Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


8. Chapter 8

Jana's POV

I wake up to the sunrise, the light shines through the sheer curtains. Carys isn't at my side, I walk out to the living room where Rhydian is asleep. Maddy and her parents are at the kitchen table, Tom and Shannon are there too.

"Where's Carys?" I say.

"She's not back yet? I thought she'd be with you." Rhydian wakes up, rubbing his eyes. Everyone stares at him.

"Back from where Rhydian?"I approach him as he stands up. He just stares at me with a guilty look in his eye.

"Rhydian?" Maddy comes over to us, crossing her arms.

"We went into the forest last night, to the camp to meet Alric and Aran." Maddy swats him. "Ow, I'm sorry it was stupid I know."

"So where is she? Why didn't she come back with you?" I think about her being all alone in the woods, she could be hurt, or worse.

"She could smell something, she followed it. We found this." He pulls a serum pen out of his pocket.

"Why didn't you tell us last night? She could be anywhere Rhydian." Maddy says, I'm glad she cares about her now.

"She's not our problem Mads, she's making a mess of this whole situation!"

"If that happened to your dad-" I say.

"It did happen to my dad, and my mum, and your pack." He comes up close to me, pointing his finger in my face.

"Rhydian stop." Shannon pulls him away from me.

He takes a breath. "I'm sorry Jana. I don't have anything against her, but I need to put my pack first."

"You sound like my father, what happened to the Rhydian who cared about everyone? We are your pack, you left remember, when you're on my territory, you go by my rules. Carys and her dad our part of our pack now, that includes the wild ones out there, the ones Kincaid got to. I'm putting everyone first. We've got two weeks until the next full moon, the pack are safe until then. You said the serum that they used will wear off. We have time Rhydian. I'm the Alpha here, we're all going out there, we're going to find her, or the pack, or whoever we can. We're going to get my dad and Aran first." No one argues with me, everyone grabs their coats and we leave together. I walk with Shannon ahead of everyone else.

"We're going to find her, she's gonna be okay." She says to me, she links her arm through mine. We get to the camp and I walk straight over to my father.

"You let her go out there, on her own. You know how dangerous it is out here for us." I know he's ashamed, it's written all over his face. I turn to Aran. "And you, you didn't stop her either."

"My loyalty is with my pack."

"She is your pack, we all are." I walk and everyone follows me. "Rhydian, which way did she go?" He's about to tell me when I see Geraint in the distance. "Stop, he's back." We all stand in fear of this changed man.

"His eyes aren't yellow, he's fine." Maddy says. He comes face to face with us.


"Jana, everyone, I'm sorry about yesterday, the Morwal took over me. Where's Carys? I need to apologize." It was the Morwal, it must have hit him hard.

"The Morwal? You mean they didn't give you the serum?" Rhydian says.

"Serum? What serum? I was hurting because of the way the pack treated me."

"They treated you like that with good reason." Dad yells at Geraint. His and Aran's eyes have changed, they're angry. Geraint looks at them, like he's prepared to run.

"Dad, leave it. There's bigger things going on." Geraint just stares at me. "Carys is missing, so are the pack. That wasn't them, they didn't do this to you. They've been taken over, sort of like the Morwal but worse, a lot worse. You need to get back to the house, you're still not well."

"I'm not going back, not if my daughter is out there. Can you smell that?"

"Fine, you can come, but only because you can help us find them."

"Where did she go?" We walk.

"She was following a scent." Rhydian says walking with us.

"Well, let's follow it too." He sniffs, walking ahead.

"I can't smell anything." I say, I look at Rhydian, Maddy and her parents. They don't seem to be able to either.

"You won't be able to, it's too far."

"Why can you smell it and we can't?" I catch up to him.

"It's something only some Wolfbloods have, it's called Arogl Arbennig. It's a power, like Ansion or Eolas, some can do it some can't. It's an even more enhanced sense of smell. Come on, this way." We all follow him. "We need to run."

"You said it's coming from far away, Tom and Shannon won't be able to run as far as we can." Maddy says.

"We'll go back to the house, we'll wait for Sweeney and the others. Give us the serum, we'll call and let you know what Rebecca makes of it." I toss Tom the serum and we head off in different directions. We run for so long that we have to take a break, we sit by a river.

"It's almost 2, we've been out for 4 hours, how much further is it?" Emma asks Geraint.

"It's definitely getting stronger, you can't smell it yet?" We all shake our heads. "Come on, let's get going, I'm not leaving her." We follow him deeper in to the forest. Rhydian walks up next to me.

"I'm sorry, for what I said about Carys. I didn't really mean it, I'm just frustrated. I just want everyone to be safe."

"It's okay, that's what we all want. We're making good progress though, if we hadn't have bumped into Geraint, we could be going in the wrong direction. Have you ever heard of Arogl Arbennig?" I ask.

"I think mum told me about it once, I assumed it was just another Wolfblood myth." He pauses for a second. "You really like her don't you?"

"I've never felt this way about anyone. I'd do anything for her. Anyway, have you heard from Tom and Shannon?" I change the subject, I feel weird talking to Rhydian about her.

"Tom texted about an hour ago saying that they've arrived and Whitewood's gonna examine the serum to see what it can do, check for side effects, stuff like that. Maybe she can reverse it's effect." I nod and we keep walking. We change between walking running for a while, then I smell something, we all look each other and run as fast as we can, it takes about 15 minutes to get there. It's a gigantic concrete building in the middle of the woods. We walk around it until we find a big glass door.

