Breaking Game

A young Avatar with the User name: FlyingCandy12 breaks out from her video game coding on a quest to escape to the real world.


4. A few months later

Months had passed since I was first made into this world and I had grown to love my Player. My Player made friends with another Player. They call each other Penny and Quinn. They talk to each other often as they play and I get to listen to them. Sometimes I would pretend that it was my Player and I having the conversations. I wished so much that I had control over myself though and they could still play. It was frustrating to have your nose itch and not have any control over your own arms to itch it. I do find it strange that the creators of the game had to make virtual life to be avatars. Why couldn't they have used robots; Instead on imprisoning us to do the everything these Players want and desire.

I could hear them talking as my legs lead me forward as the other Avatar walked along side me. The other avatar went by the username of XxQueenBeexX. I called her Queenie for short. She had hair black like a ravens feather, one of her eyes was green whilst the other was a light brown. Me and her worn matching leather amour that had silver shoulders and knee caps.

I listened to the sound of our sword tips clinking agents our silver knee caps. Our steel boots sounded loudly as pebbles crunched under foot. It was near night fall and we had been training to fight in the stadium next week. I felt like collapsing into a warm bed inside the inn with a minced pie in my mouth. 

I continued to trudge along when suddenly I stopped where I stood. The sudden cease of movement and the weight of my amour was enough to make me lose my footing and fall onto the hard pebble covered road. I was lucky enough to catch myself  before face planting, continuing to pull myself up to my feet. I stood shocked for a moment listening to my Player saying in the out Player about how she thinks her game froze. I herd her frustration as she pounded on her computer keys trying to get me to move then finally let out a loud exasperated sigh. I decided I knew the general root we were heading and I could continue forward for her.

I then herd a voice inside my head. It boomed loudly, "Wait you foolish avatar, I am giving you what you want. Freedom from your ruthless Player." I said my voice raised in temper, "She is not ruthless!" I herd as the Quinn and Penny stopped talking when they herd me speak. They started talking again a few moment later about what it could of been. In the end they had it round up to a ad or inference in the call.

In the end I was finally laying on a warm bed in the inn my stomach full. My mind whirled with thought of what caused me that brief lapse of freedom while my player was on. Who was that voice that'd dare insult my Player!? I was filled with rage and worry. Who knows if this would happen again or if it would spread to the rest of the game. If it would be to spread to the rest of the game then it would drive players away! And a game with no players isn't a game! So that would be the end of us all!


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