My friend asked me to write the back stories for her characters because she's having trouble, so she gave the basic idea. She hopes you find them interesting and I hope that you like what I write~


3. Zathe Arryn III

Okay, I'm back.


He sighed. 

"Stay clam. As long as you're with me, there's nothing to be scared of."

I could tell I was blushing as I nodded. 

"Just... Don't drop your phone again..." I attempted to joke.

"Heh... I won't." He said with a grin as he took me down the steps.

I tried to follow, but let out a small scream of pain as my ankle gave out. I had a feeling I was beginning to be a bother when he sighed and picked me up. I just blushed harder than I had been and wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging. I noticed him blushing when he started to walk down. 

"I-I can walk." I stammered.

"Yeah, bullshit. You can't walk." He mumbled.

"I can! I can handle pain you know!"

"Says the one who tried to walk and screamed."

"It startled me!"

He stopped abruptly.

"I'm carrying you. Do you really want to argue with me?" He asked.

"But... I have to be hard to carry... I mean... I'm not very light..." I muttered.

"I don't particularly care if you're heavy."

"Wouldn't your arms get tired?"

"Well, I mean... Yeah, but..." He shrugged and paused. "Stop... Fucking changing the subject. I'm carrying you."

I blushed, my arms slowly slipping away from his neck, grabbing onto his jacket as I leaned on him, my hair in my face as I smiled slightly.


Now Chris needs me. Be back some other time~

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