Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


3. Chapter 3

Carys' POV

She told Jeffries, I told her not to. Everyone is crowded round me, including my dad. I look up and Jana and she just drops, I bolt up. She's knocked out. I instantly feel guilty for being angry at her.

"What is going on?" I crawl over to be next to her, I'm crying.

"It's okay, Carys, stay calm. Jana can you hear me?" Mr. Jeffries tries to wake her up. Dad comes over to me and put his arm round me. Shannon and Tom hand Mr. Jeffries a tray of meat, he holds it to her nose and she wakes up instantly. I hug her tightly.

"Are you okay?" I ask. She sits up and rubs her eyes.

"I'm fine, are you okay? You're crying."

"Yeah you scared me." I wipe my eyes.

"You started it." I playfully hit her.

"Well as long as your both okay, maybe you should go home?" Mr. Jeffries says.

"No Sir we're okay now, I swear." I say, this is what I didn't want, special treatment, as if being a Wolfblood is a disease. I stand up.

"We're alright sir, really." Jana says as I help her up.

"Okay, well, you have history in 10 minutes." He leaves the dark room.

"Why does he know?" My dad says angrily approaching Jana.

"Dad, calm down. He's to be trusted." I say growling and pushing him away from Jana.

"How can you trust any humans after what their kind have done?"

"Go." I say pointing to the door. Why does he have to bring that up? He stares at me before stomping away.

"Me and Tom will go and tell Mrs. Graham that you were feeling sick so we took you back." Shannon said and they left hand in hand.

"Thanks." Jana says. I sit down with my head in my hands. "What did your dad mean, about humans?" I didn't answer. "Did he mean your mother?" I nod. "You know that not all humans are like that right?"

"Yeah of course I do, I trust them." She takes my hand.

"Come on, let's get out of these clothes."

We sit in History and I try so hard to concentrate on what Jeffries is saying but I can't. Firstly because I'm exhausted, secondly because Jana is staring at me really weirdly. She's sat behind my next to Shannon and I'm with Tom.

"God I can feel her eyes burning in the back of my neck, why is she staring at me?" I say to him. He starts to turn. "Don't look. What is going on with her? She acts really weird around me."

"She hasn't seen any other Wolfbloods in months." He says. "Plus, it's dark moon, your both acting weird."

"That's the thing though, I don't act this kind of weird on a dark moon. She makes me- weak."

"Oh I see." I look at him.

"What? You see what?" He laughs.

"You can't tell?" I shake my head. "Guess your wolfy senses really are gone on a dark moon."

"Tom, what are you talking about?" The bell rings and he just laughs at me and walks out, I try to catch up. "Tom?"

"Hey." Jana is walking with me.

"Hi." I try to speed up to get away from her, she makes me so nervous.

"What were you talking to Tom about?" She catches up.

"Uh, nothing, just didn't understand what Jeffries was on about." I walk faster to the dark room, she follows. "I'm beat." I collapse onto the sofa in there. She lies down on the floor next to me using her bag as a cushion.

"Apart from the passing out stuff, how do you like Bradlington?"

"It's okay I guess, Mr. Jeffries is alright, sorry for being so adamant on you not telling him. Tom and Shannon are cool, the K's do my head in, Jimi and Sam are pathetic. But yeah it's cool here I guess." I stare at the ceiling.

"What about me?" I freeze up. Why would she do this to me? Make me so nervous.

"You're cool."

"Just cool?" Damn.

"I'm going to sleep now." I turn away from her and hear her roll over too.

We wake up 20 minutes later to the bell again. We have English. I sit next to Tom at the back of the room. Jana looks disappointed, I know she wanted to sit next to me.

"What were you talking about before?" I ask aggressively.

"You really don't know?" He's smiling like this situation is hilarious.

"No, tell me!"

"You like her."

"What? No. Jana? I like Jana? No I don't shut up." He could be right.

"And she likes you."

"She does? Not that I care because I don't like her like that." I brush off the feelings, as if that's at all possible.

"Who are you trying to fool?" I look at him. Myself.

"But I barely know her, I mean yeah I know her well because she lives in my house and we've talked a lot, but I've known her for like a day."

"So? You can't ignore the connection you guys have." Tom folds his arms and looks ahead with a grin on his face.

"We have a connection because we're both Wolfbloods, that's it there's no more to it than that!" I fold my arms too. I quickly turn back to him. "She likes me? How do you know?"

