Wolf Girl

Carys has suffered a lot of loss in her life, her and her father move to Stoney Bridge to have a fresh start. JanaxOC.


12. Chapter 12

Jana's POV

She left me, like it was no big deal. I stare out the window for the rest of the day, praying she'll come back to me. I shouldn't have let her go, but I can't leave this world, I love it as much as I love her. She would have found a way to leave, no matter what I could have said or done. Now that I'm alone I see how much I took her love for me for granted.

The social worker comes back a couple hours later and Emma and Daniel have to say she ran away to stay at an old friends house, and that there's no use looking for her. They knew, we all knew that she would still look for her anyway. It's her job. I don't move from my spot by the window. Rhydian and Maddy try to be kind and make me feel better, but nothing could mask this pain. Eventually I go to bed, I drag my aching body to Carys' room. Her personality is still everywhere. Her bed is still made, I lay on top of the sheets. I lay staring at the empty space next to me. She should be there, not out in the wild. Ceri will look after her, no matter what her feelings are towards Geraint, she has a kind heart.

I don't sleep for the whole night, I just lie. In the morning I get up and get dressed, I skip breakfast, knowing it would be depressing and awkward sitting with the others. I run into the woods and break down, in the our spot.

"Carys, if you're anywhere, if you can hear me. I'm sorry, I should have come with you." I listen to myself. "I should have come with you." I drop my school bag and run deeper through the forest, I run to the camp. It's still pretty early so a lot of the pack are still asleep. Dad sees me.

"Dad, where's Carys?" I hug him tightly and he holds me while I cry.

"You'll have to talk to Ceri." He turns back to what he was doing. I turn around and Ceri is standing there.

"Jana, cariad." She hugs me.

"Ceri, is Carys here?" She nods. "Where? I need to talk to her, I need to tell her I'm sorry and how much I love her."

"She's in that tent," She points and I try to go to her, but Ceri holds me back. "Jana, she doesn't want to see you, she could smell you coming, she asked me to keep you from her."

"You can't, I have to see her."

"Cariad, I'm the Alpha here, you're on my territory. You follow my rules. I owe her, my pack attacked her father and he was killed trying to save her, it is our duty to restore her faith in us."

"You're looking after her?" I sit down.

"Yes, although, not everyone is grateful for her presence. Gerwyn especially. Jana, there's something you need to know, I wanted to tell Rhydian first but you're here now." She looks very sad. "You know that Geraint and I were briefly together as teenagers, there's no easy way to confess this, we had a child, Rhydian and Carys' sister. Only, Geraint didn't know, I did it all in secret. Gerwyn despised Geraint for breaking my heart. I was so young, Geraint left me for another woman, I was lonely. I gave her to the human world. I have a duty to protect Carys, she is my family." I just look at her. She keeps so many secrets from Rhydian. I'm in shock.

"You have another child? A daughter, and you kept her from Geraint, Rhydian and Bryn? Does she know?" She nods. I can see how ashamed she is of herself. I decide to console her rather than judge her. "I respect you for trying to put things right now, you're so brave and strong. I can only imagine how hard that must have been. Right now, Carys is hurting. Because of what I did, if you want to protect her, you'll let me talk to her." She takes a moment but she nods, and leads me to the tent where Carys is sat.

"I told her to keep you away." She won't even look at me, my heart breaks. I climb into the tent and sit next to her.

"I'm sorry, I should have come with you. I made a terrible mistake, but I'm here now."

"You're going to stay with me?" She still doesn't look at me.

"Yes, forever, I'm not leaving you, never again." She finally looks at me, her eyes glassy with tears. I lean over to her, putting my hands on her neck. She laughs through her tears.

"Old habits never die." She whispers. I kiss her perfect soft lips. I take every second with her as another second in the happiest time in my life. We are together, we are happy.

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