Shouldnt Have Trusted You

Emma lost her trust in Snow, all because she wouldn't pay attention to her about Tamara, on their way to rescue Henry can Snow earn that trust and forgiveness back? Especially now that they learned the reason Pan took Henry was to bring Emma to Neverland. Will Emma be able to trust Snow or will Snow lose Emma forever? Mostly Snow and Emma but also David, Henry, Regina, Rumpel, Hook, Pan and Neal


3. Worries


Finding sleep in a ship is defiantly something you have to get used to. Snow didn't know if it was the rough movement of the water or the fact that she was sharing a boat with the two people responsible for ruining her life, but she just could not sleep.

As she moved in bed from one side to the other, she couldn't help but think about all the misfortune she had lived throughout her life.

She was supposed to be a princess and live happily ever after, but her life was far from that, far from the life she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. Every time she thought she'll finally have a happy ending, something happened and in an instant her happiness was gone once again

The more she thought about that the more she realized that all her misfortune led to one thing; magic

Her mother had died because of Cora's magic, her father had died at the hands of Regina's magic and manipulation, and she had lost the chance to raise her daughter thanks to Rumpelstiltskin's curse, even if it had been casted by Regina, and if that wasn't enough, her heart, which was supposed to be pure, was now blackened by her use of dark magic.

She knew deep inside that what she did was to protect her family, to protect Emma, like she had failed to protect her throughout her life, but that didn't mean that there were no consequences to her actions, and now she was paying for them, because her heart was no longer pure.

With the thought of magic she couldn't help but wonder about Emma. Her beautiful amazing daughter that in a few months had gone from non-believer, to one of magic's most powerful creations; TRUE LOVE.

She couldn't help but laugh at the irony that a woman who thanks to the hardness of this world had learn to live without believe in true love was actually considered true love itself.

As she let herself think about all the times she shared with Emma without knowing her true identity, she couldn't help but feel sorry for all the hardships her daughter had gone through thanks to the curse, and that's considering Emma wouldn't open up enough for her to know all the details.

The only thing she knew was that her daughter was deprived of a real family since she was three. And even though she gave her way to give her, her best chance that didn't ease the guilt she felt, it had been her fault and Emma had paid deeply for it

Snow closed her eyes and took deep breaths, to calm herself. She couldn't dwell on the past, that wouldn't do them any good, she needed to think of the present, the present that had her beautiful daughter in it

The sound of a whimper disturbed her train of thought. She knew it couldn't be Charming, he was lying right next to her. And she would have felt it, so that only left one person, Emma. She got up quickly to see that Emma drenched in sweat and on a verge of tears.

She couldn't help the anguish that took over her at the thought of all the nightmares her little girl had when she was a girl and no one being there to take them away, no one caring enough to help her through them. So without a second thought she ran towards her daughter and took the chance life was giving her, to finally comfort her not so little girl in her nightmare.

She graved Emma gently by the elbows and shook her, but the woman must have been really tiered for she didn't even notice the touch and kept sleeping, and to Snows horror, whimpering "Emma, sweetheart are you ok" she said thinking that maybe hearing her voice would bring her back from that dream, but it didn't "Emma please answer me, wake up its just a dream, Emma open your eyes, please" she tried with more force, this time as anxiety was taking the best of her, why wasn't she waking up

After a few more desperate tried Emma slowly opened her eyes, and Snow couldn't help but smile at the sight of those beautiful green eyes so much like hers.

"What do you want" Emma said a little too harshly and all Snow could see was anger flooding does beautiful eyes.

"You were screaming and sweating I got scared" she answered her patiently even though she couldn't mask the discomfort showing in her eyes or the hurt in her voice.

"I was having a nightmare, and haven't slept for days. You don't have to worry" Emma tells her but Snow knows that she is lying, there might not be something physically wrong with her but inside her baby girl was really hurting, and she didn't know what to say to comfort her.

"As I've told you a thousand times, I don't do it because I have to I do it because I want to" Snow tells her with determination on her voice, because she wants her to know and to feel that she is not alone any more, now she has her and Snow will do anything to make her pain go away.

"I'm fine" Emma says quickly "I just need some air" and she quickly made her way to the door and closed it behind her. Leaving Snow with her arms stretched as she was trying to give her a comforting hug.

Snow sat on Emma's bed, she was trying to understand what had just happened, why was her daughter pushing her away once again, why were her walls up again. It's like she'd forgotten everything they had gone through the past couple of weeks.

She had called her MOM a few hours ago.

And even though she knew that the reason behind it was because Emma thought they were dying, she'd like to think that Emma at list had enough confidence now as to let her walls down, they had gone through a lot, the Enchanted Forest, ogre, Lancelot being Cora, Cora, Regina, everything and she couldn't help but think that had brought them closer, but apparently she was wrong, it felt like Emma had forgotten everything they had shared and had gone back to the stranger that came to Storybrook as Henrys mother.

She laid frozen in bed trying to figure out what to make of her daughters actions. Had she done something to Emma that had made the blond retreat, or was it just her nightmare that had her little girl on edge.

Deciding that laying in bed wasn't going to get her any answers she ran out the door in search of her daughter. She knew Emma hated when people pushed too much but she also knew that if she didn't ask, her daughter would just close up more and more. Less than a minute had passed since Emma made a run for the door. But apparently her daughter really didn't wanted to be bother, for she was nowhere to be found.

She walked slowly through the ship for there was no way of Emma getting really far. They were in the middle of the ocean, which meant that she'll find her soon enough.

As she got to the front of the ship she finally heard some voices, she got closer and finally saw Emma talking to Hook. He had just said something that had left the blond speechless, because a few minutes passed and Emma had no comment.

She waited for a few minutes even though it felt like hours, before she got close to the pair.

Emma's face went up and the little color drained from her face as she took a look at Snow.

Snow could tell that Emma was thinking weather to make a run for it or not, so she decided to hold her daughter in place and sat her down, there was no way Emma was going to leave her alone for the second time that night "Emma, I think we need to talk" she said with enough power in her voice, so that Emma's attempts to make a run for it would disappear from her daughters mind.

Emma could be very stubborn, but unfortunately for her she inherited from Snow, and weather Emma liked it or not Snow was gona make her talk.

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