"She told Shannon,"

"And Shannon told you." I don't know what to think, maybe I do like her but I can't. I still love Anwen, I think, and I don't want to get involved to much with anything here or anyone. I just wanted to keep my head down.

"Look, don't get so stressed out about it, Wolfblood or not, you're teenagers, it's normal." I've had enough. I stand up and slam my hands on the table.

"I'M NOT NORMAL THOUGH AM I?" The whole class goes silent and stares at me. I kick my chair back and run from the class room. I don't know where I find the energy. Jana follows me, but I keep going, I run outside and into the field it's raining. I hate myself for lashing out, I know it's the Morwal, I've kept it deep down inside of me for so long. It was inevitable that it would come back at some point. But I'm strong, I can kick it out.

"Carys, stop running you'll pass out again, Carys please!" I stop and she catches up to me. I stare out to the forest, she puts her hand on my arm.

"I'm not- I'm not normal." She stands in front of me.

"No you're not, you're better than normal, you're a Wolfblood." I look into her eyes, her soul. "I know I haven't known you long but I know this isn't you, it's the dark moon."

"It's not the dark moon." I look away from her.

"What do you mean?" She lifts my chin so I'm looking back at her. "You can tell me."

"It's the Morwal. I've lost so much, I thought I had it under control and it was going away but then-" I begin to cry again.

"But then?" She wipes my tear and her hand falls to my neck, her other hand holding mine.

"But then I met you." I cry harder. It's so difficult for me to tell her this but I can't hold it in, I was subconscious to it until I spoke to Tom. "And you've made me feel things I haven't felt since Anwen. I'm sorry, I'm so pathetic." I was hyperventilating.

"You don't have anything to be sorry for." She pauses. Bringing her other hand to my face. I look into her eyes again, and then down to her lips. She slowly leans towards my face. Our foreheads touch. I bring my arms around her neck. Our lips get closer.

"Carys!" I hear Tom shout. We jump and turn around. "I'm sorry!" I turn back to Jana.

"Breath, come on lets go." She takes my hand and we walk over to Tom. She whispers to me as we walk. "I know you've lost a lot, but you've found so much now. You're gonna be okay."

"Carys, I'm sorry I didn't mean for that to happen."

"It's okay, that was all me." She stops me and grabs my arms.

"Stop blaming yourself for everything." I look down. We walk back towards the building where Shannon is standing under the shelter.

"You're all soaking wet!" She says. I look down and I suddenly feel the cold. I shiver and Jana puts her arm around me. "Come on there's towels in the changing rooms." After drying off a little, but not quite enough, we walk back into English, shivering with towels around us.

"What on earth?" Mrs. Fitzgerald stares at us, the class cracks up.

"Oh look! Wolf Girl had her first shower!" Kara says. Katrina pinches her nose and pulls a face.

"Not a long enough one." She says.

"Shannon, sit down, Tom, Jana and..."

"Carys." I say.

"Carys, Mr. Jeffries office, now!" We take our time walking there.

"Too much drama for one day." Tom says.

"Tom, this is Bradlington, when is there not drama?" Jana laughs. We arrive outside his office and Jana knocks on the door and we go in.

"Hi sir." Tom says. Mr. Jeffries looks up at us.

"For goodness sake, oh go on then, what happened?"

"It was actually my fault sir, I got angry at Tom in class and ran out into the rain and they followed me and calmed me down."

"I'm getting fed up with you lot. Detention at lunchtime in my room. Get out." He says. We try to keep a straight face until the door is closed and then we lost it we burst out laughing.

"My dad won't be happy I got detention on my first day." I giggle.

At lunchtime we sit in silence in Jeffries classroom for an hour, a long hour, I think I fell asleep and so did Jana. He lets us go a little bit early to get some lunch. After we've sit in double Physics, holding hands under the desk, struggling to stay awake and concentrate. The last bell finally rings and we head outside, the rain had cleared and the sun was out, we had dried off.

"Thanks for looking after me today guys, see you tomorrow." I say goodbye to Tom and Shannon.

Jana and I begin to walk home, we join hands once we're in the forest. We stop multiple times to rest, it's a long walk. We sit on a log in the woods.

"It freaked me out too, my feelings. I've never had this kind of feeling before."

"Never?" She shakes her head. "What do you want to do about this then? Cuz, Anwen is still a big part of my life, and so soon after my mother, I don't know." I see the light flee her eyes. "I'm sorry, I really- I really like you but I'm just not ready yet."

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