Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


1. Prologue

A young soon, to be a regular player of a game called `The Lands Of Hanra` sat at her computer as the screen cast a faint glow on her hands as she scrolled through the website in the dark room. An ad then came onto her website an ad for a game called the 'The Lands Of Hanra'. Now our young player was not one to commonly click on ads and this ad was very plain the games name was spelt out in black lettering with a simple white backround. I guess you can say that it is the simplicity of it that drew her in. There were no pictures no sound there was absolutly nothing to indicate anything about the game. But you could say this is what drew her into it.

She was then taken to a just as plain site that had the name in the top corner next to two buttons on in blue and the other a bright welcoming green. The blue one said 'Login' but the bright welcoming green said 'sign up'. Meanwhile in the center of the page in large letters were the "This game can not be described by any picture nor word for it is more real then it may seem -Dan Benyard." She assumed that this Dan Benyard was the maker of the game.

Even though the most welcoming thing on the page was the sign up button and nothing indicated anything about what the game might be. This made her only want to click it more. So she did and once again she was whisked away to the sign up page, it was simple like many kinds of sign up pages. Still nothing to signify what it was what the game was or exactly what it was about she filled it out the login:

Username: Venza

Password: *********


There was no terms of agreement box for her to check witch did surprise her but yet she didn't mind it not like she would really read it anyways. So she then hit the blue create account button. It took her to yet another webpage that had a simple download button and next to it some red text 'By clicking this button you agree to be taken to the land of Hanra and to become responsible for the new life you will make there. That life will rest in your hands and yours alone so be careful young player.'

It was shocking how serious that sounded it shocked her for a moment. A new life that she would a responsible for part really threw her off her game. But yet still curiosity filled her it fueled her and so she hit download. It seemed almost instant as if there was nothing to download. It opened it's self immediately and then she was shocked by all she saw. The graphic were amazing absolutely stunning like nothing she had seen before. On her computer screen was a cloud covered land scape and there before her stood a skinny man who wore white trousers a white shirt and had silver hair, everything but his belt was white his belt was a very light shade of grey that seemed to hold up his baggy cloths just fine.

He began to walk closer to the screen and then he began to speak, "You must understand what you are about to do young player. For after I finish speaking you will be taken to a creation center. You will create an avatar here, but this avatar is more then just an image on your screen. It is a new life a life that you will take care of, guide raise and feed. Treat it well young player."

She was then taken to the avatar creation center. The avatar base looked so realistic it was amazing as well how customizable it was. It was like the sims when it came to making the body and what not except with way more and highly detailed accessories.

Then our young player started to make the avatar se made it look much like herself right down to the long braided autumn hair and the brown eyes. They only had medieval styled clothes since that is where the game takes place. She chose to dress the avatar in a dress that had a green top and a brown skirt she then gave her brown boots.

With this her and her new avatar entered the world.



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