Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


7. Seven- Outlines And Rail ways

Quinn's POV

I took off running, I don't know what I'm running from but the police are involved so it must be bad. I ran fast hoping to death Tate was keeping up with me. I felt my cheeks go numb from the cold. My whole body was in agony. Before I could stop myslef my legs buckled. I fell onto the floor coughing and crying. I felt my whole body shake and everything went black. 


I woke up on a train. Wait when did I get here? I saw a guard go past so I called him over.

"How did I get here?"I asked very scared and confused. 

"You walked I guess. Are you okay love?" He asked concerned. I nodded my head quickly hoping he would go away. I didn't want to risk getting found. I say as I am sat on a fucking train. 

"Calm down babe, I'm here" I heard Tate's voice speak from beside me. I felt my whole face gleam with happiness. I looked beside me and saw a shadow. 

"Tate I think I see your shadow." I spoke simply. I heard him chuckle before he replied

"That's because you are starting to accept me and listen to me. You listen to me and we can run the world!" He spoke loudly. I hoped to god nobody heard him. I mean everyone else can here him too right?

We pulled into a station and I saw police boarding the train in a few carriages down from me. 

"Get up they are coming for us!" Tate screamed. I did what he said and ran. I ran down the train and left the carriage. I ran out the station and into the middle of a road almost getting run over. I heard screams and people ran away from me. 



"yOU ARE GOING TO HELL!" was all I head whilst running down the street. I ducked down an alley and ran down it. I came to a door and pushed it open. I slammed it shut and looked around the room. 

A bed and a table was all that was in it. I don't know who lives here but I couldn't care less. I dont know what I did wrong to make police chase after me but it must have been bad. Maybe they found out I was friends with Tate. Maybe they thought I was helping him get into the school. Tate it's your fucking fault!

"TATE WHAT DID YOU DO?" I screamed. Bursting into tears. I felt arms wrap around me and instantly knew it was tate. I felt safe. I let the tears flow. i felt my whole body shake. I needed him. To hold me close. I need him so bad. 


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