Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


5. Chapter 5

Carys' POV

"Good morning Sunshine!" Jana yanks the curtains open and jumps back in bed next to me.

"Good morning." We kiss. We lay in each other's arms for a while. Until the door swings open.

"Breakfast is-" Dad covers his eyes and walks out closing the door. "Sorry!" We hear him say. I stare at the door in shock. Jana climbs out bed and starts getting ready.

"Come on, we're going to the forest." She throws my clothes at me I get dressed to, staring at the door still.

I slowly open the door to see if dad's there.

"He must be in the shower, come on, lets grab some food and go quickly." We creep into the kitchen and shove some bacon in a bag and run into the woods.

"We're going up to the Moors." I follow her as we sprint through woods. We come to a stop in a beautiful open part of woods. The trees towered high, the smells were amazing. We throw our bags down. "Follow what I do." She says, we crouch down placing one hand to the ground. "Focus on me, but keep everything around you in mind, feel the wind, the trees, the leaves on the ground, everything." I feel a rush of images coming to my head, I can see the forest and the Moors, everything for miles.

"This is amazing." But suddenly something changes, I jump back and fall to the ground.

"What is it?" She rushes to my side.

"I can see wolves, they're Wolfbloods, 4 of them, they're running." They're coming from that way. I point in front of me, standing up. Jana runs to a tree.

"North West." She crouches and uses her Eolas. She smiles. "It's them!" It's Maddy and Rhydian! Come on, we'll run to them!" She hands me my bag and throws on her own, we run. "Give me your phone, I'll call Tom and Shannon!" I pull it out of my pocket and throw it to her. "Shannon, you and Tom need to get to Moors now, as quick as you can!" she hangs up and throws it back to me, she wolfs out. I do the same.

We see Tom and Shan cycle up to us and then along side us. I can smell them, their near. I see them climb over a bunch of rocks Jana runs towards the light furred one. But he growls, the four of them keep running so we follow, Tom and Shan follow on their bikes. Something's wrong, I could feel it when I used Eolas, Jana was too excited to realise. The light furred one is Rhydian, I recognise him from the drawing, and I recognise Maddy too. They return to human form so Jana and I do the same.

"Scatter your scent!" A man with curly hair shouts, Maddy's dad. They all veer off in separate directions throwing their jackets and scarves around. I do the same, sticking with Jana.

"Meet at home." Maddy says. Everyone splits up completely and Jana and I are left running back alone. There was no time for questions.

We all collide outside my house, well Maddy's house, our house and everyone just looked around at each other. They all burst out in hugs and greetings for each other, I just stood awkwardly watching. Once they had all finished they looked at me.

"Who's this?" Maddy says, in a sort of rude tone.

"Everyone, this Carys. It's alright, she's Wolfblood." She pulls me forward and holds my hand for everyone to see. "We're together now."

"Right, well nice to meet you Carys, I'm Rhydian." he shakes my hand.

"Maddy." she waves at me.

"I'm Daniel and this is Emma." Her parents say.


"Anyway, what's going on?" Jana says.

"There's people after us in Canada, we didn't think they'd track us this far but they have." Daniel said. "Rhydian and Maddy passed out on the dark moon a few weeks ago when we were away and they were taken to hospital, they kept them overnight, a very keen doctor figured out what they are. Other scientists got involved and a lot of stuff went down." He was breathless.

"Everyone, come inside and rest." I said heading towards the front door. Maddy shot me a look and then shot one to Shannon.

"Oh yeah, Carys lives in your house now." She says. Maddy sighs and everyone follows me inside.

"Dad?" He doesn't answer. He must have gone out searching for the pack again. Everyone files in, they look around, it must be weird for them to see Maddy's house full of my stuff. We all gather around the kitchen table.

"We need a plan to Kincaid off our backs!" Rhydian says.

"Kincaid?" Tom, Shannon and Jana all say in unison.

"Yeah, he found us, well me, but he came after all of us, and even harder than he did last year."

