Bicycle Girl

Quinn Mason is not a normal girl... Yet she wishes she was. The world can be a cruel and twisted place for a teenager, but is Quinn who she thinks she is when she talks too Tate.

This book includes alot of twists in... things are not what they seem..


8. Eight; Love Like This

Quinn's P.O.V

I lay on the cold sheets that made a comfy bed, I feel heat radiate from Tate's body, He's sat next too me. I was tired, Hopefully nobody saw me come into here, I didn't feel safe in Tate's presence if I am completely honest he must have had something against the people in my school too go on such a rampage, but there's a part of me that wants him to stay with me forever, He's like a drug I wish I had never taken, I was completely addicted but it was killing me inside. I could feel his pain and he could feel mine, Love like this is what keeps me breathing. I feel his fingers link with mine and feel him press his lips against mine, they were soft and comforting, it was wonderland compared too this hell I'm living, I dream for paradise and I feel I get closer everyday and everyday I get closer too death. I was so deep within the kiss I didn't hear the stranger come in. 

"What are you doing? Who are you? GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT!" I stand up listening too the man shout,  His clothes were ripped he carried a small brown bag, He was homeless.

"No please, I'm tired and I have no where too go." I plead, "I don't know what too do." 

"Not my problem mis.." He didn't finish his sentence and he started choking, His feet were lifted from the ground. 

"What's happening too him..." I panic and run too help him but feel a force throw me back, "Tate?" The man stops choking and falls too the ground lifeless. 

"Now were alone again." I hear his footsteps come from the motionless man and back over too me, I smile slightly as he locks his lips with mine again, I open my eyes from the kiss and see an outline, an outline of a boy who was slightly taller then me, I look at his shadow. 

"Your becoming clearer..." I put my hand out too trace the outline of his arm. "Everyday." 

"Not everyday but every time we connect... psychically and mentally." He kisses me again but I pull away.

"How do you connect with someone mentally..." I raise my eyebrow and he laughs.

"words.sentences.paragraphs. Anything that is sent too the brain."

"So just our conversations can make you more clear." 

"Well... there's three words that can make me clearer." He laughs again and wraps his arms around my waist, I think for a moment before saying.

"I love you." 

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