Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


7. Now or never

            Queenie and me talked about everything that has been going on as we walked down a dirt trail on the way to Velex's house. Queenie was trying to change the subject but it was important that she was informed. I reassured her that Velex would know what to do and then we'd be fine. Velex was one of the oldest avatars in the game after all and she said she knew about the glitch so that must mean that she knows how to defeat it. I mean it must have been defeated before for it to come back.. right?

            I eventually gave into Queenie's presisent pleads to change the subject but still keeping matter in mind. As we fallowed the dirt path that soon round into a fancy gravel path with white stones lining the sides. A torch Queenie was holding flickered light across our path. Finally the house was coming into view. It was hard to see in the dark of the night. Not a single light shone from a window indicating that she must be asleep.

Queenie must have noticed this too because right then she stopped where she stood. I turned around to face her. The flame casting a glow over her. She had put her hair up in a tight bun and was wearing a brown tunic with a long black skirt. She looked from me to the house before speaking.

"We should let her sleep and you know go home. It's late and-" She was cut off as huge blast boomed from inside the house. We quickly spun around to see Velex's lovely house being blown apart in a blast of static, the dabree disinagrating away. Horrified, Queenie and I watched as the large wave of static grew larger only to relies a blast of it was heading our way. I ducked out of the way pulling a paralyzed Queenie with me. I mean sure we respawn but dyeing from a glitch might have a different reaction.

She then quickly spun around to face me her face a pale white in the dark of night. A few feet away from us the torch that Queenie dropped disinagrated as the static burst flew over it. Fear racked through me at being that close to dyeing. Queenie was clinging to my arm eyes wide and full of fear her figure nails dug into my skin.

"Vella y-you saved my life." Queenie said her voice quiet, almost whispering. I turned my attention from scanning over the damage that blast caused back to Queenie who was still looking at me eyes wide. "Well I guess I did," Clearing my thought so I wouldn't sound like I was lying when saying this, "I'm sure you would have spawned" "You and I both known that's a lie Vella, that thing disintegrated everything it passed I'm certain it wouldn't be that hard to just delete our coding entirely."



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