Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


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Suddenly I felt a wave of grief pass over me at the relation that Velex was in the house during the blast and probliy died in it. The thought of her being our only hope to a solution as well also reviled to me. The sudden wave of emotion made sent tears rolling down my face. I couldn't help it Velex had been there for me since the very beginning and now she was gone. My tears blurred my vision but I saw something was coming, and fast! Quickly launching myself forward a tear flying off my cheek I attempted to push Queenie and I out of the way of this blast, or so I thought.

I was too late it, it hit both of us but Queenie seemed to be the only onto to take affect. Her eyes rolled over into her head revealing a static where the whites of her eyes should be. In the horror at seeing this I dropped her, letting her head hit the grass that was beginning to be lit by the morning sun's rays.

A hissing began to grow loudly behind me causing me to spin around and investigate only to see Velex standing their, her hair in a down, bangs dropping across where her face should be but now stood a static covered surface. She walked closer drawing a blade from her side pointing it just bellow my chin.

"Join me.." I heard a twisted version of both Velex and the Glitch's voice say simultaneously from the same mouth. It sent shudders down my spin. What do I do, what do I do! Feeling a warm tear drip across my cheek at what I knew I had to do I drawed my sword only to have Queenie launch from behind me restraining me. I fell over face first into the dirt just missing hitting my head on a large rock. Queenie sent a hard punch into my spin that sent pain racing through me. I hated having to hurt Queenie but she gave me no choice as I rolled over throwing her off my back sending her flying into the trunk of a tree. I heard a pained noise escape her as she hit and I think I saw her eyes go normal for a second.

Velex launch behind me grabbing my hands and using the advantage to dislocate one of my shoulders making me let out a sharp cry. I was then ambushed by static all I could see and then it was gone again as I found myself face down in the grass with a hard foot on my back.

"Why do you keep resisting!" Velex and that horrible glitch said angrily above me. Rolling over and grabbing Velex's foot slamming her to the ground I got to my feet again preparing myself for another blow. "You took my friends! You threaten my home, and you expect me to just give in!" This disgusted me so how could anyone be so stupid as to think that! "Why not you'll soon have nothing left." The glitch launched another blast towards me that I saw coming and easily dodged. "Well it's not gone yet." I reached for my blade charging at them only to be welcomed by the clink of our swords as they hit agents each other. "If you kill me, you'll kill Velex you fool." The glitch said as it tried a blow agents my knee that was softened by the silver plating their. "I'd rather be dead then let you take over this game, and I know Velex would feel the same!" I raised my sword striking it agents the shoulder making her stumble back. Queenie rushed behind me attempting to run me through but the sound of her footsteps set off her plan letting me jump out of the way as Queenie ran her sword right into Velex. Velex gripped her hands around the blade as her face returned to normal the glitch dying with her. Queenie shock her head as she was freed from the dreaded beasts grasp only to see in horror our deer friend dyeing before her.

A few seconds later the body depawned. Queenie feel to her knees tears streaming down her face mortified by what she'd done. I walked over to her attempting to snap my shoulder back into place on my way. I laid a comforting arm around her in a hug and turned to where the blood of our friend laid. "It's okay, It's over now." 




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