"What happened last year?" I ask Jana quietly.

"Long story short, this crazy Wolfblood hater tried to make us all human, including my entire pack." She says leaning close to me.

"We can call Sweeney?" Tom says.

"Good plan Tom, Shan, can you call Whitewood?" Rhydian says. She nods and they both start dialling and pacing around the house. "I'll call Dacia." Rhydian does the same as Tom and Shan. Maddy is staring me out.

"Ceri and Gerwyn will probably be on their way with the pack, Ceri always knows when somethings wrong with Rhydian." Jana says. Maddy is still staring me out.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" I ask Daniel and Emma. Maddy growls at me.

"Maddy, leave her!" Jana stands up and shouts at her, Maddy looks as though she's about to leap across the table at me.

"Maddy, behave." Emma says. "I know this is your house now, but could we stay here tonight? In the cellar?" She asks.

"Yeah, yeah of course." Her and Daniel smile back at me. "I have to call my dad let him know what's going on, he may be able to help." I say and I go to my room to call him, he doesn't answer so I leave a message explaining what's happened.

Everyone gathers back at the table.

"Sweeney said that her, Rebecca and Dacia will will get here as soon as they can, they said they could be a while though." Shannon says.

"Okay, good hopefully we've stalled the scientists by scattering our scents." Daniel says.

"How did they chase you this far? Have they taken the serum for humans?" Shannon asks.

"Yeah, they have all the abilities that we have, with no side effects and no wolfing out." Maddy adds.

"So what do we do now?" I ask, I'm worried for all of their safety, and the safety of the secret.

"We wait." Jana says. We sit in silence for a while.

"Jana, why were you two even on the Moors so early anyway?" Tom asks.

"Geraint caught us in bed together, we had to get out of the house." Everyones eyes widen.

"No, not like that! God, no we were just lying there, we had just woken up." I add, Jana didn't seem to understand the problem with what she said. I just laugh at her in embarrassment. I go to my room to call my dad, Jana follows. No answer again.

"He never ignores my calls, never, something doesn't feel right Jana, I'm worried about him." I bite my nails. She pulls my hand away from my mouth and puts it on her waist, I place the other on the other side. Her hands are around my neck again.

"I'm sure he's fine, he's probably running, or maybe he's wolfed out somewhere, don't worry okay?"

"Okay." I say, mesmerised by her sparkly grey eyes. She kisses me and Maddy walks in.

"Uhh." Maddy hovers awkwardly. We pull away from each other, Jana smirks but I turn bright red. "Sweeney, Whitewood and Dacia can't get here until tomorrow, I thought I should let you both know." She walks out again. We follow.

"I can get some camp beds for you guys to stay on." I say.

"That's okay, you don't need to do that now, it's still pretty early." Daniel says.

"No it's fine, I'll get it out of the way now." I smile.

"I'll give you a hand." Rhydian follows me out into the shed. I unlock it and we go inside. "So you just moved here?" He asks as we retrieve the beds.

"Yeah, the day before yesterday, it's not bad here." I see a weird look on his face. "What?"

"It just seems like, you and Jana moved really fast." He says.

"Yeah we did, I'd be lying if I said we didn't try to stop it, but I think we're perfect for eachother. She makes me a better person. It was basically impossible for us not to be together."

"Fair enough." He shrugs it off and we take the beds inside and down to the cellar, set them all up and head back upstairs. I immediately smell something, I open the back door to get a clear scent.

"What is it Carys?" Jana and the others follow me out.

"It's my dad." Jana sniffs too.

"I can smell my dad too, and Aran, they're coming." She runs off into the woods and I follow, the others stay behind.

"Jana, somethings wrong, can't you feel it?" I say breathlessly. She doesn't answer me. I look into the distance and see two men, carrying something. Jana's closer to them than I am, maybe she can see better. "What are they carrying?" She stops in her tracks and I catch her up.

"Carys, go back." She doesn't look at me.

