Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


1. One - Quinn


The small wooden window smashed open, awakening the pale girl that slept soundly, the cold air danced it's way through the room and pierced her fragile skin, As her weak body was pushed from the rags lying on the floor she slowly walked over too the window letting the cold air attack her once more, She stared out into the beautiful blue sky and looked across the fields filled with daisy's and daffodils but they all seemed grey too her. 


She grabbed the latch and locked the window, taking a deep breath before drawing the curtains. She was colorblind too every emotion that ran through her body and could only see black. 


"QUINN!" She jumped at the raspy voice calling her name, the voice of her father. Quinn stumbled over her bed and unlocked her bedroom door revealing her farther's face peering in. "What have I told you about locking this fucking door!" 


"I'm sorry." Quinn stepped back from the door as her father took a drag from his cigarette. "I'm going too get ready for school now..." She whispered closing the door. The small room was easily filled by the strong smell of smoke from her dads cigarette but she had been used too it for many years, 4 years before this very moment her mother had passed away from liver cancer, Quinn and her dad had been left alone with no money and a very small house, her dad became an alcoholic from the week of her passing and his temper grew and grew more strong every day. 


30 Minutes Later:

After applying the final touch of her eyeliner, Quinn left the bathroom and walked down the stairs, She walked through the kitchen where her dad sat at the two seated table with six beer bottles four of which been empty. "Take these too the bin outside" He held out the empty bottles which Quinn collected, but her shaky hands weren't strong enough as she dropped two of the bottles and watched them smash on the floor


"Can't you do anything fucking right, not even carry four bottles!" Her father stands up and watches Quinn drop on her knees too collect the broken pieces, "Let me do it! Get too school.. reckless girl.." Quinn snatched a piece of glass before walking out too collect her bike from the garage.


She felt along the bumpy walls too locate the light switch which was in the bottom corner, She turned it on and watched it flicker on and off before staying lit, She saw her black bike in the opposite corner covered in cobwebs and sighed before brushing them off... A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought of the day ahead and what was yet too come.. 

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