The elf girl.

Hello, I am Mirilanda Woodland. I am an elf, and I live alone, in a tall oak tree in the forest. As a lady elf, I am supposed to take care of the male elves, cook for them, clean for them, and do all the work. This isn't me. Father wants me to marry Cillee, but I don't want to. It's not just him, it is that I don't want to marry at all! I want to become a warrior, but that just isn't how it works.


1. Introduction.

Hello, my name is Merlindia Woodland. I live deep in the forest, in a tall, Oak Tree. I have chesnut-orange hair, which is curly and falls down just below my hips. I have green eyes that change shades according to my mood. I usually wear long, green dresses, and in the winter I wear a green cloak. I wear no shoes.

  My Oak Tree, is bigger than the other trees, because I am the Princess of this part of the forest. My father is the King, and my mother... Well- she was the Queen, but she... she... She er- moved away when I was born. My Oak Tree is covered with jewels, that grow in the Wishing Lake, but they follow me. When I enter my home they are smashed up against the wall... Hee- Hee... But every day, I pick one from the tree and go to the Wishing Lake and throw it in, thinking hard on the wish I most want to come true.

  I like reading, and I do it in my spare time. Not that I have much spare time. I also like arching, but I do that secretly, you see, Lady-Elves are supposed to cook and clean all day, not play sports.

  I am told by my father that everybody in the village loves me. I'm not bragging, but I do feel all eyes on me when I can be seen.

  This, is my story.

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