Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


2. Two - Tate

"Hello bicycle girl." I say almost standing shoulder too shoulder with her, she looks around confused as I am invisible too her, like every emotion she cant feel,


"You again?" She whispers stepping onto the pavement from her bike,  I circle her yet she still looks forward.


"I like your hair, different from when I last saw it." I stop too admire her pink hair.


"Define saw..." She smiles slightly. 

"I can see you, yet you can't see me." I stand in front of her. "Can you look me in the eyes?" I move closer.


"Tate,  You're the only light I've ever known, Yet I only see darkness." 


I step back frowning at her remark, even though it was a nice one. 


"Now, If you'll excuse me, I have too get too school." I watch her get back on her bike and cycle away yet I still follow her.


"You can't get away from me" I spoke. My temper was short but I couldn't resist her. "You're weak Quinn, You can't walk away, I'm your hope." 


"But you're the one tearing me apart!" Her angry tone startled me, I stood back and stared at her in shock, I let her leave on her own, If she would only realize how important I am too her... 



-Sorry Short Chapter- -- Authors.

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