"I can smell Kincaid." Rhydian says.

"Alex Kincaid?" Geraint says.

"You know him?" I ask, how could he know Kincaid? He ignores me. Rhydian and dad give eachother a look. They back away from the door and then run right through it, smashing the glass. An ear-piercing siren starts. We all clutch our heads in agony, falling to the ground. I can't hear anything else, but I see Rhydian's mouth move to say 'come on'. We all stumble to our feet and follow him inside. We stagger down dark hallways. The alarm stops, my ears are ringing.

"Hello again." We turn around and Alex Kincaid and two security guards are standing there. We all back away, only to be grabbed by more security guards.

"Geraint, long time no see." Geraint just growls, the guard pulls him further back and he stops.

"You have to stop this." I say, trying to stay calm. He just ignores me and walks over the others.

"Put this lot in with the wild ones, put the cubs in with the Gwyn and Cadwyr." The guards begin to drag us away. Maddy and Rhydian growl.

"We're not cubs." Rhydian says. He's ignored.

"Not her." Kincaid points to me with an evil smirk on his face. I growl at him, the others join in. He nods at the guard holding me back, he kicks the back of my legs so I fall, I cry out in pain. He stays holding my arms behind my back. "Take them." They drag everyone away. Leaving me on my knees with the other guards and Kincaid.

"Why are you splitting us up? What's your ridiculous plan this time?"

"Someone's been asking for you." I pull myself up to my feet.

"You have Carys, I knew I could smell her." He turns around and starts walking, the guard holding me pushes me violently. We reach a door. One of the guards opens the door and the one holding me shows me what's inside. There's loads of chairs, Carys is lying on the ground, curled up in a ball.


"I'm not the monster, child, you are." He laughs and the guard kicks me down and throws me in the room, locking the door behind me. I crawl to her side. She has tears in her eyes, but her face is blank, she has a cut on her cheek bone and loads on her arms. She's covered in blood and bruises. The moon should have healed her, but it hasn't "What happened?" She doesn't say anything, she just cries and shakes. I pull her hand out from under her waist. "Come on, sit up." I help her sit up on a chair. I put her feet up on another one. I'm still wearing my uniform from yesterday, I take off my tie and wrap around a deep slit in her arm, tying it tight. I brush her hair out of her face and wipe her tears with my sleeve. "Talk to me."

"Th-they tried t-to get me to t-tell them where you all- w-were." She's in pain just from talking.


"He had a b-belt. Everytime I d-didn't answer him. He hit me. He g-gave me s-serum that stops the m-moon from healing m-me." My eyes well up, but I have to be strong for her.

"You didn't have to do that for us. Your dad is here, it wasn't the serum, it was the Morwal. He's got us all." Her eyes widen in shock.

"He- He's here, where did he take him? Are the oth-others here?" She squeezes my hands.

"He's with the pack I think, with Dad, Aran, Emma and Daniel, Maddy and Rhydian are with the cubs from the pack, Tom and Shannon are at the house with Sweeney, Whitewood and Dacia, they'll find us I promise." She's still panicky.

"The pack." She takes a breath. "The pack will hurt him, they're crazy. Kincaid showed me s-security f-footage, to get me talking, they were beginning to turn on each other." I stand up and pace. There's always a way out, there has to be. It comes to me. I walk to the door and crouch down, I pull a clip out of my hair and jiggle it around in the lock. "That won't work Jana." It worked. I go and help her to her feet she's shaky and unsteady. We slowly open the door and check that no one is guarding the door.

"It's clear, let's go, show me where they are." We walk out into the hall and she limps, taking me round corners, down hallways until we reach a staircase going down stairs. We go down to find a door, it's locked. I use my hair pin again. I swing the door open to find the whole pack cornering Geraint. Dad and Aran are trying to get them to stop. Emma and Daniel are on the other side of the room. They see us and run out of the door and stand behind us. The pack notices and turn on us.

"Dad!" Geraint slips past them and manages to get to us before the pack. They slowly approach, growling, barking and howling viciously, I see Ceri, Gerwyn, and everyone I love. They're not themselves. I slam the door shut and lock it again. We all run back up the stairs.

"We can come back for them, when the serum's worn off, he's gonna try to make them all human again, we have until the full moon in 2 weeks." I'm about to break but I brought us all here, I'm the one who got us in to this and I'm getting us out. "Where are the cubs and Maddy and Rhydian?" I ask Carys. She leads us further down the hall to another door, I pick it open again and the room is the same as the one Carys and I were in. Maddy and Rhydian are crouched down over Gwyn and Cadwyr, they're unwell. We all rush over to them.

"They need water and food, they said Kincaid gave them something and they've been getting sicker." Maddy is panicking. Daniel and Rhydian pick them up and carry them out.

"Where can we go? We can't leave the pack here." Aran says.

"You won't be leaving them, because you're not going anywhere." Kincaid and his men.

"You can have me, let the cubs and the pack go. You're killing them!" Carys shouts at him.

"You did this, you gave me no choice." I see her face change.

"Carys, what does he mean?" Rhydian asks her. "This is all because of you?"

"He tortured me but not just physically, he hurt them, because I wouldn't say where you were, he knew they would turn on eachother. He's been poisoning the cubs." She takes my hand, she's shaking.

"You hurt them! This is your fault!" Rhydian shouts.

"You idiot, the pack, the cubs, they suffered because of you!" Dad walks right up to her and pushes her against the wall, she falls to the ground and screams out in agony

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