Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


9. Epilogue

Queenie and I sat their for who knows how long in mourning before we heard footsteps approaching behind us. We both quickly turned around to see Velex standing there. Not sure if we should rejoice or flee in case she was still under the glitches grasp we just sat there dumfounded. Velex let out a slight laugh before running forward and wrapping her arms around the two of us in a welcoming hug.

"Thank you" Velex said her voice was horse but filled with gratitude. "For what" We asked tilting our heads slightly as we released from the hug. "For freeing me and saving the game you doffs." "Oh and by the looks of it you forgot we respawn. Have either of you learned anything?" At that me an Queenie let out a light hearted laugh, it was good to have Velex back.  

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