Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


3. Three - I Need Him

Quinn's P.O.V


The rest of the way too school was quiet and cold, I couldn't get the thought of leaving Tate out of my head, I hate this! I hate realizing how much I need and want someone when there gone... will he forgive me? 


When I walk through the school doors, head down, crossed arms, feeling worthless, I think of the end of the day and how fast I could cycle as far away from this hell hole. I finally come too my locker, After struggling past all the thoughts in my head I remember my combination, I open my locker too reveal a small envelope wrapped in red ribbon. I glance left and right too see if anyone was looking at me as I open it.


'Goodbye father, I'm sure your going too be even happier when I'm dead. I'm leaving this world and by doing this I am making it a better place. No freak like me should walk upon this blessed land. I DIED FOR HUMANITY!' I feel my cheeks swell up red and my eyes fill with tears, underneath the suicide note was written 'now you don't have too waste time writing one...'


I cover my mouth to stop me from screaming and wipe the tears off my cheeks. I slam my locker closed so loud, Everyone down the hall stopped and stared. I look around me one more time before setting off into a sprint, straight out of the school doors, to find a place quiet.


I don't think any staff saw me leave and non of the students will waste their time telling them, I unlocked my bike and jumped on cycling as far away as possible, I finally arrive at the local park which seemed abandoned, it was silent, there was no wind or traffic. I sat on one of the swings, thinking how cruel people can be... After a few minutes I hear the gate open behind me... but nobody walk through, I then heard a loud bang, like someone had thrown something at the slide, I took a deep breathe, I could already guess who it was. The roundabout starting turning which was kinda creepy as there was no wind... I rise from the swing and take a slow walk over there, I placed my hand on one of the sides too stop it spinning. 


"Tate?" I breathe in and hold my breathe, No reply. "I know it's you..." 


"Who the hell is Tate you weirdo!" I hear a group of voices laughing behind me. I turn too see a group of boys from my school. Shit.


"You do realize no one is sat there, wow maybe you're just as crazy as everyone says you are..." One of them step forward and shove me. I feel a cloud of anger wave over me. 


"What do you want?" I say softly trying not too cause any trouble, yet I know Tate will. "I'm trying too escape from school so you been here really kills my mood."  


"No need too be harsh love, We're only here too chill just like you..." He pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers me one.


"Go on, take on, you know you want too..." I hear Tate whisper in my ear. I don't get why they haven't said anything about Tate, I mean he's  right there... right?  "But then again, it could kill you, you don't deserve that... they do."  He whispers in my other ear.




All I see is black, then my eyes focus on the ground were three bodies, the three bodies of the boys that were just in the park with me and a gun next too them.

"TATE! WHAT DID YOU DO!" I scream. No reply. I scream louder and louder. 


"I didn't do that..." he whispers.  

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