My friend asked me to write the back stories for her characters because she's having trouble, so she gave the basic idea. She hopes you find them interesting and I hope that you like what I write~


2. Zathe Arryn II

Where did I leave off? Oh, right.


He shrugged.

"So. Who're you?" He grinned as he spoke, leaning down so we were face to face.

I leaned away, blushing.

"Zathe." I said

"Ah, well. I'm Chris. Pleasure to meet you." He said, grinning.

I thought he was some bipolar weirdo at the time, just saying.

"Yeah... Like wise I guess..." I mumbled.

"So... Why are you so grumpy?" He asked with a small chuckle.

He at that point was bugging me, but I didn't know why I didn't want him to go away.

"You don't need to know. I don't even know you." I grumbled, folding my arms.

"Meh, whatever. Didn't entirely wanna know anyway~" He just smiled and sat down by the water.

"Then why'd you ask?"

"I don't fucking know. Do I need a reason for everything I do...?"

I just rolled my eyes and took my shoes off, walking into the water. I watched him pause and look at me.


"What?" I asked.

"What... Are you doing?"

"Standing in the water..."

"W... Why?"

"Because I want to. Besides, my toe's bleeding. The water helps."


He sighed and stood back up, as he closed his dual coloured eyes. 

"See... I'd go in the water. But I can't swim. So. Nope." He mumbled.

"Who said anything about swimming? I'm just standing here..." I said.

He frowned.

"Look, I just don't... Enjoy the water." He growled.

And yes, he was being defensive. He was terrified of the water for a long time. We spent awhile there. I was splashing him and making him mad. I at one point pushed him into the water and he got upset because his headphones were in his jacket. Soon enough, he got out of the water and yawned.

"Well, I think I'll be off now. Nice meeting you, Zathe~" He grinned, beginning to walk away. 

"Wait... Chris...?" I asked, disappointed.

"What is it?" 

"Will I see you again?"

"Maybe. Maybe not."

I was blushing and disappointed as I walked away from him once we said our goodbyes. It was actually two days before I bumped into him again. But I also found out his secret. I had been walking down the road with my earbuds in when I bumped into someone, but you probably already know it was him. I just looked to see who I bumped into and Mr. Grumpy was frowning.


"Oh... Hey..." I mumbled


I just looked down again.

"So... Well... Uh... Hello, Zathe..." He mumbled.

"Hi." I grumbled.

"So... Long time no see...

"It's been like... What? Two days?"

"Yeah, that was sarcasm."

I just frowned and brushed my hair away from my eye. Something I forgot to mention, I was born with what everyone thought was a burn scar on the right side of my face, so my hair stayed on that side.

"So... How've you been?" He sighed.

"Fine... You?" I asked.

"Mmm... Fine."

I looked back up at him with a sigh.

"So..." He mumbled awkwardly.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well... I was actually heading to the store to get food for my pa- I mean family."


I had frowned, but I couldn't help staring at him and blushing. There was just something about him I liked.

"Sorry for walking into you." He said, frowning.

"It's fine." I mumbled, looking down again.


"I kinda envy you."


"You can buy things..."

"Not really... I don't entirely have a job. Do I look like I have a job? I'm wearing the same clothes that I was last time I saw you."

"Yeah... But..."


"Never mind, don't mind me."

I had tried to smile, but I ended up just sighing. He has sighed and yawned when I noticed his canine teeth were sharper than normal teeth.

"Whoa." I said, my eyes wide.

"Huh? What?" He mumbled, looking at me.

"You have sharp teeth."

He kinda paused and looked at his phone almost instantly. 

"Oh... Sorry. I um... I gotta go." He stammered.

"Oh... Okay..." I said quietly as I frowned and looked down.

"I'm... R-Really sorry." 

"For what?" 

"I just... I gotta go."

He had run off and dropped his phone, so I picked up and tried to call after him. Either he was ignoring me or couldn't hear me. I just watched him run into an alleyway. I figured if I had his phone, I'd see him again. I started to walk into the alleyway, staring at his phone. 

"Chris, you dropped your phone." I said, just loud enough for him to hear.

I saw movement and heard a crash. When I looked up, I almost dropped the phone. I was terrified. I stared at this wolf that stared back with wide eyes. I felt panic run through me and I ran away from it as fast as I could. I didn't have time to think what happened to Chris or anything. I just knew I was scared. 


When I turned my head and saw him, I slowed down. He soon caught up, looking a bit out of breath.

"Whoa, calm down... Fuck..." He mumbled.

