The elf girl.

Hello, I am Mirilanda Woodland. I am an elf, and I live alone, in a tall oak tree in the forest. As a lady elf, I am supposed to take care of the male elves, cook for them, clean for them, and do all the work. This isn't me. Father wants me to marry Cillee, but I don't want to. It's not just him, it is that I don't want to marry at all! I want to become a warrior, but that just isn't how it works.


3. Mirilanda the fifth.

Once I was clean again, I went to the silver rock beside my Oak Tree and began to read Warriors Through the Ages. I kept it on my lap so nobody could see the cover.

  After about half an hour, the maid from breakfast came over with a flask in her hand.

  I looked up at her.

  "Lady Mirilanda, will you try some of this wine? I mixed it with the juice from the leaves over there," She pointed.

  I sighed and took the flask and drank form it. It tasted delicious.

  "Thank you," I said handing the flask back to her.

  "We didn't mean to spill it on you," she whispered.

  "That is okay,"

  "Mirilanda, where were you this morning? You had a bow and a quiver,"

  I slapped my book closed and left in silence.



  Once I was back inside, I walked to my bedroom, dropping my book on a small table as I went.

  Someone entered the room. I spun around. It was my father.

  "I can't believe you, Mirilanda," He muttered. "I really can't! The maid just told me what had happened. You have a bow somewhere in this house, in this room, and I am about to destroy it."

  "No, I am a lady-elf! Really father, do you beilive that I, a lady, probably the most lady-like of all elves, would arch?"

  "Yes Mirilanda. Yes I do. I know you well."

  "Funny you know me so well, isn't it? Since you hardly ever spend time with me?"
  "Mirilanda, now don't start..."

  "You don't father!"


  "You have the maids watch my every move, you never talk to me unless I did something I never asked your permission for! You are constantly asking the maids about me- since you just can't ask yourself!" My eyes turned a dark shade of green.

   I ran to the door but my father knocked the knob with his staff. It locked.

  "Why can't I do anything!" I screeched.

  I ran to the balcony and jumped onto the railing.

  "Mirilanda! Come back down here!"

  "Make me!" I yelled back, "Oh, never-mind, why don't you just ask the maids to make me?"

  And with that I jumped off the railing, landing on my feet. The railing was wrapped with vines, and as I jumped off, a few grapes came down, and a lily landed behind my ear.

  My father rushed out onto the balcony.


  I ran away to the Mirilanda waterfall. The safe place. I hid behind the vines.

  The maids only come here to wash me (Even though I am perfectly capable of washing myself!) because I am a Mirilanda. Mirilanda the fifth. Only Mirilanda's are allowed in here. Not anybody else. There is only one Mirilanda for each generation, so most of the time, it is just me. The maids are only allowed to enter if they hold my wrists. If not- the vines slap them across the face and the backfire.

  I jumped into the water.


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