I went down stairs and I grabbed a can of Arizona tea " don't drink to much we have people comming over later" Cristian the owner of the orphanage said "okay" I said as i ran up satairs " you evil peasant!" I yelled as Samantha poured my Arizona can all over my laptop as my video was uploading. She ran down stairs I ran after her she I going to be missing her head after this.


jc pov

​so I whent to the orphanage with the rest of o2l because I wanted a daughter and They wanted to come as I walked in I saw a man talking to a girl drinking Arizona tea she ran upstairs " hey christian were here" I said "I WILL KILL YOU " I heard a girl scream" not a again kian when you see a girl wearing a beanie and a blue t shirt grab her and pull her over your shoulder and have a good grip on her please?" " ok why " kian responded " you'll see " he replied. 2 girls came running down stairs a 14 year old girl in a dress running down she ran past us and kian grabbed the one wearing a beanie and blue shirt and she looked so mad and she squirmed on kians back it was so cute.



kians pov damn this girl is strong. " what's up?" I ask her still on my shoulder " that peasant just drenched my laptop now I cant upload this weeks video mt subscriber will be so mad I'm going to kill her hang her and get her drawn and quarters" she was going to expliad

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