Shouldnt Have Trusted You

Emma lost her trust in Snow, all because she wouldn't pay attention to her about Tamara, on their way to rescue Henry can Snow earn that trust and forgiveness back? Especially now that they learned the reason Pan took Henry was to bring Emma to Neverland. Will Emma be able to trust Snow or will Snow lose Emma forever? Mostly Snow and Emma but also David, Henry, Regina, Rumpel, Hook, Pan and Neal


2. Nightmare

Chapter 2

It was getting dark and scary. She didn't know where she was and that was starting to freak her out. As she started getting used to the light she saw someone standing next to her and fear started to creep onto her mind. Could it really be him, no it couldn't be possible, he was dead, she saw him fall into the portal with a bullet across his arm, no matter where he had landed there was no way he could have survived, it was impossible. But here he was, and even through her doubt she couldn't help but smile.

But the closer he got to her she could start to see the look of disappointment in his eyes, with so much intensity that she was forced to look away, not wanting that look to be the last thing she remembered him by

Neal got closer to her and graved her hand with so much force that she couldn't help but wince. He started to say something to her, and even though at first she could not hear what he was saying her over and over she felt her skin crawl at the look in his eyes, the look of disappointment, even hatred… the words started to grow stronger until she finally heard what was coming out of his mouth and she felt tears rolling down her eyes

"It's all your fault"

"He's all alone because of you"

"Now he's going to grow without parents just like us, because you couldn't take care of him"

"I died for nothing, I died for nothing, I…"

"NO, NO, I'm sorry I'm…NO…" she woke up in a pool of sweat, screaming and pleading for Neal to forgive her, but he wasn't there any more, it was a nightmare, it had all been just a dream, even though it had felt had completely real.

Neal was blaming her for losing their son, and she couldn't blame him, because it was her fault, for putting her trust in the wrong hands.

She knew Tamara was evil, she could feel that she wasn't trust worthy. All her senses and her so called super power told her that Tamara was the SHE August was talking about, that she was the reason for his death. She knew it the minute she laid her eyes on her that there was something fishy about that woman. But instead of acting on her instincts and going after Tamara she had decided to take a chance on her family and ask her mother for her opinion, for her help

The Emma of the past, the Emma that she was not so long ago, would have listen to her instincts and attacked Tamara for the simple fact that she didn't trust her, she would have made her leave town and stay away from her son. But this new Emma was weak, this Emma wanted to trust, wanted to give a chance to her so called mother. So she went and asked Mary Margaret for her advice on what to do. She had a gut feeling Mary Margaret would just call her a jealous ex, but she wanted to give her a chance to prove her wrong, and what did that get her? Nothing, nothing…

Mary Margaret had told her just what she expected to hear, but not what she so desperately needed.

She knew that confiding in others and putting your feelings out in the open just made you vulnerable and weak, as well as an easier target, but she had to go ahead and do it anyway. Her leap of faith in her mother only got her to lose focus, which led to losing Neal and most importantly, her son, Henry.

"Emma, sweetheart are you ok" she could hear someone calling her but couldn't find the strength to open her eyes. "Emma… please answer me, wake up its just a dream, Emma open your eyes" the voice pleaded, until finally she gave in and slowly opened her eyes, to find her mother worried green eyes staring at her

"What do you want" she said a little too harshly.

"You were screaming and sweating I got scared" Snow answered her patiently, but Emma could see disconcert on her mother's eyes.

"I was… having a nightmare, and haven't slept for days. You don't have to worry" Emma answered shortly, because even though she feel like a train had gone over her and her head was pounding like crazy the last thing she need in that moment was to have her mother taking care of her, she is 28 year old woman that can more than perfectly take care of herself.

"As I've told you a thousand times, I don't do it because I have to I do it because I want to" Snow said to her as she attempted to cup my cheeks with her hands, but Emma quickly moved away, not wanting to feel her touch or comfort, at the moment

"I'm fine" she answered quickly "I just need some air" and just like that she quickly made her way to the door and closed it behind her so her mother wouldn't get the idea of coming after her, she needed some space and air. She needed to feel free, the room was making her feel trapped and the fact that she was in a ship with no were to run made it even worse, she was used to running, never confronting anything was how she lived her life and she didn't want to change that now, if it had worked in her past there was no reason it shouldn't work now

She walk to the front of the ship, as far away from Mary Margaret as possible in case the woman wanted to come after her and knowing Mary Margaret she was sure it was just a matter of time before she did.

As she gets closer to the tip of the ship she sees Hook sitting there looking at the ocean, a small smile forming on his lips as she gets even closer to him

"Couldn't sleep lass" he asks giving her one of his charming smiles.

"What gives you that impression" she gives a small smile as she points at my face.

"Well, considering it's the middle of the night and you are here rather than in the comfort of your room" he smiled

"I had a nightmare and don't really feel like sleeping anymore" she shrugged "you? The ship is enchanted so we don't really need a captain" she asked quickly, not really wanting to keep the center of the conversation on her.

He looked at her closely as if wanting to ask her if she wanted to talk about the nightmare, but thought better of it, he knew her well enough to know she hated talking about her, so instead he decided to answers her question "well let's see, my ship was enchanted by the man I swore to kill for killing the love of my life. But not only that…he also happens to be on this ship, the same ship where he ripped her heart right in front of my eyes, so forgive me if I can't sleep either lass" he smiled weakly, the thought of Milah still managed to break his heart every time

Emma didn't know what to say after hearing the sincerity behind that statement, she could so clearly see the pain behind his eyes and the sorrow in his voice, so she kept her comments to herself and they just sat there in silence for the rest of the night, no one daring to break the silence between them.

But Emma couldn't help but feel sorry for the man sitting next to her. She didn't know if it was the intensity of his words or the pain with which he said them but she couldn't help but feel grateful for having him here. For some reason he was giving up his revenge, to find her son and that's was something that she would be grateful for the rest of her life.


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