Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


2. Into the woods

       I opened my eyes, in front of my the sun shone bright into my eyes almost blinding. I tried to reach my arm up to block the suns blinding rays but only to find that it wouldn't move nothing would. I felt panic rising in my chest, I felt like screaming.

      "Now how do I move this thing..?" The voice sounded female and it angered me that she thought of me as no more then a simple thing.

Then with out warning I felt myself jerk up onto two feet, my head began to turn looking around. It was so forceful, I already could feel my neck getting sore and grumbled in discomfort or I tried to. Then my legs began to lead me into the woods that stood before me. It seemed as though my body had a mind of it's own and did not care for me, the one inside it's shell. I was picking up speed fast, it felt exhilarating to be running but I was terrified of the fact I had no idea where I was going. I saw a large log coming up ahead and began to panic not knowing if who ever was controlling me was going to jump. They did jump but it was to late as I flung into the air my foot caught on a branch sticking off the stump and flung me face first into the ground.

That's it whoever this voice was, was about to get a talking to. I started trying to speak, but to break away from what controlled me seemed impossible. I felt my arm reaching up and whipping the mud from my face. My face still felt sticky with mud and now I also felt the unnerving gooiness on my arm as it dripped to the ground.

The sight before me was beautiful if I do say so myself. The sun as it found it's way among the branches and the leaves and cast it's golden rays on the ground. I herd the birds as they chirped. A squirrel rushed past me hopping over my legs then repealing it's self off the log then running over to a large pine and continued to repeal it's self up the tree. I envied the squirrel for it's ability to control it's own actions to choose where it moved and what it did.

Once again I rose feeling myself being released from the muds grasp only now feeling the weight of my muddy clothes as they dripped mud onto the forest floor. What I would give right now to get rid of this mud.

I felt my legs begin to move again leading me away from this horrid mud puddle. I wandered through the woods and felt my legs becoming heavy, like led. Before me a dirt path began to form and I was forced to fallow. The mud on my boots made foot prints on the dirt path showing where I had walked but also taking bits along the way that stuck to my boots bottoms along with some twigs and pine needs from the forest.

Half way down the path I saw the squirrel again as it ran past me, it stopped but a moment to look at me with a  taunting gaze. I bet even that squirrel thought I looked crazy covered in mud and my boots covered in everything I had walked upon since the mud puddle incident.

My gaze then met with a small cabin at the end of the road. It looked old, vines grew on the walls outside  and a chimney rose from the house's roof that had about half of it's bricks missing. The roof had a huge gashing hole on the opposite side of the chimney and from this distance I could see the door hung only by one hinge. The closer I got the more I noticed about the cabin it was clearly abandoned, no one in their right mind would live there. The windows had no glass and most of the steps were missing, the steps that remained looked rickety and unsafe.

Yet she led me into the old place, I almost fell going up the stairs but we still made it inside. The inside was covered in dust and dirt. There was a pile of rotting wood by the fire place and the only light that came in was from the hole in the roof. I almost gagged on the dust in the air, this place must have been abandoned for awhile. I noticed an old rag of a blanket laying on the ground in the corner. She started to walk me towards it, she better not expect me to sleep on that thing!


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