Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


6. Meeting an enemy

      My talk with Velex was soon cut short by the bell ringing loudly as the first player logged in. We were all then teleported back to where our Players last left us, in wait for them to log on. As I waited for my Player to logon I was finally able to get some sleep. My dreams were filled with images of Avatars disappearing Players quitting, and other images of udder chaos. Just as I felt my Player logging on one last image appeared before my eyes, 'Save us....' it was in bright white lettering as the images faded away behind it. I felt panic run through me at seeing these words appear before me. My player made me leap out of bed, my feet hitting the cold plank floor. Sun spread through the open window reflecting off of my armors silver planted knee caps. This reminded my player about my armor and then proceeded to dress me in it. The sudden weight now on my shoulders waking me up from my state of shock.

 I walked over to my boots that I'd kicked off by the door and continued to carefully slide them on. I herd the fremiller beep of the other player entering a call with my player and they once again began to talk. To be honest I wasn't that interested in them today, I didn't listen to there conversation and silently reply like I normally do. I kind of just blanked and let my player come to. I felt sour blows from the other Player as we practiced but it didn't hurt as much as it should because of the armor. My mind was filled with the thoughts about what would want me to save them and why.

Then suddenly I stopped where I stood taking a hit from Queenie hard agents my right shoulder making me stumble back. It's happening again I thought to myself in a panic.

           I herd One of the Players speaking, " Why didn't you block it?" "The games glitching again."

Suddenly Queenie's player lost control of her as well and Queenie went tumbling out of exhaustion. Queenie quickly stumbled back to her feet whilst I still laid on the cold ground trying to find my sword. Then I heard the voice as it once again began to speak, "I can free you.... if you listen..."  

I was stunned, free me? Free me from what?! I wished this glitch would go away. I heard the frustration of the two Players in the backround fade to white noise. The world before me began to fade away, all that I saw, all that surrounded me was static.

              "Listen.." I recognized that voice and began to go into panic. I had no idea where I was or what this thing wanted. "What do you want!" I yelled my voice booming in the open space.

           "To help..." I looked around taking a small dagger from my waist and holding it out towards the surrounding static ready to attack this glitch if it came any closer. But from what I could see there was nothing to attack. This frightened me sending a shudder down my spin. "Show yourself!" I looked around frantically for something anything. A way out, this glitch something please!

          My eyes opened again, my player was in control of me once more and was standing infront of a blacksmiths upgrading my armor. They were complaining about how the creators of the game worked to much on the graphics then looking for glitches whilst browsing the near infinite blacksmiths catalog.

        I could see fear behind Queenies steel gaze. I felt sorry for her, she was very loyal to her player but her player wasn't on that often unless mine was online. She lacked that quality time with her player that I'd got since Penny and Quinn were friends in real life as well they'd showed eachother the game. She never really got to know her player one on one and this made her even more scared. The way her player was talking it sounded like she was going to quit and that would delete Queenie. I didn't want to loss Queenie.

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