Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


2. Chapter 2

Jana's POV

I wake up with my arms around Carys and hers around my waist. She's fast asleep, I don't want to wake her. I slide my arm out from underneath her and gently lift her arm from my stomach. She pulls me back towards in her sleep, she rests her head on my shoulder. I don't know what to do so I just lay there looking at her, I want to look away but I'm mesmerized, for some reason I'm desperate to look in her eyes. I can't say I'm not enjoying it, her clutch is comforting. What am I saying? I barely know this girl. I brush her hair over her ear, and then she opens her eyes.

"Morning." I say awkwardly She jumps out of bed. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you, you looked so peaceful, which is pretty rare on a dark moon."

"No no, it's my fault, I'm sorry, I'm just missing Anwen. Um, I'll go put the kettle on, do you want coffee?" She doesn't wait for my answer she just leaves the room in an awkward hurry.

Not the worst way to start a dark moon day. I crash my head into the pillow and pull the covers over my head and fall back asleep, just to be woken by Carys pulling the sheets off of me about 10 minutes later and placing a cup of coffee for me on her bedside table.

"I hate dark moons." I groan, sitting up against the headboard.

"Me too." She sits next to me and crosses her legs, sipping her coffee. "Drink up, we'll need our energy today, especially me, first day and all."

"You do know that caffeine has no affect on Wolfbloods?" I say taking my drink from the table.

"One can dream. Look I really am sorry about earlier, I didn't want to wake you last night so I just let you be."

"It's fine really, you're not the only one who feels lonely, I left my pack remember." Carys looks kind of down.

"Yeah I guess we're in pretty similar situations, but I'm your pack now." She gets up and pulls her new uniform out of her wardrobe. "It's not the prettiest of uniforms."

"You'd look pretty in anything." Why did I say that? She just turns away. "Sorry, that was weird. My uniforms in the cellar, I'll go and get ready for school." Why does she make me act this way, nervous and awkward, I'm normally so confident. After I'm changed, I come up stairs into the kitchen, Carys and her dad are sitting at the table.

"Jana, come have some breakfast." He says. I sniff.

"Bacon!" I practically leap over to the table and devour my plate of food. I barely notice them staring at me. I finish in half the time they do. I still haven't quite mastered the way humans eat.

"Do you know the way to the school Jana?" Geraint asked. "I can give you girls a lift."

"Yeah, I'll direct you, if it weren't a dark moon I would usually run." I yawn.

"That sounds amazing." Carys says. She finishes her food and we head to school. Tom and Shannon are sitting on the bench outside. We lazily trail over to them.

"Good morning!" Shannon says brightly.

"Is it?" Carys says, sitting down and practically slamming her face into her bag.

"We've got PE first thing." Tom says as he stands up and does keepy-uppies. Carys and I groan simultaneously.

"Carys, take it easy today, you haven't been a fully transformed Wolfblood for very long, when Maddy and Rhydian first changed they both passed out on the dark moon." Shannon says. Carys mumbles something.

"Really though Caz, maybe you should sit out of PE. I can talk to Jeffries for you." I say, she sits up.

"No I don't want a teacher knowing about me, I don't want him taking it easy on me because I'm different, I want to blend in, I want to seem normal." I really admire her for that, I know how hard it is to fit in, especially as Wolfblood, all I wanted to do when I arrived was scream to everyone 'I'm a Wolfblood!'. I love the way that Carys holds herself.

"You'll soon learn that nothing's normal around here." Tom says.

"Speaking of abnormal." Shannon says, rolling her eyes, they K's walk past.

"Look its that muddy girl from yesterday. She looks like she was raised by wolves." Kara says.

"Crawl back into your cave Wolf Girl." Kay says, they walk off laughing.

"So much for blending." Carys says. The bell rings and we head to form, dragging our feet through the door.

"Mr. Jeffries, this is Carys, it's her first day here." Shannon says. Pulling Carys over to him she yawns again.

