The elf girl.

Hello, I am Mirilanda Woodland. I am an elf, and I live alone, in a tall oak tree in the forest. As a lady elf, I am supposed to take care of the male elves, cook for them, clean for them, and do all the work. This isn't me. Father wants me to marry Cillee, but I don't want to. It's not just him, it is that I don't want to marry at all! I want to become a warrior, but that just isn't how it works.


2. The fuss in the kitchen.

I woke up early, and wrapped a clean dress around me, tightened the ribbon, and brushed my hair. Then I ran down the curvy stairs. Grabbing my bow and my quiver full of arrows (that I made myself in my spare time, since nobody would sell them to me because I'm a Lady-elf) I ran outside and into the deeper part of the forest.

  "Lady Mirilanda!" The tree-pixies squeaked at me, "What are you doing up so early- and with a bow?!"

  I curtsied to them, and kept running, jumping over rocks. Then I came to my arching spot and put the arrow to the bow.

  I missed one completely, then got a bad score, then an alright score, and then SPOT-ON! Got it!

  After a few hours of arching, the pixies came to me and told me that my father was looking for me.

  I went back to the village.

  "Mirilanda!" My father shouted at me.

  "Good Morning, father," I smiled, hiding the bow behind my back.

  "Where have you been? I have been worried sick!"

  "I- I went to chat with the pixies," I lied.

  "Come, breakfast,"

  "One minute father."

  I ran to my tree, and put the bow and my now empty quiver back inside.

  I met father and the rest of the villagers in the Dining Hall.

  "You're late!" My father mouthed to me.

  The maids came out, carrying the wood-plates.

  "Bread for Lady Mirilanda,"

  "Water from the Crystal Waterfall for the Princess Mirilanda,"

  "Lemon for the Lady,"

  "Here, dear Mirilanda, will you try some of this wine? I mixed it with-"

  "Mirilanda, eat up, you look too thin!"

  "As I was saying, I mixed it with-"

  "Do you want this, Mirilanda?"

   "SHUT UP! It is my turn to give her some of this wine I mixed with-"

  Just then the other maid whacked the wine that was mixed with something else out of the maid's hand. It was poured all over me.

  I pursed my lips and looked at them in disappointment.

  "My dear Lady!"

  "You fool! Come Mirilanda, we will clean you up."

  They dragged me from the table, and I stole the loaf of bread and brought it with me, eating as we went along.

  The maids guided me to the Waterfall of Mirilanda, named after my great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

  There they tugged off my dress and shoved me in.

  "AHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I went toppling in.

  I landed on a rock, and I sat there as the other maids leaned over the sides, and brushed my hair, filled bowels with water and poured it over my head.

  Why do they make such a fuss over me?


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