Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


7. Chapter 7

Carys' POV

I don't know what I'm feeling. I thought things were finally going well here, it's only been 2 days. How could things get this screwed up? I sit with dad, holding his hand and talking to him.

"Dad, I don't know if you can hear me, but you need to wake up, I need you. And I know that's completley selfish but it's true. I can't lose you, not after mum. Please wake up and get better for me? Please?" He remains silent and still, there's more colour in him, but he still looks ill. I kiss his hand and go to my room. Jana is curled up in a ball on the bed, in tears. I walk over to her and hold her tight.

"We're gonna be okay, we'll find your pack, you said yourself you've defeated him before and you can again." She just sobs. "I'm here now." She turns to face me. I wipe her tears away.

"How's your dad doing?" She asks.

"He's the same, there's more colour in his face but he still looks awful." We sit up. "At least we know he'll be okay. If the serum had got to him I don't know what I'd do." At that moment I hear a crash. We run out into the living room and my dad has woken up and wolfed out. Emma and Daniel run upstairs and growl at him. He turns to face them and they lose their wolf and back away like cubs, terrified. I look over to Maddy and Rhydian who are cowaring in the corner. I walk over slowly.

"Carys don't!" Rhydian says.

"Dad?" It's like he doesn't recognise me. "It's me." He growls louder and harsher. Jana pulls me back. He howls. "DAD?" He runs out of the garden door and off into the distance. I tried to run after him but Jana held me back. He disappears from my view without even looking back. I give up fighting my way out of Jana's hold, instead I turn to hug her. I've run out of tears now. "That wasn't the Morwal, he's never been that bad."

"He got to him." Emma says to Daniel.

"I'm gonna kill Kincaid." I say.

"We can't just let him run wild, he's going to tear the town apart." Daniel says looking out the window.

"If we go after him he'll just attack us. There's not much we can do." Emma says.

"We can't just leave him, he'll get hurt out there. He's not himself someone will hunt him down." I say, pulling away from Jana.

"Carys, she's right, we can risk any of us getting hurt out there, not with Kincaid after us." I can tell Jana hates the brutal truth, but as much as I hate it too, I know it's the truth. I sit down on the sofa, Maddy and Rhydian still stand fearful in the corner. I know there is nothing we can do right now, but I can't help but rack my brain for solutions. Jana goes back into my room, shutting the door behind her. Emma, Daniel and Maddy go down to the cellar and Rhydian begins to follow them.

"I could see how scared you were." He stops. "That's what happened to Maddy. How did you get her back?" He came to sit next to me.

"It wore off after a few weeks. She was in a separate cage to me, we all were." He was still scared.

"Weeks? We don't have that long."

"I'm as scared and as worried as you are." He puts his hand over me and I look him in the eye.

"What are we gonna do?"

"I'm going after my parents, I'm going to find them, and the rest of pack pack." The fear is still in his eyes, but there is also courage.

"I'm coming with you, night fall." He doesn't argue, smart boy. I go to my bedroom door and knock. I can hear Jana crying again. I go in slowly, she sits up.

"I'm fighting the Morwal off, I'm not going through it again." I sit at her side and kiss her forehead.

"Me too, we can stay strong."

"I'm worried about my dad and Aran. What if he's gotten to them too? Their strong, but so were the rest of the pack and they got to them." I have no answer, her worry is completely valid. I just look in her eyes and hope she sees that I have nothing to say. "I want to run."

"Jana, you know we can't." We lie down hand in hand and we fall asleep.

I wake to Rhydian standing over me, it's dark out.

"Come on, let's go." He whispers. I gently slide my hand out from under Jana's. I grab my coat and we sneak out of the house together.

We decide it's best to walk rather than run, to be as quiet as possible.

"Everyone's saying we can't just go and find my dad, and in a way I get that. But no one seems to be trying to think of a way to stop Kincaid."

"We all want to stop him, but they're scared." He says, trying to reason with me.

"Are you scared?"

"Well yeah, he's mental, aren't you scared?"

"Of a human? Definitely not." I walk ahead of him, but he catches up.

"A human with all the abilities we have when we're in human form, he's got people working for him and so many ways to catch us, hurt us, change us. You're telling me you're not scared of that?" I turn to face him, stopping him in his tracks.

"I'll tell you what I'm scared of, losing my dad and Jana, I'm not letting some psycho man take anyone else away from me. My mums dead Rhydian, because of humans. I'm not saying all humans are bad, but they're scared of us, far more than we are of them. But we can't let fear rule us."

"Kincaid won't let fear rule him either."

