Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


3. A night of peace

    She lead me over to the dirty old blanket on the ground then I felt myself lowering onto It and my hands reaching to rap it around me. I then felt myself being forced into sleep my eyes closing agenst my will. Plunged in darkness and fear. Where was I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why must I watch as someone else controls me? Questions continued to fill my mind.

    Then I noticed something. It felt almost as though a presence of weight had gone. I flung my eyes open to see I was still in the cabin. But I felt excitement run through me from being able to open my own eyes! I had never done something like that before. It felt nice. I just layed there for awhile opening and closing my eyes. Then I decided to try something more! 

    I reached inside me to find something anything I could move. Next thing I knew I was wiggling fingers and toes, sticking out my tongue. I was filled with joy when I relised I had control over myself! I can choose what I did! I instantly hoisted myself up. It felt weird walking on my own but my feet knew the way. I walked out of the old rotting cabin and back down the path, back through the woods. And soon I found myself where I started. Standing in the clearing once more I saw people tons of them. They were talking, playing, joking having fun. 

    A hand poked my back making me jump. I quickly spun around to face the vicious pocker, only to see a girl looking about my age looking back at me. She had short strawberry hair with a beautiful fancy white silk dress on. She wore her hair up in a tight bow and was wearing sparkly shoes, she was clearly rich. She began to speak her voice was clear and crisp, "So your new here aren't you?" Her words were shocking how could she tell? Then I corrected myself, how would she not tell.

    I began to speak still so amazed, "Y-yes I am." She smiled as I said this. "Well then I guess I better explain some things. What would you like to know first?" I looked up with her glad to finally be getting some answers! "Well do you think you can tell me why I couldn't move when I first showed up here?" 

  "It's because your an avatar, as am I. As Avatars it is our duty to serve our players and give them a fun and a enjoyable gaming experience." This confused me why would we be so nice to these 'players' what do they do for us. She could tell what I was thinking and began to joyfully explain more. "You see players make the game and without a game there would be no avatars, and without avatars there would be no us. That's why we do this. Anyway I a certain you will grow to love your player!"

    A bell began to ring and I was sent back into the bed and I felt myself once again forced into the same position. My eyes closed and suddenly the presence was back. But I didn't mind it that much anymore. What that girl from the town said, it seemed so logical.

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