I could feel my heart pounding it utter fear, not knowing where the wolf was now. He just grabbed my hand with a frown.

"I gotta take you somewhere. Come with me." He said, his eyes narrowed.

I had started to blush like a mad man when he grabbed my hand.

"Just come on." He said, frowning as he started to walk down the alleyway again.

"C-Chris, where are you taking me?" I asked, still a bit shaky.

"Quiet. Come on, hurry up!"

He had to pick me up and it only ended up making me blush more. He had gotten me over a wall and I was terrified of heights, so I ended up clinging to him. He put me down near the entrance to an 'abandoned' subway. 

"You can't tell anyone about me being a wolf. You can't fucking tell anyone." He growled, frowning.

I ended up giving a scream before I put my hands over my mouth. 

"T-That w-was y-you?!" I cried, backing up as my eyes widened.

I was indeed terrified. He sighed, but then paused.

"Wait... Shit, you didn't know it was me?!" He yelped.

I kept backing up until I suddenly tripped over something and fell back. I was crying at this point, out of fear. He frowned, but sighed softly.

"Look... Please... Please calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered as he walked over and crouched beside me.

I was breathing heavily when he did this and my eyes were wide with fear. I tried to get up and run, but I had hurt my ankle and just fell to the ground. He had pinned me down with a frown and I tried to break free as I blushed pretty hard.

"Can you just... Fucking let me explain!" He hissed

I stared at him, looking probably terrified. He just sighed.

"Look... I know you're probably scared of me... Everyone is... But please, can you calm down enough so I can e-explain?"

I stopped struggling and tried to stop crying, but I could only quiet myself.

"Now. If I get off of you, will you not run?" He asked

I gave a small nod as I gulped, pretty scared.

She gulped and closed her eyes, a bit scared.

"Look... I was... Contaminated maybe a week ago. I assume you know what that means." He mumbled.

I nodded and sat back up, shaking still. (Quick disclaimer. My friend reads little comics of Deviantart and if I find out who makes the comics, I'll let you know. The Arkanns from from these comics and were not our own things.) In case you didn't know, there was a virus only wild dogs such as wolves and other Arkanns as we called them. Arkanns are what some people call werewolves, but they aren't. They are humans who are given the virus and for the first little while, their bodies try to fight it and most of the time do not win against it. After that, they can turn to a wolf that is the same colour as their natural hair colour and don't change during full moons. It is painful for the first while when your body is forced to become like this, but it's fine once you control it. Sometimes for awhile you might become aggressive as human or wolf. People who are born like this may enjoy being wolf more than human. The physical human features only really change with sharper teeth, longer nails if you don't cut them, and the odd time with an ear and tail problem. Humans often want to kill Arkanns and do not accept them into their daily lives, so the moment someone sees a sign of someone else being one, they're taken to a lab. Which is a place I don't want to be again. Anyway, continuing on with the story.

"I know you're... Scared of me, but I promise I won't hurt you..." He mumbled.

I gulped and stared him in the eyes, shaking. He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder.

"You can trust me. Look... I know we basically just met... But you can trust me." He said.

I took a deep breath, finally able to speak.

"Why should I trust you? What are you? Who are you? Why haven't you just killed me so you know I won't tell anyone?" I asked in a hurry, still panicking and internally cursing my horror movie trained brain.

I felt bad when he looked down... And... I'm an Arkann... I'm still Chris Wren... I thought already knew my name." He mumbled softly.

"I trust you won't tell anyone

"S-Sorry..." I mumbled, looking down. "I-I..."

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"It's okay if you don't trust me... Really, it is..." He said.

"I-It's just... I'm..." I didn't know how to finish.

"Well... Um..." 

He just flopped back into the dirt.

"I trust you..." I said quietly.

"I-I don't know why, but... I just feel like I can trust you..." I said, looking down. 

He smiled slightly and stood up, holding out his hand for me to take. I blushed as I took his hand and he pulled me up with a smile.

"Now... If I ever seem angry, get the fuck away for okay? For your safety." He said.

I was quiet, not sure what to say. He sighed and took my hand gently. 

"Now... Can I take you where we were going? I promise they'll all be human." He said.

"B-But..." I didn't know what to say still as I stared at our hands and blushing.


"N-Nothing... Just... As long as they aren't..."

"They're Arkanns, sadly... But they shouldn't be wolves right now."

I just looked at him and gulped, still pretty scared.


I'm sorry I have to stop again. Alice and Yukka need help with their homework. I'll come back after I make everyone lunch.

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