"When he's faced with me, he won't have a choice." I walk off into the dark, towards the camp. I can practically hear the frustration in Rhydian's walk. I can just picture him rolling his eyes at me.

Once we get there we see Aran and Alric sat together, they see us coming.

"Have you found anything that could help us?" Rhydian asks.

"Not yet." Alric says. They continue talking together but I sniff around, a little bit further out of the space of the camp. I see something small and silver, covered in mud. I reach into the bushes to retrieve it. It's pen shaped, with some kind of liquid in it. It looks like a sonic screwdriver There's a small button on the side, I don't dare to press it.

"Rhydian, come look at this." He runs over and crouches beside me. "What is it?" He grabs it from me and stands up.

"This is Kincaid's, one of his idiots must have dropped it." He examines it closely.

"What? It's one of the serum things? Do you know which one? What does it do?"

"I don't know, we should take it back, Whitewood can tell us what it is when she get's here tomorrow." He begins to turn back home, but I stop him.

"I'm not waiting until tomorrow." I sniff around more, I can smell the same scent as the one that brought me to the serum. I follow it.

"Carys, come on we need to tell the others." I ignore him and follow it further.

"Can't you smell that?"

"Smell what?" It's gets stronger, I run after it. Rhydian doesn't follow me, neither do Alric or Aran. I'm all alone in the woods, following the scent like my life depends on it, it does. I think about my mother.

When dad was away once, we went up to the mountains just to run. We didn't tell him, we liked having secrets. We ran until our legs were like jelly and our hearts were pounding. Then we sat at the highest peak and looked out over the countryside. She had her favourite orange top on, she said she liked it because it reminded her of when she met dad. She told about meeting him on the mountains at sunset when she ran away from home once.

I remember thinking that was the day I truly knew what it means to be a Wolfblood. I can remember thinking that, but I can't remember how it actually felt.

The scent gets stronger, but I feel weaker, I begin to walk instead. I walk for hours until the sun rises, I find myself coming to a wall, it's high up. The scent is coming from whatever's behind it, I walk along the wall and try to find a way around. It turns out to be a big concrete building with no windows. I find a large glass door on the wall furthest away from me. Too tired to think logically, I knock the door. A security man opens the door.

"Can I help you?" He says with an undertone of anger.

"I want to see Kincaid." His obnoxious facial expression changes to shocked, he says something into his walkie talkie on his shoulders. I'm not concentrating, so I don't hear what he says.

"Come and wait in here." He lets me in, shutting the door behind me. He leads me down a hallway to another door, he opens it and there are seats, like a waiting room. I go inside and sit down. He closes the door, I hear the lock turn.

"Let me out!" I pound on the door for a good hour. I give up, exhausted and sit on one of the chairs in the corner. Then I hear a voice through a speaker.

"Good girl. You're going to co-operate with me or people will be hurt, including you." The guard opens the door.

"Follow me." He says. I'm scared of what might happen, so I comply. He takes me to a room, there's a man sat at a table in front of 2 TV screens. There's an empty chair.

"Sit." He's the man from the speaker. Kincaid. He turns one of the screens on. I see a group of people, they look like wild Wolfbloods, yellow eyes. They're attacking each other. He turns on another screen. There are two children. "Tell me where the others are." I say nothing. "Very well." He turns to a microphone next to him. "Do it."

I look at the screen. A group of guards storm in with fire torches, they're all holding serum pens. The Wolfbloods move away from the fire. The guards start aiming their lasers at them and shoot. They exit the room quickly, some of them wolf out, they start attacking each other more viciously. "This is what will happen if you don't give me any information." He stands up. I say nothing again.

I notice a belt on the table. He picks it up. "Where are they?" I'm silent. He pulls the belt back and slashes it straight across my face. I fall off of the chair on to the floor. I try to Wolf out but he hits me again. Blood oozes out of me, along with my dignity. He hits me again, this time on my arm. He pulls me up and throws me back on to the chair. He stands behind me and pulls my neck back with the belt so I can't move, he points my head to the screen with the children on. It's a boy and a girl, they both look ill. "I've been giving them poison. I'll give them more if you don't tell me what I need to know."

He pulls a serum pen out of his pocket. "The moon won't heal you now, I've created this to take away your ability to heal." He aims at my neck, which is still restrained by the belt, and presses the button down. I feel it going into my body. The pain becomes worse.

I feel so guilty, but I can't betray my pack. I let a tear out. He whips my arm again. It goes on for hours, changing between him hitting me and the wild pack getting more serum, even giving the children more poison. I can't betray them, I can't. He sends me back to the room I was in before. I'm in so much pain I can barely move from where the guard threw me down. I whimper, finding it hard to breath. I'm destroyed.

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