"What? Why?" I look closely and I see what they're carrying. "No." I try to run towards them but she holds me back. "NO, JANA LET ME GO." I begin bawling my eyes out as the men get closer. I collapse in a puddle of tears in Jana's arms, we fall to the floor. I feel as though everything is falling down around me. "I can't lose him too." I cry into her, she clutches me tight as the two men drop to their knees in front us, they lower my father to the ground.

"Dad, is he gonna be okay?" Jana says to one of the men, Alric.

"He needs a doctor desperately." He replies. I whimper on Jana's shoulder and stare at my father, he looks unwell, not to mention the deep cuts through his chest and on his arms and legs. I try to collect myself.

"What happened?" I ask shakily.

"Alric and I were out hunting, we came back and he was at our camp, not everyone was happy to see him, some of them claimed they wanted revenge, they say him leaving was a threat to the secret. He wasn't well liked when we were young. They went after him." The other man say, he must be Aran. "We must take him to safety." He says. They lift him again and Jana helps me stand. We all walk back to the house, I cry the whole way but Jana holds my hand. When we get back everyone is still outside, they all run to my fathers aid, asking questions. They overcrowd him as Alric and Aran try to carry him in. Jana growls at them and they go silent.

"Put him down here." Jana says as she clears the place mats and flowers from the kitchen table. They lay him down and I run to his side and take his hand. "We need Ceri, she has all the remedies we need." She looks to Aran and Alric who have an unusual look on their faces.

"I can try to find her." Rhydian says and starts walking to the door.

"No, Rhydian, it's not a good idea." Alric says. "She wasn't happy to see him either."

"You mean, she was part of it?" Jana says. I have no idea what's going on to be honest.

"No, she's not like that." Rhydian raises his voice.

"I'm sorry Rhydian, it's the truth. He wasn't a good person. He tore relationships apart. Including the one he had with your mother, when they were young he broke her heart when he left." Rhydian and I look at each other. Alric avoids eye contact with me.

"Yes he was, he was an amazing person." My face becomes hot with anger. "You only knew him when he was a kid, I know him as a man, a great man. You can't say ANYTHING about him."

"Carys." Jana takes my hand, I look down and my veins were showing.

"I'm sorry." I say, collecting myself. Alric just looks at me. I shouldn't have been the one apologizing, he should have. "Someone get me a wet cloth and the first aid kit from under the sink." Jana and Shannon bring me what I need. I unbutton my dads bloody shirt to expose his cuts, he's been scratched and bitten. I wipe his wounds as clean as I can but there's so much blood, I dress the cuts. Shannon holds her hand to his forehead.

"He's burning up." She says, looking at me with worry.

"Get me another cloth." She hands it to me and I gently dab his face and neck. I try to hold back the tears, I've cried enough in the past 3 days.

"Something's not right about this, I know my pack and they wouldn't lash out like this." Jana says. I don't say anything. How could she defend the people who did this to him?

"We'll leave you to it, young one." Aran says. They all go outside to the garden and sit down, Rhydian stays, standing opposite me.

"This isn't my mum, she wouldn't do this." He says sitting down.

"Would Alric lie to his own daughter? And Aran to his Alpha?" I say aggressively.

"Not after what they've been through, no, but something bigger has to be going on with the pack." I think about what he says, he could be right.

"Don't you think it's a bit weird? How Kincaid's men havent followed us here yet?" He thinks, then his eyes widen." He runs outside and past the others.

"Rhydian?" I shout. I hear the others shouting after him too. Maddy, Alric and Aran all run after them. Jana runs to me.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, I said something about Kincaid's men not being here and he just bolted." Her face forms to how Rhydian's looked. I put the pieces together.

"You think Kincaid got to them don't you?" I say. She nods. The others come back inside.

"Emma, Daniel, did Kincaid have any other serums or anything?"

"He gave Maddy something that brought the Morwal out in here, it was more intense though it was more powerful. She became, murderous." Emma says. Jana and I look at each other.

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