Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


5. Five - Shooting Star

Quinn's P.O.V


Tate had always made me happy, he always protected me, yet I didn't believe he would be the type too pick up a gun and go on a rampage... 


It wasn't the gunshots that bothered me, but the silence afterwards... 



Scarlet's P.O.V


"Scarlet Grahams!" I hear my English teacher say my name as I close my locker door, "Oh, Mr Key, Is there something wrong?" 


"Yes! How couldn't my best student tell me she had gotten into Harvard...." He says holding out his hand for me too shake it "Congratulations!"


"Thank you so much Mr Key! I am looking forward too it, I have made my parents so happy, but I am spending a ton of their money"


"You deserve all the best, including the part of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet!" He hands me the casting role. 


"Oh my gosh I got it!" I was beaming everything was going so right today! "I need too call my mum!"  


I ran into the lady's bathroom too redo my makeup and call my mum, First I applied extra concealer and lip gloss and then some light pink blush, Wow my make up actually looks good for once... Could anything go wrong? I took out my phone and called my mum straight away. 


"Hi honey, is everything ok?" She asked concerned. 


"I got the part of Juliet!" I screamed jumping up and down. 


"Oh darling, first Harvard now this! You're so talented!" She squealed "We will celebrate when you get home!"


"Mum.. nothing can go wr.." 




I hold my breath..


"Honey what was that.. hello? hello? Scarlet?" .....................


"mum.. there was two bangs everyone's screaming..." I feel tears stream down my cheeks. "I don't know whats going on."


"Hide, I'll call the police. Hold your breathe don't make a sound.." She ends the call. 


I run into the stall and lock the door stepping onto the seat so nobody could see my feet, All the screaming is gone.. I've never heard silence quite this loud. I hear the door slowly open... slow quiet footsteps approach each stall.




Someone had shot a stall, I bend down and look too see two black boots stepping down each individual stall kicking then shooting, I pull out my phone and turn it on silent trying too text Quinn too tell her what was happening, Hell knows where she went. 




I jump as the shooter kicks open the stall just next too mine... then.....







Quinn's P.O.V


I don't understand why Tate did that? To my friend... When her parents were informed they were speechless, It just sucked that I had too deliver the news.... Scarlet was the kindest, smartest and most talented person  I knew... Tate just lost his mind even if it was in good will, he said he wanted revenge for what they did too me.. He already killed the guys in the park but obviously that wasn't enough. 


I liked Tate. 


Now I think I love him. 







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