Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


6. Chapter 6

Jana's POV

"I have to stay here, I need to look after my dad, and," She pulls me aside so the other don't hear. "I don't want you to go out there, he'll go after you."

"We've defeated him before, we can do it again." I know she's worried, I am too. "It's my pack, I have to look out for them."

"Jana, it's my dad, Kincaid did this to him, not the pack. I was wrong to blame them and I'm sorry, but if he gets to you and you lose it like they have, what happens to me?" I can't abandon my pack, and I can't abandon her. But I have to make a decision.

"Tom, Shannon, stay here with Carys, call Mr. Jeffries, tell him we won't be in, but don't tell him too much." I turn back to Carys. "I'll be with Rhydian and the others, we'll call you."

"No," she sighs. "I'm coming, if I can help at all I need to be there. Helping you means helping my dad." I don't question her.

"We have to go now." I say.

"We'll stay here, do as much as we can for Geraint." Daniel says.

"Thank you." Carys says, and we join hands and sprint after the others to find the pack. I need to get far away enough to use Eolas. We run through the leaves, entering parts of the woods I haven't been through before. "Here." I stop.

"I'll try too." She says. We connect to nature, using every ounce of my being I search through the woods for something. I see Rhydian running, then Maddy, Aran and dad.

"This way." She follows me until we reach the camp. Rhydian, Maddy, Aran and my dad are the only people there. The pack are gone.

"NO!" Rhydian loses it, he screams and cries and kicks rocks around. I tear up watching him break down. He falls to the ground. Maddy holds him while he cries. He's taken my pack, my family. Carys steps up behind me and takes my hand.

"I don't know what to do." I say to her. She pulls me to her and cradles my head, like I do with her.

"We'll figure this out." She hugs me tight, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Jana," It's dad. "We'll find them." I turn to hug him.

On return to the house I see someone in the window. It's not one of us. Carys runs ahead. When we're inside there's someone standing next to Geraint. A doctor. Carys runs in and leaps on to her, pushing her to the floor. She's about to Wolf out, her eyes yellow and her veins brown and prominent, we all scream and shout at her and I try to pull her off but she's strong. The doctor is freaking out.

"GET OUT!" She shouts out her and I finally manage to pull her off. The doctor scrambles to her feet.

"YOU'RE CRAZY!" She screams and runs out.

"WHY WAS SHE HERE?" She runs to Tom and Shannon, they run backwards in fear. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING AFTER HIM." I grab her from behind, and I drag her to her room she's kicking and screaming. Once we're alone, her growls and screams, become crying. I don't know what to say so I just sit her down on her bed and hold her, we sit until she calms down.

"What if she has his blood? We're screwed." She whimpers into my jumper. I pull away from her and walk out into the living room.

"Jana, I'm sorry, Jeffries called her here." Shannon stands up and paces over to me.

"I told you not to tell him, Shannon!"

"It's not her fault, he got it out of us Jana." Tom steps in.

"I'm sorry, no it's not your fault, did she get his blood?" They don't answer me, they just look at each other, clearly guilt ridden. I look to Daniel and Emma who look concerned.

"Mam!" Maddy joins in. "How could you let this happen?" She yells.

"It's fine, we can get it back." Rhydian says. "I'll go after her." He runs out the front door and he's gone with a blink of an eye.

"We can't stay here, not only is Kincaid back, but now the secrets about to come out!" I pace the room.

"No, we can't go anywhere, not with my dad like this." Carys comes out of her room. "We'll stay here." She comes and takes my hand and smiles half heartedly at me.

"She's right, Rhydian can get the blood from her before she tests it, he's saved us before, he can do it again." Maddy says. Jana turns to Tom and Shannon.

"You too should get back to school, people are going to start to think something's up if you're not in, if anyone asks, you can say that Carys and me are sick, they'll believe you because of yesterday." She says. Tom looks annoyed.

"Come on Tom." Shan says and she pulls him away. Everyone sort of disperses, Maddy sits by the window waiting for Rhydian, Emma and Daniel go down to the cellar, Aran and Alric tell us their going back to the camp to see if they can find anything. Carys and I sit at her fathers side. She dabs him with the cold cloth.

"She wouldn't have taken his blood if she thought he wasn't fine, he must have some kind of infection." She says to me, not taking her eyes off of him.

"Do you think he needs human medicine?" At that moment I smell something so does Jana. We go to the door, Maddy smells it too. A car pulls up. I can't see who's driving but Jeffries climbs out of the passenger seat, then Rhydian comes out of the backseat, he runs to Maddy's side.

"Mr. Jeffries?" Maddy says.

"Maddy, welcome back." He walks over to us.

"Why did you send a doctor? You know we need to keep the secret!" I say.

"Jana, do you really think I would send someone I don't trust?" Someone climbs out of the drivers seat, it's the doctor from before. "This is my sister, Mary." She stays by the car, she's obviously scared of Carys after what happened.

"How do you know we can trust her?" Maddy says, I notice the veins on her neck.

"Well we're going to have to now aren't we." Carys says, as angry as Maddy is. She goes inside.

"Bring her in then." I say and they all follow me inside, Mary comes in last. She hovers in the door frame. "Don't just stand there, help him." She comes over to us and looks at Geraint.

"I ran his bloods, he has an infection, he needs to be on antibiotics through a venflon." I have no idea what that means. She opens up a case she's holding, there's a clear bag with liquid in it, she also has a small packet of needles and other medical things, I have no idea how any of them work. She pulls out a packet of wipes and cleans the top of his hand. Then she opens the packet of needles, she pulls one out and attaches something to it. "If you're squeamish, I suggest you look away." None of us do. She pushes the needle into is vein slowly. Carys squeezes my hand as she winces. She puts surgical tape over it to keep it in place. She pulls a tube out of the case and joins it with the needle in his hand. She then attaches the tube to the clear bag and holds it high up, squeezing it. "I need something to keep this up. Someone get that lamp." Rhydian walks over to the lamp in the corner of Carys' living room, he unplugs it and sets it down next to the table. Mary tapes the bag to the top of the lamp and squeezes it again. The liquid begins to drip down through the tube and into his hand.

"Thank you, sorry about before." Carys says quietly. Mary says nothing. Carys just looks at me, she's upset with herself I can tell. Maddy comes to Carys' side and puts her arm around her.

"He's going to be fine now." She says, Carys smiles.

"All you can do is wait, I'll be back to check on him tomorrow." She closes her case.

"You can't tell anyone what we are, we just want peace." Rhydian says, grabbing her arm. She flinches away from him.

"I won't." She walks out.

"I'll see you two on Monday, I'm a phone call away if you need anything." Mr. Jeffries follows his sister out to the car. Carys sits back down next to her dad and takes his hand in hers. Maddy and Rhydian sit on the sofa, in silence. I stand, unsure of what to do, my pack have been taken, the secret is at risk and so is my life and the lives of everyone I love. I walk to Carys' room and throw myself on the bed, I cry as quietly as I can, trying not to disturb anyone. I don't feel angry. I'm sad, I'm broken.

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