"Ah the new girl, nice to meet you Carys, I'm Mr. Jeffries." They shake hands. Everyone begins to take their seats but I stay with Carys. "Class settle down." He shouts and everyone looks up at her. "This is Carys, our newest addition." They K's had obviously told Jimi and Sam about Carys' nickname because they begin howl at the top of their lungs and the class breaks out in laughter. If I was in Carys' shoes I get so angry, and if it wasn't a dark moon I would wolf out, but she stays calm, I like that about her. "Enough!" Mr Jeffries shouts.

I lead her to sit next to Tom and I sit with Shannon.

"Shan, there's something weird about her," I look back to check she's not listening.

"What do you mean? Of course there is she's a Wolfblood." Shannon laughs at me.

"No I mean, like weird, when I'm around her, she makes me act different around her, like not myself."

"How do you mean? Like she's controlling you?"

"Sort of, like she makes me nervous and say stupid things." Shannon practically cries with laughter.

"Shannon, pay attention please." Mr. Jeffries says.

"Why is that funny?" I nudge her.

"She's not possessing you Jana, you like her."

"Yeah I like her she's nice but-" Shannon smirks at me. "Oh, I like her." Shannon sees the look on my face.

"You've never had a crush before have you?" she whispers.

"Nope. Well there was Rhydian, but that was nothing like this."

I struggle to stay awake for the rest of Jeffries' nonsense. I guess I lost the struggle because I wake up to the bell for first lesson. After we've changed for PE we walk into the gym and Mrs. Graham announces that we'll be running laps today.

"Miss do we have to?" I say.

"It's not my fault you're tired from watching TV all night Jana, come on everyone." The entire class groans and we go out into the track around the woods. Even Shannon is running faster than me and Carys, and that's saying something.

"Don't worry we can sleep in the dark room at break and lunch." I said.

"Don't make me think about lunch, I'm starving." She pants. We keep running and I talk to her but when I turn around she's a bend down breathing heavily.

"Carys?" I run over to her. "Tom, Shannon!" I shout, they turn around and come running. I help Carys sit down gently. She's looking at me.

"Is she okay?" Shannon says crouching down next to us. She spoke too soon, Carys goes limp in my arms.

"Carys? Wake up! Please!" I panic.

"Jana, calm down, I'll get Mrs. Graham!" Tom turns to go.

"No, she might take her to hospital, we can't risk anything. I know we become human on a dark moon, but it's still not safe. They could keep her over night."

"Jana, she's unconscious! Human or Wolfblood, she needs a doctor!" Shannon shouts at me.

"No Shan! We'll take her back to the school, her house is too far, Shan, you ring her dad and get her some food and water, Tom help me carry her." They do what I tell them and we head back to school. We carry her into the dark room and lay her down. I run to the canteen to find something for her. I'm stopped by Mr. Jeffries.

"Jana, shouldn't you be with your class?"

"Um sir it's the dark moon." I whisper, making sure no one is listening.

"You'll have to remind what that means for you."

"We get exhausted every time there's a dark moon, it's almost impossible to function properly, and we can't wolf out, we're practically human."

"So you're too tired to run with your class, but you can run around the school?" He folds his arms.

"Sir, I'm not enjoying this," I say breathlessly, "it's Carys, she didn't want you to know but she's a Wolfblood too and she passed out on the run, she needs help but we can't take her to hospital Sir, it's too risky."

"Where is she?"


"Jana!" he shouts.

"The dark room." I sigh and he runs to her aid. I continue to the canteen, I sneak into the kitchen while the dinner ladies are chatting in the corner, I quietly pick up a tray and load it with red meat and run back to Carys and the others. Mr. Jeffries is crouched down checking her pulse and her breathing.

"Her dad's on his way, he might be able to help. She's still breathing right Sir?" Shannon says. He nods. Tom takes Shannon's hand.

"She'll be fine Shan." He says.

"Jana hand me that tray, maybe the smell will pull her out." I kneel down and he picks up a piece of meat and holds it up to her nose. She opens her eyes, she sees Mr. Jeffries, and she doesn't look happy. Her dad walks through the door, she looks even less happy. Everything goes black.

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