Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


9. Chapter 9

Carys' POV

I'm slammed against the wall and I crash to the floor, I'm bruised and beaten and he made the pain ten times worse. Jana pushes Alric away from me.

"LEAVE HER, SHE DID IT FOR US, SO WE COULD SAVE THEM." She screams at him and Rhydian, and begins crying.

"IF IT WASN'T FOR HER NONE OF US WOULD NEED SAVING, EVERYTHING WENT WRONG WHEN SHE GOT HERE." Rhydian shouts back to her. She ignores him and helps back onto my feet.

"I hate to break up your family drama, but you all have cells to get back to." Kincaid has his signature smirk on.

"Don't put them back with the pack, they'll kill them, I know you don't want them dead. You just want them to be human." Jana says as she takes my hand. "And help the cubs. We'll co-operate if you will."

"Jana?" Emma questions her.

"We came here to save them, if we fight this they'll die, and so will we."

"She's smart, you should listen to her. The serum I used on the Wild Pack will wear off, it was easier to get them here without all of their... feelings getting in the way." He walks and the guards push us along again, I wince, still in pain.

"You're going to try make us human again aren't you?"

"I'm not going to try. I know what I'm doing. In there, all of you." The guards us push into another room, this time it's bigger. "Get them food and water." He says to a guard and they lock us in again. This room has beds in it, enough for all of us. Rhydian and Daniel lay the cubs down. I notice something strange.

"Jana, there's 9 beds." I say, sitting down on one of them.

"So?" She sits next to Gwyn, dabbing the sweat off of her head with her sleeve.

"How did he know how many to get? How did he know that me and dad would be here?" I look over to Dad who is sat on the floor in the corner, he's crying. "Dad?" Jana and I walk over to him, I crouch down at his side. "What's going on?"

"Alex, he was my brother, my foster brother." I stand up, backing away from him. He lied to me.

"You said you grew up in the wild? You were tame?"

"I ran away from home, when I was 12, because of him." I can see he's guilty of something.

"You were the one who attacked him." Rhydian joins the conversation. "He told me about you, he said you were out of control, you almost tore his leg off."

"Dad?" For the first time in my life, I fear my father. I fear a man who I suddenly feel like I don't even know any more.

"I'm sorry Carys. I was out of control, I ran to the wild, found the pack. They took me in. They helped me learn how to control myself, my anger lay with the fact that my parents thought I was a burden. They never wanted me. They brought a human into our house. I left because they didn't know what to do with me, I made it easy for them." My heart breaks for him, but I'm still filled with anger over the fact he lied about his life for so long. He filled my head with fairy tales about the wild.

"How did he know we were coming?" He couldn't look at me. "Answer me." I feel no sorrow now, only anguish.

"It was him. He's been following us for years."

"What was him? Tell me the truth." I fold my arms.

"He was the hunter." Alex Kincaid took my mother away from me. My heart sinks into my stomach. I feel so much sorrow, but it's overpowered by anger. The only thing I can think to do is crash through the door locking us in this prison. I run straight at it, I ignore the pain I was in. I wolf out. I run through the corridors, sniffing him out. I find him standing in a lab. He sees me and backs right to the corner. I invision myself ripping him to shreds. I return to human form. I want him to fear me like this too.

"You killed my mother." Jana runs up behind me.

"Carys don't do anything you'll regret." I don't look at her. I step closer to him.

"I want you to suffer like she did, if you had anyone who loved you I want them to suffer like me and my dad did." I take another step. He stays pressed against the wall.

"Carys, you're not like him. You're not a murderer."

"I think I'd be doing everyone a service." I breath heavily, my face heats up, my fists clench.

"Not everyone, not yourself, you won't be able to live with what you're about to do. You don't have to do this. We can fix this. Let us go, Kincaid."

"I've dedicated my life finding the cure for you. I'm not stopping now." He pulls a gun out of his pocket. My courage fades quickly and I back into Jana's arms. "Not so scary now, are you?" He steps close to me. "The problem you have, all of you Wolfbloods, is that you think your better, stronger than everyone else. Too brave."

"Alex, put it down." A woman appears behind us, she has a gun pointed at him. He keeps his pointed at me.

"Oh great, Victoria Sweeney, come to save the day. When did you start caring about other people?" Kincaid is drunk on power. I smell my dad coming, he's in wolf form.

"Dad don't!" He runs in and leaps up to Kincaid. But his body is flung back right to my feet when the trigger is pulled, my dads body lies in front of me in wolf form. Sweeney shoots Alex and he falls to his knees. I look down at my father, too scared of what his fate is to move. Sweeney walks over to him. Two other women come in with Tom and Shannon. Shannon shrieks and buries her face in Tom's chest who stares blankly at my wounded father.

"Rebecca do something!" Shannon yells. I can't bring myself to say anything I just stare down at him, my eyes full with tears. Jana holds my hand. One of the women checks his pulse. My chest hurts, my breathing speeds up.

"The bullet hit him right in the heart. I'm so sorry, he's gone." She says. I drop down beside him and scream out. He's gone, he's gone, he's gone. I'm on my own. My worst fear has come true. I scream at the top of my lungs and everyone comes in. I hear some of them crying.

"Why now? You can't go now. Come back. Come back. COME BACK." I scoop him up in my arms. I cradle him, rocking back and forth. I pray that this is all a horrible nightmare. After 10 minutes of screaming and crying. I stand up. "I want to give him a proper burial. His spirit needs to be put to rest." I wipe my tears away. Jana comes to my side.

"He has the Rite of Friaguard like any Wolfblood. We'll take him back to Stoneybridge." She says clutching my hand. Aran and Alric walk over and pick up his body. I walk behind my fathers body. I can hear Jana talking to Tom and Shannon.

"Rebecca has managed to reverse engineer the serum, she can give it to the wild pack and they will revert to back to normal." Shannon says. She hands her a serum pen. We wait outside while some of them go back in to retrieve the wild pack. It's my fault he's dead. If I had just killed Alex straight away my dad would still be here. Jana and the others come outside with the wild pack. They're tired an injured. I get into Rebecca Whitewood's car with my dad, Jana and Tom and Shannon. The others decide to run back to the Moors. The car ride is long, painful and silent. My father's head is rested on my lap, the wound on his neck is deep and bloody, the blood seeps out on to his once soft, shiny fur. It takes about 4 hours to get back. Everyone is there already. I can see the wild pack don't like me already, and they definitely don't like my father. But they're here to pay respect anyway. We get out of the car and Aran and Alric take his body again. They have already dug a grave. They put his bloody body inside it.

"Carys, I am Ceri, Rhydian's mother, this is Gerwyn, his father. I apologize on behalf of myself and the pack for what we did to him." She is kind, but I can still sense she's not a fan of my father and I. My father hurt her and I understand that, but I'm glad she's taking the high road. She hands me a bundle of sage. In a way I am grateful that he isn't having a human funeral, like my mother had to. She had it because she had so many humans who loved her and they deserved to say a proper goodbye to her too. We scattered her ashes in the river where we used to play. Ceri, Jana, and a few others in the wild pack begin reciting something in Welsh as I lay the sage around his grave. I stand up and I join hands with Jana and Rhydian, everyone joins hands around him. They keep reciting and I keep crying.

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